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Polyurethane Seating

Industrial Polyurethane Seating

Self Skinned Polyurethane

There are two types of polyurethane seating available from manufacturers of high quality factory and industrial seating. The most common polyurethane seating comes in the form of a thin profile seat of hardened polyurethane, like the image to the right, known as Self Skinned Polyurethane Seating.

Self Skinned Polyurethane seating is critically important to intensive work environments for its durability, toughness, and cleanliness - not to mention its cost friendly pricing.

This is your standard polyurethane seat. Sacrificing comfort for long term durability and resistance to many things. Self skinning Polyurethane is essentially resistant to damage from punctures, grease, water and chemical spills.

The availability of self skinned polyurethane seating makes this type of chair a mainstay in many cost effective industrial environments. The price is relatively inexpensive - a great choice for garages, workshops or laboratories.

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Spray On Polyurethane Seating (SPU)

Spray On Polyurethane differs from standard self skinned polyurethane in the form the polyurethane is applied to the chair. In the latter, the poyurethane coat is applied to a polyurethane seat - the result is a hard, stiff sit. In the former, Spray On Polyurethane (otherwise known as SPU seating), the standard foam used in standard seats is coated with a durable polyurethane solution. The result is the most comfortable and durable polyurethane solution available.

Notice in the image to the left - the spray on polyurethane resists puncture like the self skinned variety, but allows the foam to give, which means a comfortable long term sitting experience for the user.

All SPU seating meets the specialized requirements of factory, clean-room, laboratory, and other harsh environments where durability is essential. Most SPU and Self Skinned polyurethane is available only in black. Spray-On Polyurethane seating is available on select Ergocentric Industrial/Healthcare Chairs.

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