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Ergonomic Footrests

Are Footrests Ergonomic?

One very common misconception is that footrests are only for those who cannot comfortably set their feet on the floor when they are sitting in their office chair.

Quite wrong.

One thing I've been telling people for a couple years now is that when using a footrest, the back tends to go back further into the seat, thus the lower back more fully utilizes the lumbar support area of their chair. Through this time, I've really not noticed that very many people talk about this!

Yesterday, I went to a seminar where the speaker was Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University. Before he spoke, I talked to him briefly about the benefits of ergonomic footrests.

He concurred that the lower back benefits greatly from the use of a footrest, and commented that footrests are not just beneficial to shorter people, but taller people would have a great benefit to using them too!

A stable platform, like the Humanscale FM100, is best for this. Footrests on rollers, like the FM300, do not quite give the same effect. Those on rollers are designed more for the motion of the lower legs, which is a good ergonomic benefit of those types.

So yes, footrests are a great benefit to those who cannot reach the floor, but, if you want to fully utilize the lumbar support of your chair, using a footrest will greatly enhance the benefits of your very expensive chair for a very reasonable price!

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Select Footrest Options:

Safco StressBuster - $49

The StressBuster features alternating rollers for a relaxing foot massage to help relieve stress. Adjustable tilt encourages frequent position changes to help reduce leg pressure and improve circulation. Black with chrome finish frame. One additional benefit to a footrest is for people who are not tall, allows them to rest their feet comfortably, relieving stress on the back of the knees and actually allowing them to use the whole of the chair.

Humanscale FM300B - $105

The FM300B is a rocking chair for your feet! The Foot Machine improves circulation, reduce ankle swelling, and provide necessary support for your back. Ball-bearing rollers encourage rocking motion. Non-skid, inset pads. Rubber feet protect flooring. Has rolling Massage balls.

Humanscale FM500 - $110

The FM500 combines style with quality hardwood construction to produce a top of the line ergonomic footrest. This footrest was keenly designed to stimulate movement of your feet and legs, therefore improving circulation and overall wellness at a desk.

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