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Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

  • How to Disassemble an Office Chair

    How to Disassemble an Office Chair

    If you want to replace a cylinder on your office chair, or return or ship it, you may need to know how to disassemble your chair. If you have the proper tools, disassemble is not difficult. These instructions explain how to remove a cylinder. When it comes to removing the chair arms and back, that is easier and since each chair is different, we won’t try to explain that process here.

    Tools You Need:

    •  Pipe Wrench or Vise Grips
    • Rubber Mallet or Hammer
    • Lubricant
    • Cloth

     Office Chair Disassemble Tools Needed

    Remove the Base

    Flip Chair Upside Down to Disassemble

    Extend the chair as high as it will extend, and remove the back and the arms. Then flip your chair upside down. Use a hammer or mallet around the cylinder rim that protrudes from the center of the base.


    Be careful not to use the mallet on the cylinder middle or tab. Hammer all sides numerous times. This is easier if someone holds up the chair for you. 5-10 hammer hits should cause the chair to fall from the base. This leaves the cylinder attached to the under-chair control. Remove the wheels.


    Remove the Cylinder

    Rubber Mallet to Remove Cylinder

    Apply your lubricant where the control mechanism meets the cylinder  and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes.


    Use the pipe wrench or vise grips to grasp the cylinder as close as you can get to the control mechanism. Use an assistant or your body weight to prevent the seat from moving. Push forward on your vise grips or pipe wrench. After 5-15 seconds pushing, it will twist. When you feel it twist, the cylinder should come off easily. Total time is usually 10 or 20 minutes, as long as you have the right tools.


    Replace a Cylinder

    Remove cylinder from Base Office Chair Disassemble

    After you remove the original cylinder, replace that with a new one and assemble the rest of your chair as you did the first time.

    Disassemble a Chair for Return


    Package your chair as it was when you received it. You may not need the original box, but usually you will. Include all protective packaging or pack with bubble wrap. You will be liable for any damage in shipping.

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