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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

    Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

    • Top 10 Chairs for Petite People

      If you are petite, you may have trouble finding a chair. At SitBetter, we understand your concern and have a full selection of office chairs for petite frames.

      Here are our top ten:

      1. ErgoCentric GeoCentric Petite Mid Back Chair

      ErgoCentric GeoCentric Petite Mid Back Chair


      This chair is great for short or petite users and can be customized to fit various sizes. The curved backrest features built-in lumbar support and the seat comes in three sizes.







      2. ErgoCentric Saffron

      ErgoCentric Saffron Office Chair


      The Saffron has the same features as the GeoCentric, but it has a flat backrest, which doesn’t provide quite as much support for the lower back.






      3. ErgoCentric Mycentric

      ErgoCentric Mycentric Office Chair

      This specialty petite chair has a backrest that is ergonomically contoured, with side contours to envelope your back. This is beneficial for smaller users with lower back pain.







      4. Highmark Emme Petite Task Chair

      Highmark Emme Petite Task Chair


      This is a Highmark chair, known for durability and comfort. The petite version was designed for users who are smaller, with a backrest of medium height and a smaller than normal seat size.





      5. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

      Humanscale Diffrient World Chair



      This chair is ultimately simple and actually fits 95% of the population. Most fittings are automatic and it has a recline that is weight-sensitive. The mesh gives you lumbar support that is tailor-made.

      (and no, that’s not a misspelling of “different,” it’s really spelled that way!)




      6. Office Master Patriot

      Office Master Patriot Office Chair


      This superior task chair is a full function model, designed for smaller and medium individuals. Multiple adjustments allow you to fit the chair to your frame, including adjustments for back angle, seat tilt, back height and seat height.






      7. Office Master PT

      Office Master PT Office Chair


      This chair fits people of small and medium stature. Multi-function controls allow for users to adjust the chair for their individual size.






      8. Office Master PC

      Office Master PC Office Chair


      This series is designed with more adjustability than other chairs. It has many features and can be adjusted easily to meet almost anyone’s needs.






      9. Humanscale Freedom

      Humanscale Freedom Office Chair


      The Freedom Task Chair has weight-sensitive recline and offers functionality and performance to keep users comfortable. It also lowers the risk of any long-term injury.






      10. Allseating Presto

      Allseating Presto Office Chair


      This is a stylish, small, simple petite task chair. It is budget-friendly and a good choice if you will be sitting for a few hours each day. It offers multiple adjustments and arm options.

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