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Daily Archives: August 19, 2014

  • Improve Office Ergonomics with These Accessories

    ergonomic computer chairsWe've talked a lot about how to relieve your back pain with ergonomic computer chairs, but there are other ways to optimize the ergonomics in your office space. Ergonomics is essentially the science of making your environment better to work in, and presumably you do more at work than just sit. Even if you spend all day at a desk sitting down, chances are you're using a computer, typing, and using a mouse, so simply having quality office chairs isn't going to cut it. Here are some office accessories that can help keep you healthier and working better.

    Mouses and keyboards
    If you spend your days navigating the internet using a mouse, you probably know that whoever designed the standard mouse doesn't seem to have had human hands in mind. Ergonomic computer mouses are more intuitively designed with better button placement and a shape that fits more like a handshake and less like a baseball. Ergonomic keyboards are also better designed for the body's natural positioning. When you are sitting and typing your arms should be relaxed and comfortable rather than strained and scrunched.

    Foot rests
    Although you might have one of the best chairs for back pain, you still might need an additional ergonomic accessory if your desk is not the appropriate height for your size. Your feet should rest on the floor, but your arms should be positioned naturally at your keyboard. If you need to, you can adjust the height of your chair to the desk, and the foot rest allows your feet to reach a stable surface rather than dangle.

    Lumbar support pillows
    The American Chiropractic Association estimates that at any given time there are about 31 million Americans suffering from pain in their lower back, and the most important part of the back rest of a chair is lower back support. Though ergonomic computer chairs generally have adequate lumbar support, if the curve of your back requires more, a lumbar pillow insert can remedy that. A lumbar support pillow for office chairs should be appropriately placed near the lower back.

    Adjustable monitor arms
    The last ergonomic accessory that we'll discuss here is adjustable arms for computer monitors. Depending on the height of your desk, the height of your chair, and the position of your monitor, you might be straining or sitting in an unnatural position to see your computer screen. An adjustable arm will allow you to position the monitor where you need it, which is especially useful if you prefer to alternately sit and stand during the workday.

    Ergonomic computer chairs are just the beginning of office ergonomics. Equipping your work space with ergonomic accessories can help alleviate and prevent back pain and repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Americans spend about $50 billion treating back pain each year, but maximizing office ergonomics is much less costly.

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