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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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  • Office Chair Armrests

    Sitting in an office chair at work is almost inevitable with the growing number of desk jobs and steady increase in office related positions. If you are going to be sitting for the majority of the work day, it is important to be sitting in a chair that is going to be adjustable enough to allow you to sit comfortably for hours a day. While most of us search for chairs with functionality, one area of the chair we often overlook is the armrests. Almost every chair has armrests of some sort or the option to add armrests as an upgrade to the chair. Armrests are an important component of any ergonomic office chair. Proper armrest design allows a place to rest your arms while working, relieving the pressure from your upper back and shoulders which sometimes is experienced when using an armless chair. There are a number of different types of armrests available which is why it is important to determine which will work best for your needs and keep you sitting comfortably throughout the day.

    Fixed Armrests - Fixed armrests are the most affordable but also the least adjustable option available. They are fixed in height and are not adjustable. While these type of armrests are certainly an economical choice, they are not a very ergonomic option. They lack the adjustability needed to place the arms at the correct height for your body and can cause back pain because of this. If armrests are too high, this will raise the shoulders, causing tension in the shoulders and upper back muscles. Too low and they may cause you to lean forward which also puts pressure on your upper back. While fixed armrests are not the best choice for ergonomic chairs, they are a good choice for desk chairs that are only used for a few hours a day or conference room chairs.

    Height Adjustable Armrests - At the very minimum, armrests should be able to adjust in height to enable your arms to rest in a comfortable working position for your everyday tasks. Height adjustable arms can be found as an option or included on most office chairs and is among the most popular armrest available. If it is not included in the price of the chair, adjustable armrests are generally reasonably priced to add-on as an option.

    Some height adjustable armrests are also width adjustable, allowing the user to move the armrests out further from their seat if they are wider or bring them in closer to the body if they have a smaller frame. If you do have width adjustable armrests be certain not to put the armrests too close together as this can interfere with relaxed typing and restrict the ability to rest your hands in your lap when you are not typing, creating a confined environment. Armrests which are too far apart may cause shoulders to over-extend, causing upper back strain. Width adjustment is not as common as height adjustment in armrests and can only be found on certain models by select manufacturers.

    Multi-Function Armrests - Multi-function armrests are highly adjustable and allow for the arms to be adjusted in height, width, and the arm pad has the ability to pivot. These highly adjustable armrests are a great option for shorter or wider individuals that need their arms closer to their body or farther away. The independent pivoting action helps accommodate sideways arm postures that are commonly found among computer users.

    With the large range of adjustments available in multi-function arms, it is important to make sure that they do not interfere with your work surface. Poorly designed armrests may constrain postures, causing users to hunch forward and work with elevated arms. Specific work stations set ups may interfere with armrests, contributing to poor posture while working. Pivoting armrests allow the arm pad to be angled inward to prevent problems with narrow diameter corner work surfaces which can be obstructive.

    Lateral Adjustable Armrests - Perhaps one of the most advanced armrests to emerge on the market to date, lateral adjustable armrests are an ergonomist's dream come true especially in the petite market. They are both height and width adjustable and perhaps the best feature of all, can telescope up to 3" inwards. They are a great choice for petite users that have a difficult time finding an armrest that allows them to rest their arms at the correct position close enough to their body without having to use a children's chair. These advanced armrests are expensive in price but also among the most ergonomic/adjustable option out there.

    Designing good armrests is not an easy task. Not only do people come in a broad range of sizes; they also develop their own ways of sitting over the years. Women tend to sit upright whereas men tend to lean back in their chairs and lounge. Armrests also must accommodate users' different workstation configurations, including ergonomic accessories such as keyboard trays and mouse pads. Finding the right armrests luckily is not as difficult of a task. With the research and technology being developed in the field of ergonomics, armrests are now able to fit a larger range of users than ever before. When deciding which arms will work best for your work environment, remember the more adjustable the better.

  • Treadmill Work Desks

    If you have worked at any office job longer than six months you are most likely already familiar with the repercussions of sitting down for long periods of time everyday. You have most likely experienced the back pain that haunts you on a daily basis and the feeling of fatigue from remaining sedentary for long periods of time. In fact, a recent study posted in BMJ Open states that sitting for three hours a day cuts your life expectancy by two years. Other studies conducted by LifeSpan fitness found that 1 in 10 adults have trouble walking a distance equal to walking from the parking lot to the back of a large store or through a mall.

    TR1200-DT5Unfortunately for most of us, we are confined to our cubicles and desks for the majority of our work day and do not have the time to get up and walk around every hour as recommended by health and fitness experts. But what if you were able to get your work done while being able to walk and stretch your muscles simultaneously? While this may seem like an idea that is far off in the future, treadmill work stations are slowly making their way into more and more work spaces across the world as companies are becoming more familiarized with their positive benefits.

    What is a treadmill work desk? The treadmill work station was created as an alternative to the traditional sedentary work place. It allows you to walk and work simultaneously during the day on a treadmill with a connecting sit stand desk, allowing you to significantly increase your activity level without taking time away from your busy work schedule. Most of us come home from work too tired to get back on the road and hit the gym or wake up an extra hour or two early to get your daily exercise in. The treadmill desk is the perfect way to integrate exercise into your daily routine without the hassle of making it to the gym after work, although it is recommended not to replace the treadmill desk entirely with your pre-existing work out schedule.

    TR1200DTIf you already have a standing work station, simply purchase the treadmill separately as most work station treadmills are designed to work with a large variety of sit stand desk applications. If you do not have a standing desk, there is also the option to purchase both the treadmill and desk  in conjunction with each other as many companies offer packages for both items that are often less expensive in price than purchasing both products separately.

    What is the benefit of a treadmill work station? The American Heart Association warrants that walking 10,00 steps a day leads to a 90% reduction in heart attacks and 70% reduction in rate of having a stroke. The American Cancer society agrees that walking 10,000 steps is beneficial in that it leads to a 30-70% reduction in rates of cancer. Other benefits obtained from walking throughout the day on a treadmill include increased alertness, blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, increased energy, greater clarity, weight loss, improved productivity, feeling more positive, and a decrease in back and joint pain generally associated with sitting in an office chair.

    TR800-DT5Worried about being able to work and walk at the same time? While it may seem like it may be a difficult task to walk and work at the same time, many have successfully transitioned to the treadmill work station with minimal effort. It may take a day or two to get accustomed to walking at a slow speed while working which is why it is recommended to test the waters on simple tasks such as responding to e-mails or answering phone calls. A study conducted by at a UCLA health walk event tested over 50 employees of the university to see if they were able to work while walking and of those employees, 45 found that they could transition to this new form of working right away while 3 said they would be able to adjust over time.

    Whether you are looking to reduce back pain, incorporate more exercise into your routine, maintain a healthier lifestyle, or simply want to be more active throughout the day a treadmill work station is your perfect solution.

    To view Sitbetter's full line of treadmill desks click here!

  • Is Sitting Bad for You? How an Ergonomic Chair Can Help

    Sitting is something that the average person does all too frequently. From work (where many of us sit for eight or more hours daily) to driving to eating to watching television, far more time each day is commonly spent seated than not.

    Woman in painBeing Sedentary – The Effects Most of us know that spending too much time seated isn’t great for our health. Recent studies have even shown that sitting for 11 hours daily (including leisure time) can actually increase the risk of premature death.

    Even for those who are physically fit, too much time in a seated position can lead to difficulty with metabolic functions, increased HDL (or “bad”) cholesterol levels, higher triglycerides, and insulin desensitization. This translates to potential heart, stomach, and vascular issues.

     people in the snow_optWays to Be Healthier Luckily, there are things we can do to offset the effects of spending so much time sitting on our behinds. If your job requires you to be sitting all the time, you can reduce the time you spend in this position by participating in leisure activities before and after work.

    For instance, if your job is within a short distance from your home, consider walking or biking to your place of employment. If you take public transportation, even getting off a few stops before the one closest to your home/office can get you some extra exercise.

    Also, consider eating standing up for some meals. Many people have breakfast and/or lunch on the go, so these can be good times to munch and stand.

    Another thing you can do is invest in an elliptical or treadmill for your home. This means that you can still watch the shows and movies you love without crashing on the couch for hours. Can’t afford this equipment? Think about joining a gym and getting your TV fix there, while also getting a workout.

    customize-cxo-black_optWays to Make Time Spent Seated More Comfortable A lot of people suffer from additional side effects of being stationary, especially at the office. Common complaints are back, neck, and/or shoulder pain. If you use a computer a lot, wrist and hand aches are also prevalent.

    While it may be inevitable that you need to park yourself permanently during work hours, there are things you can do to make that time more comfortable. Using seating that has special features to offset these discomforts can really help find writing service.

    Ergonomic chairs for back pain have numerous adjustments to help you feel more at ease.

    One of these is lumbar support. Lumbar support pushes out part of the chair’s backrest in order to support your lower back in the form of the shape of the backrest or with specialty devices such as an air lumbar support.

    Arm, foot, and headrests are also great options that many ergonomically designed chairs implement. Typically, you can adjust the height of foot and headrests to correspond to a level where they feel most natural when you’re in the chair. Sometimes armrests can be adjusted in terms of height, too, and/or removed for when they aren’t necessary or practical. carries a range of seating that fulfills these prerequisites. If you follow these tips, sitting can feel more comfortable.

  • How to Best Accessorize Your Workstation for Comfort

    Many of us spend eight plus hours per day in our work space. After a long stint at the keyboard or drafting table, sitting can start to take a toll on the body. It isn’t uncommon to experience aches and pains in spots like your back, shoulders and neck. Although it may be necessary to spend a lot of time sitting at your job, there are ways to make your personal space more comfortable.

    Here are several products that can make the long work days a little easier on you, physically and mentally.

    Humanair PurifierAir Purifiers One thing that can certainly be disturbing—and even unhealthy at times—is air quality indoors. Especially in a place of employment where there might be tens or even hundreds of people, the air can begin to get stale.

    This is why it’s a good idea to get an air purifier. These things can filter out a lot of allergens, smoke, viruses and even some chemicals in the air that may result from paint or building materials. They quietly and efficiently clean the area around where you work so that you can be sure you’re getting clean oxygen, no matter how big or small your working area is.

    AVJ42KBCDLOrganizing Carts Sometimes comfort has more to do with mental health than your physical well-being, or it can be just as important, anyhow. Think about how you feel when the spot where you toil is filled with clutter and disorganization; it can certainly make you feel chaotic inside, as well.

    Organizing carts are the perfect solution. They often contain two or three shelves that let you corral wayward items and give belongings a designated spot. Many of these commodities are height adjustable and have rolling castors in case you want to use them elsewhere for a presentation. Surge protectors are included a lot of the time, and you can typically store at least 75 pounds worth of objects atop the sturdy steel construction.

    Execumat Beveled Edge Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet/Big and TallChair Mats There is nothing more annoying than having your chair constantly get stuck on the carpet and other items while you are trying to work. Especially when you have a rolling seat, things can get in the way, making it hard for you to seamlessly move between work areas without interruption.

    A chair mat can really help with this, and it may also add some pizzazz to an otherwise humdrum space. Bamboo mats, for instance, are smooth, non-slip and can be had in natural and dark cherry finishes. They are also eco-friendly because they are responsibly harvested, and they are made from a species of bamboo that is not included in the panda bear’s diet.

    FM300BFoot Rests Physical comfort has a lot to do with ergonomics. If your body isn’t aligned properly or if you aren’t able to switch positions frequently it inevitably leads to aches and pains. Having a good footrest in your cubicle can assist with this. These items can have wheels on them so you can take them wherever the day leads. The nicer ones can also contain foam and mesh to cradle your feet and ankles at a cozy height.

    The Original Kik-Step Steel Mobile Step Stool by Cramer Step Stools Step stools don’t just have to do with comfort; they also relate to safety. If you work in a place with higher ceilings, chances are that you may need to retrieve something from aloft on occasion. Having a quality stool will allow you to safely reach items that are high up. Some can even support up to 500 pounds and are non-slip, so you can be sure that they’re durable.

    Check out to find practical office accessories to keep you sitting comfortably at your workstation.

  • 6 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While at the Office

    It is the most dreaded time of the year again, flu season. With the one in a million tragic flu death stories running rampant on every news station, social media feed, and online publication out there, people understandably are growing concerned about catching this illness. And the easiest way to catch it? From others that have it. With the majority of us spending most of our time at our jobs with our coworkers, the chances of catching the flu from a coworker that is sick is highly possible. While the easiest solution may seem to be to pass a bottle of hand sanitizer around the office, there are other steps you and others can take to avoid getting sick while at the office.

    Clean WorkspaceKeep Your Workspace Clean This is often easier said than done, however it is important to make a conscious effort to keep your workspace clean and tidy. The keyboard and your mouse come in contact with numerous individuals throughout the work week and it is easy to forget that these people could have easily forgotten to wash their hands after they sneezed or even worse used the restroom. Use a Lysol wipe to sanitize your keyboard, mouse, desk phone,  and desk space at least once a week to avoid unwanted germs. Even if you do not share any of your office accessories with your coworkers it is still possibly to reinfect yourself with prior illnesses and germs you may have unknowingly been on your hands while working. Instead of using the old excuse that you are, "too busy", make some time on a Friday to clean when you are anxiously staring at the clock avoiding your work to fill it up with cleaning. Time will go by faster, promise.

    Exercise Common Courtesy This may seem like common sense but most people seem to forget that when they are sick others can get sick as well. If you find yourself sneezing or coughing at work, remember to cover your mouth to avoid spreading germs. The best way to cover your mouth would be to find a tissue nearby, but if you are out of those or have a sneak attack cough, use your arm or instead of your hand. It is easy to forget after that you need to wash your hands and may find yourself continuing on with your work.

    Girl working on computerStay at Home Everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling of working in the same room as someone who is coughing a lung up or sneezing like they are having an allergic reaction. Your first response is to tell them to go home, but being the polite individual that you probably are, you usually have to suck it up and continue on with your work day or have to pop an Airborne in your water. If you feel like you might get people sick while you are working it is probably best to stay home. Most companies offer full-time employees sick and vacation days for a reason, so be certain to utilize that time off to rest and get yourself better. As the doctor always says, it is better to get rest and relax rather than trying to work through the normal work day's stress and long hours. If you don't have sick time, ask your boss if you can take a few hours off or have a half day at work. He/she will most likely understand as everyone has been in your position before.

    Don't Touch Your Face This tip is perhaps the easiest to forget but is also the easiest and fastest way to get sick. Touching your face is one of those unconscious movements that you do not even realize you are doing because it has become such a habit which is why it is essential to try to make a conscious effort to avoid it. It may be tempting to want to rest your face on your hand as the day drags on but when germs get in contact with your mouth, eyes, or nose, you may as well get prepared to call in sick the next day.

    Wash Your Hands Frequently Your hands are the main carriers of germs and viruses, which is why they are the most important to keep clean. Form a habit (it only takes 21 days!) of washing your hands every time you eat food, after you use the restroom, after touching other people's possessions, handling garbage,  and blowing your nose. If you want to be extra cautious, prior to washing your hands get your paper towel pulled down and ready to use. Then proceed to wash hands for at least 20 seconds making sure to rub your hands together well. After, use your paper towel to not only wipe your hands but to turn off the faucet as well.

    Exercise, Get Sleep, and Eat Healthy You hear it from your doctor every time you visit them that eating healthy, getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, and exercising are the main deterrents of illnesses. It is advisable to get at least one hours of exercise in a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if that means going on a short walk during your lunch break or spending an hour at the gym after work. The British Journal of Sports Medicine found in a study of 1,000 adults up to the age of 85 that people who are physically fit have fewer colds and, when they do get sick, have milder symptoms. Drinking eight glasses of water and eating a balanced meal are also advised. Pretending to be allergic to vegetables and fruit no longer applies once you are over the age of 5 so keep that in mind when selecting your meals for the day.

    Follow these tips above and you may find yourself getting sick less often, or at the very least being more immune to your sick coworkers.

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