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Leather Office Chair Review: Highback Executive Leather Office Chair BOS-B7301

This Highback Executive Leather Office Chair, the BOS-B7301, has been a staple around our store for years!

It’s a simple chair, not the most beautiful leather office chair out there, but it’s a good, solid, dependable chair with good features, and better yet, a good price!

Let’s see- the polyurethane infused leather is very comfortable, it’s not like the cheap leather chairs from years back, it’s smooth and comfortable, like the more expensive chairs!  The padding is thick, it feels comfortable sitting in it, and with the built-in lumbar support, there’s a bit of back support as well!

Unlike almost all the ‘cheap’ leather office chairs out there, the mechanism on this one feels sturdy and solid, there’s not a lot of rickety play in it!

The Polyurethane arms will last forever (just be careful about shoving them under a desk or table, they can scratch!), and the 5 star base provides a very stable platform.

This leather office chair also has a tilt mechanism, which allows you to tilt back (remember to loosen the spring adjustment- it’s all the way tight when shipped!) and you can lock it in the upright position.
All in all, this is really a good leather office chair- solid and dependable- at a very good price!

Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B8601 Quick Assembly HighBack Leather Office Chair

When buying a leather office chair, (well heck, any office chair for that matter), one important consideration is how easily it is to assemble the chair!

I hear tons of horror stories- ‘where are the bolts!’, ‘I can’t get the arm on!’ or this or that….

So the question is- on the more inexpensive brands (figure the more expensive, the less you’ll have to do to put it together!), how can you take the gruntwork out of putting together a leather office chair?

How about the BOS-B8601?

This very comfortable and plush highback executive leather office chair has one great advantage- it’s very simple to put together!

Simply put the wheels on the base, the cylinder in, the seat on the cylinder and flip up the seat!  That’s it, very easy!

Other than the ease of putting it together, the B8601 sits very well!  Soft, comfortable, thick padding, well-built and good-looking.  This really is a leather office chair that offers a lot!

Leather Office Chair Review- OFM-561-L MidBack Leather Conference Office Chair

561-L Midback leather conference office chair

561-L Midback leather conference office chair

Leather office chairs really do come in a huge assortment of different types, so it seems.  How does that hot dog song go?  Big ones, short ones, tall ones…. even ones with….!!!  I just mean that take your pick, you can, if you search long enough, find a chair to suit your tastes!

Here is a chair which is very very stylish, comfortable, and very reasonably priced!  The OFM-561-L has some great features, as long as you’re looking for sleek, modern and stylish.  It also has some good padding for a sleek chair (sleek meaning slim, so there’s really not as much room for padding!).  It’s going to be firm at first, but give the foam time to give in, the stiffness just means it’s going to last a long time.  A nice lumbar support area, padded neckrest area, great-looking wooden accents and quality that’s going to keep it around for a good long while!

This is a leather office chair which is going to look great in the office, or definately look terrific around a modern conference table!

This is a good value chair, one I’m comfortable recommending!

Leather Office Chair Review- OST-8501 Mid-Back Conference Room Chair

8501 Leather Conference Office Chair

8501 Leather Conference Office Chair

There are simply a ton of leather office chairs out there, and many look the same, so really, what makes a difference between those you can buy at officestaplesdepotmax superstore for 60 dollars and those that cost a couple hundred or more?

Two things- comfort and durability!

You are really going to get what you deserve, if when shopping for conference room leather office chairs, you start to settle for the cheapest possible!  If you don’t want to buy new ones again in a matter of months, put a little extra into it. 

Here’s one of the sort of chairs that’s really worth the extra bit of investment, and even at the price, it’s well worth it!

The OST-8501 conference room leather office chair is soft and plush, very easy to sit in for hours at a time, which makes it great for conference room applications.  The chair has a deep mahogany finish on the arms and base (which has a steel frame supporting it), and a very comfortable knee tilt control.  Knee tilts move the pivot point forward, so the feet stay on the floor when reclining, making it very comfortable.  It has padded armrests (be careful about the height of the chair when putting it back under the table!) and an integrated lumbar support which is very comfortable!

This is a well-built chair- meant to last- which means in the long run, you’re spending less money, and it’s very comfortable as well!

For one chair behind a desk, or many around a conference room table, this leather office chair is sure to please!

Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B686 Mid-Back Leather Conference Chair

When looking for leather office chairs for a single office or especially for the conference room, these days it’s usually about value- getting the best chair for the money!

The BOS-B686 is certainly a great value for the money!

Not only does this chair have great looks, with its sleek styling, but it also sits very well.  It has nice padding on the seat and back, the leather is soft and comfortable and the lumbar support on it feels really good!  The construction of this chair is pretty good too!  I figure the only issue I really have with this chair is that the arms are just a bit short, but that’s really not an issue.  Otherwise, especially for the price, this chair is a really good value, and it’s certainly not going to break the bank if you want to get 8 of them for the conference room!

Great price, good looks, good construction.  This chair really is a great choice if you’re looking for a leather office chair!