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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

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  • A Leather Office Chair that Will Adjust with You

    There are so many great things about purchasing a leather office chair now-a-days, and to me the most important ‘thing’ to focus on is the comfort for the long haul sitting. There really isn’t any other fabric out there that has the luxurious feel of new leather, and then after it’s broken in it feels even better. You have to know what to look for though to make sure you don’t get drawn in and purchase any leather office chairs that might not give you what you need.

    With so many different shapes and sizes in people, also come so many shapes and sizes in leather office chairs. This is what makes the chairs more and more popular today. Leather office chair companies have created a whole lot of chairs with a multitude of adjustments to fit everyone. So, if you’re six-foot six or five-foot six (just a range that sounds nice) you’ll find a leather office chair that will support you in the areas you need.

    As for places to shop? Well, shopping around town is always nice, that way you can ‘test drive’ them a bit. Of course the initial comfort can wear off and you might be stuck with a lemon, so be sure to find a location that has a knowledgeable sales staff. Don’t go for the sales hype of a great discount. There could be a reason the leather office chairs are on sale. No one wants them because they don’t offer long-term support. Another way to find a great leather office chair is through an online search. If you find the right company, you’ll discover a sales staff that’s knowledgeable. They aren’t going to try to up sell you on anything. is a great office chair company. They’ve been around for a while, they are growing, but most importantly…they know leather office chairs.

    So, I guess if you’re out there looking for a leather office chair for either your home or office take a look online because you can click through easily and see a lot of different types of leather office chairs. If clicking through all the internet pages causes you to become a bit overwhelmed, you can just call the showroom itself and start asking questions. They should be able to talk to you about arm rests, added support for your back or seat, and other adjustments.

    Be sure to let them know if you have back problems or anything like that. That way they can make sure you purchase the right type of leather office chair.

  • Leather Office Chairs are the Perfect Decorative Decision

    One of the bigger, more overwhelming tasks that can be handed your way in the business world is how to decorate or redecorate your office. Being able to produce a friendly environment with some of your own personality as well as making it an amicable work space is truly the challenge that not many are able to face.

    An important component is always the office chair, a leather office chair actually. It is a major piece of furniture because it will always send a message to current and prospective clients as well as to your employees and your body. Yes, your body. It is important to invest in leather office chairs that are functional and safe for long periods of sitting at your desk, if that’s what you to do of course. They can be luxurious and take the look of your office to the next level.

    An advantage of purchasing a black leather office chair is that it is incredibly easy to match with any color swatch you’ve created. If you already have an incredible oak, mahogany, pine, Formica, or whatever desk, and you’re not ready to part with this piece from your office collection, then shopping around for leather office chairs is what you’ll need to do. They are a great accessory that will beef up the office’s image, as well as yours.

    With the multitude of adjustments and tilts on today’s leather office chairs, you won’t need to worry as much about what will be comfortable for long periods of sitting. Ergonomics plays a huge part, so that’s what you’ll need to consider. Finding the right leather office chair that will fit your height and weight is first and foremost, as is finding one that will adjust to your desk’s height while keeping you in the right ninety degree angles; knees, elbows and wrists. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, your head is pointing straight ahead and your eyes are looking about a forty-five degrees downward angle.

    Creating a stress at any of these points will do damage, sometime irreparable damage, to your body. And remember, the older we get the harder it is to bounce back from these types of injuries.

  •, Finding the Leather Office Chair that Fits You Right

    There are a number of ways to take risks now-a-days. It seems to be a thrill for us to take chances with our bodies or our lives. Of course we all take ways to minimize the risk. If you ride a motorcycle you were protective clothing, including a helmet. There are common sense minimizers as well as checking weather related events if you’re one who like parachuting.

    Although we might do these activities as frequently as we can, we rarely do them for long periods of time and day after day. Okay, sure, you might ride a motorcycle every day, but do you do that for six to eight hours a day? Chances are that you don’t.

    So, I wonder why if we take precautions to protect ourselves in these situations that last just moments of time, why don’t we take precautions on something we use day after day and hour after hour? I’m talking of course about a leather office chair. I think some people only think about the price and grab the best deal out there without thinking about the price they will pay with their body later.

    In a lot of these cases, people have been using a dining room chair, or something along those lines, so anything is an improvement. They also might think they just picked up a great deal. Oh, don’t get me wrong there are some great leather office chairs out there at some amazing prices. You just have to look ahead of time. Watch for the right sale. Not when the company is just trying to push the stock out the door because no one wants the leather office chair. In this case one man’s garbage is not another man’s treasure.

    Don’t get fooled by this!

    Comfortable leather office chairs that last and are safe for your body are two very important pieces of the equation. The leather office chair should be designed with adjustment flexibility. Typically that means covering leg length, height, weight, and length of time the chair is being used.

    I guess you could look at it this way. If you were off on a parachuting trip with some buds and a chute was being offered at a discount price because the pull string was sometimes faulty would you consider it?

    My thought is no!

  • Best of Both Worlds, the Leather Office Chair Choice

    I’m typically asked which chair is better for me, leather or mesh. It’s not such a straightforward answer where I can say a, ‘leather office chair is perfect for you because…,’ or a ‘mesh office chair will serve you well because…” It just isn’t that simple. If it were, well then we wouldn’t have the options we have today.

    The choices today are plentiful and are made to fit one’s life-style needs. Usually it depends on where the chair is going to be seen and if the owner is trying to make an impression, but that’s just the beginning. If you’re choosing leather office chairs to fill your business office and you need to continually make an impression on clients, say like in a law firm, then you’re on the right track. However, and this is a big one, it also depends on how long each employee is sitting in the leather office chair. Long term comfort is essential to those employees.

    Thankfully leather office chairs come with a number of adjustments on them to make them better ergonomically than they have been in the past. The only discomfort, if there is one, is if the padding isn’t correct or if the person sitting for long periods of time gets hot quick. Leather office chairs, in my personal experience, can do that.

    On the other side, a mesh office chair is breathable, ergonomically sound, and can be quite comfortable. They don’t however make the same beautiful impression as a leather office chair. Again, it depends on what you want. Usually, an office where the employees are sitting a lot in front of their computer is best suited for a mesh office chair.

    In today’s office chair market though, there are a multitude of choices from shapes and sizes to tilts and adjustments sometimes it is just the color that perplexes people. Leather office chairs mainly come in three colors; black, brown, and red, and mesh office chairs are the same. The most popular color is black because it can be matched with nearly anything. The color has a sleek glamour!

    Personally, I have one of each. I am on the go at the office more, so I have a leather office chair there, and I spend more time in my mesh chair at home. I guess it is the best of both worlds!

  • The Top 10 Most Extreme Office Chair Videos

    The ingenuity and creative spirit of the overly bored individual should never be underestimated.  It truly is amazing.  For most, boredom leads to lounging around and, ultimately, to more boredom.  But for a few brave souls, this time of ennui is channeled into something much bigger than the rest of us could fathom.  When a lazy afternoon leaves you only with a leather office chair, an overactive imagination, and a desire to be extreme, anything can happen.  Here is the list of the top 10 extreme office chair videos floating around the web:


    This video makes our list because it is one of the largest office chair races we have ever seen.  It is only #10 because it is in a library, and hey, how extreme can you be in a library?


    This video loses some points because there is only a bike pulling them and they are on flat ground.  They don't quite get up enough speed to do any real damage, but they're still just kids.  Lets give them a few years and then see what kind of mischief they can get into.


    Anytime you can combine sports and office furniture, you've got a recipe for extreme.  The only problem with this video is that the sport is curling.


    A standard 1 vs. 1 office chair race, but these guys mean business.  From the sheer amount of will and determination shown by these two warriors, it looks more like a death race than anything else.


    You don't always have to be on the chair for it to be extreme.  Take these guys, for example.  They are actually trying to avoid being on the chair and it's still pretty darn extreme.


    If pulling a chair behind a bike isn't quite extreme enough for you, the next logical step would be to pull a chair behind a car.  Or two chairs behind a car, and then make the car go at an impressively extreme speed.


    Now that you've pulled a chair behind your car, there's nothing left for you to go for, right?  Wrong, as evidenced by this guy who put his chair on skis and pulled it behind a boat.


    Here ye, here ye.  I proclaimeth that this video be truly extreme.  Points for costumes and authenticty as well.


    Just watching this video is enough to get your blood pumping, that's how extreme it is.  When you attach a plastic lawn chair to a street louge and then take it to the mountains, you might not be sure how everything will end, but you know it will be extreme.


    The most extreme office chair video out there.  This is the definition of extreme.  They don't really land any of the tricks, but that doesn't stop them from giving it their all.  If you don't know how to skateboard, rollerblade, or bike, but you want to spend a fun filled extreme day at the skatepark, look no further than your computer desk.  Enjoy.

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