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Best Ergonomic Chairs for any Budget

Lets face it, having an ergonomic workplace/home office set up is becoming more important than ever and with more people aware of the need for better office furniture, the quest begins to find which is best for you. When ergonomics are concerned, the piece of furniture to focus on finding first is an ergonomic office chair as this is what you will be spending the majority of your day sitting on. Having a chair that is comfortable and will adjust to your body type is of upmost importance especially if you are going to spend hours on end sitting in one.

When it comes to chairs, the old adage of "you get what you pay for" holds true, so if a chair price seems to be outrageously priced at $1,000 remember the chair is going to be more comfortable, adjustable, better made, and will last many years longer than a chair that costs $100. With that being said, not everyone's budget allows for a $1,000 purchase which is why manufacturers take this into account when developing new chair models to fit every price range. At we understand that everyone has different budgets and requirements which is why we made this guide to help you find the best ergonomically correct chair for your budget.

Budget $1-$100


The KCW77 is a unique ergonomic office chair the breaks away from the traditional office chair appearance. Instead, this chair forces the user to sit and kneel while working. The knee sit chair puts the back into a more natural position, helping to provide relief for the back. With the absence of a back rest, users are forced to sit with proper posture and many find themselves experiencing less back pain the more they get accustomed to sitting in this style of chair.

It also comes with soft memory foam on both the seat and knee pad to provide an even more comfortable sitting experience. The wooden frame is available in two different finishes, mahogany and espresso, allowing you to easily match your chair with any preexisting furniture.

While it may not be what you are used to sitting in this chair is a customer favorite and for only $99 it is well worth the price. You may view this chair by clicking here.

Budget: $101-$200


The Milan Ultra Mesh Back Mid Back Task Chair by ErgoFast Chairs is your best bet for those who are looking to save money but also want all the adjustments that you'd usually find on a $500+ chair. This chair features 2:1 synchro tilt control, ratchet back height adjustment, height and width adjustable arms, tilt tension, tilt lock control, and pneumatic seat height adjustment.

The mesh back features built in lumbar support and the foam seat cushion is more comfortable than most chairs that you'd find in a similar price range.

A good, affordable ergonomic chair at $195 that will provide mild back pain sufferers with adequate back support. View this chair by clicking here.

Budget: $201-$300


A vast amount of unique add on adjustments allow the user to customize this chair to meet their needs!

At an affordable price, the Inertia High-Back Task Chair will give mild back pain sufferers the relief they are seeking. The unique feature of this chair is the ability to tailor the chair to the user's body and allows the option to add on specific adjustments. The Inertia also provides support whether sitting up straight or leaning back.

With the optional adjustment upgrades and the comfortable foam seat, this chair is a good ergonomic option for a good price of $289.

Budget: $301-$400


The iCentric by ErgoCentric is an ergonomic task chair with a unique backrest specifically engineered to provide exact and focused lumbar support with good mid back support as well. The tapered bottom of the backrest provides point specific support to the lumbar region.

Choose between four different control mechanisms depending on the level of support needed. At the very minimum, this chair features seat height adjustment, a 2.5" depth adjustable seat slider, infinite lock free float, adjustable spring tension, and a syncro 2:1 recline ratio. Advanced control mechanisms allow for even more adjustments.

A great chair for both lower and mid back pain relief. Available starting at $365. To view this chair please click here.

Budget $401-$500


The myCentric by ergoCentric is a great customizable ergonomic chair for lower lumbar pain.

The seat is very comfortable but the backrest, with its dual curve wings and built in lumbar support, is made for exceptional back comfort.

Add on inflatable lumbar support is available for even more support. The myCentric also features a ton of options to customize the chair to your exact needs.

A great chair for long hours of pain relief. Available starting at $415.

 Budget $501-$600


The Therapod is a premium ergonomic chair with an abundance of available options to go along with standard ergonomic features.

Therapod's fully-customizable body-specific adjustment system allows you to address the support your body needs in a very precise way. With this patented design, every region of your back is comfortably accommodated thanks to body-specific strap adjustments. The basic control mechanism allows for seat height adjustment, forward seat angle adjustment, tension control, back height adjustment, infinite tilt lock, and back angle adjustment. Additional upgradable items include a memory foam seat, seat slider, arms, a neck pad, and more.

Available starting at $589. To view this chair, please click here.

Budget $601-$700


A very unique chair with a lot of features such as a seat slider, good lumbar support, and most importantly comfort!

Comfortable seat, though a little firm, is the most ergonomically correct version of the Ergohuman series. The seat slider makes the chair work for shorter people and the lumbar support system is one of the best. The lower lumbar support moves with you no matter if you are leaning forward or back, allowing you always to have support no matter how you are sitting.

Available for $649.

Budget $701-$800


The Liberty features form-sensing mesh technology, unlike any mesh chair you've likely seen or experienced. With its tri-panel construction, it has the body-fitting contours that single-panel mesh chairs simply can not achieve. It offers perfect lumbar support for everyone, without external devices or manual adjustments.

Features self-adjusting recline (intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user and weight), pivoting backrest, form-sensing mesh back, contoured seat cushion, and "body fit" (size-adjustments fit more than 95% of the population).

Priced at $779. View this chair by clicking here.

Budget $801-$949

6200 CXO

Very comfortable ergonomic chair with lumbar support which allows users to place right where it's needed.

The CXO is a great chair with soft memory foam in both the seat, lumbar support, advanced armrests and a ratchet back. The headrest version gives even more support especially for those with upper back or neck pain issues. CXO's adjustable features cater to small, medium, and large body types.

The simplicity of the overall design and functionality of this chair makes it an effective ergonomic performer. Starting at $949. View this chair by clicking here.

Budget $950-$1,000


Simply terrific and unique ergonomic details make this possibly the best out there for back pain relief!

The Freedom Chair invites movement. The pivoting back allows one to move while still upright, the counter-balanced recline eliminates spring tension. The high back version for upper back pain or neck pain issues. Also features a spinal cutout, relieving pressure on the spinal column while still supporting it.

Another plus about this chair, is that it is composed of 54%-85% recycled content, which is roughly 50% more recycled content than most competing chairs. Available for $999.

Budget $1,000 and up


A completely unique and comfortable sitting experience which is far different than anything else out there!

Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form , and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. This is a revolutionary design which allows the chair to completely adjust to the user's needs as far as placement of individual points along the back. Need it pressed in harder at the lumbar region? Simply press it in and lock in place. An amazing design and an amazing chair - for those with chronic back issues, this will certainly help.

The Verte retails for $1135 and is worth every penny in the long run.