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Giving Your Back a Break

In this modern and technology-centered world, the average worker is spending more and more time at work, crunching numbers, working at computers and perhaps most importantly, just trying to get ahead in a tough economy. This means that workers are also spending more and more time sitting in poorly designed chairs, which can have negative health effects if not given the proper attention.



Office chairs, despite the amount of hours we spend sitting in them, do not seem to get the attention they deserve. The experts at specialize in finding and selling chairs that are well designed and comfortable for extended hours spent at the office. The Verte chair is one example and is specially designed for those with chronic back pain. As an executive ergonomic chair, it allows the sitter to customize the amount of pressure at eleven different points of contact. Unsurprisingly, the chair itself is considered a medically approved necessity for back pain sufferers, sometimes even covered by insurance providers.

An office worker may think that by asking for a more comfortable chair, they are being difficult or not being a team player. On the contrary, working in the right kind of chair can make you more productive, thereby making you more of an asset to your company.

The following are some things to look for:

  • Adjustability

Is the chair a one-size-fits-all model, or can you adjust it to your comfort?

  • Maneuverability

Does it recline and swivel so that you can be active at your desk throughout the day?

  • Design and Aesthetic

This is important, as no one wants to sit in an unattractive chair. Elements such as color, size and overall shape can affect the look of your office as a whole.

  • Level of Support


If you’re not a chronic back pain sufferer, and are just looking for a chair to prevent any deterioration of your health, a medically approved chair with a high level of support may too much for you. Make sure you choose a chair that doesn’t provide too much support to an already healthy back.

Overall, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of a quality chair to maintain a healthy back.

One thought on “Giving Your Back a Break”

  • heavy duty castors

    Your chair is probably the single most important component of your working environment. As a writer, you will spend as long stuck to your seat as you spend in bed, so it is worth investing some attention in the choice and care of both.

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