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Learning to "Sit Better" with My Ergonomic Office Chair

About two months ago I woke up numerous times throughout the night. My left shoulder, the lower part of the deltoid to be more specific, was aching quite a bit; sharp shooting pains. Being an athlete, I thought I’d just strained it at the gym or the softball field. The next morning I had breakfast, popped a couple of ibuprofens and soon the pain dissipated to a slight ache. Over the course of the next couple weeks, I continued this routine nearly every day. Eventually, I began taking ibuprofen before going to sleep, but I was still waking up during the night with sharp cutting pains. Those weeks of pain multiplied into two months.

The denial that I’d done some damage was reinforced frequently. The pain wasn’t constant and only occurred when my arm moved to a particular position. I could still throw a softball; actually my throw had become more accurate. I couldn’t lift as much weight on my right side at the gym though, and being that I’m not a person who enjoys sitting on a bike or running on a treadmill, my workouts became sporadic. My rationale? I probably just needed a break from the gym.

The pain was still there though, and it was getting worse.

I went to see a physical therapist. We talked about a number of different situations and it came down to the chair I was using. Yeah, I know, I work for Sitbetter, so you’d think I’d know better. And, no, it isn’t my chair at the office but my chair at home. The one in my home office, where I sit to pay my bills, respond to personal emails, to chat with family and friends, journal, and to do research.

My favorite ergonomic chair is the Infinity Series Mesh Back Chair (EMC-11), so I ordered it. It comes with free shipping and should get here in two days. It has some great adjustments, like a two-way adjustable lumbar, adjustable arms, a 2:1 syncro knee tilt locking mechanism and a breathable black Mesh.

On Wednesday of next week, I start doing exercises with some rubber bands; different colors with different tensions. I can’t even begin to tell you what exercising with rubber bands is going to do for my ego, but I have the right chair in my home office, and according to my physical therapist, “You just need to ‘sit better’ at home.” Her words, not mine.

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