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Three Kinds of Lumbar Support to Make the Work Day More Bearable

lumbar pillow insertsDid you know that according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, poor ergonomics in the workplace wind up costing employers a staggering $20 billion every year? This problem comes as the result of 650,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Perhaps the only thing more shocking is the fact that these disorders are the products of poor, sitting posture. Many tall desk chairs simply don't have the lumbar support needed to ensure that people aren't over-stressing their backs. Hunching forward and other incorrect postures can lead to chronic pain, spine misalignment, and more.

Thankfully, there are several different kinds of lumbar pillow inserts and support system available that can help. Here are just a few!

Adjustable Back Support.  Some large office chairs come with a seat back capable of supporting your lumbar area. These can be raised or lowered according to preference. This seat back should be adjusted so that the back of the chair supports the spine's curve, which reduces the amount of stress put on the lower back.

Portable Lumbar Pillow Inserts. Lumbar pillow inserts are rolls or curved cushions that fit into a chair's seat back to fill the lumbar region. Some kinds of inserts are inflatable to decrease or increase their support, since many people can feel awkward being forced to sit with perfect posture all the time. Another big benefit of these portable lumbar pillow inserts is that they can be transferred from one chair to another, which means their owners can take them home or on business trips if they'd like. For many people lacking the right support, lumbar pillow inserts are their best choice.

Ergonomic Chairs. Some chairs are designed with a person's anatomy already in mind, and are known as ergonomic chairs. These backs of these chairs are sculpted to support and naturally follow the spines' curvature. In fact, all of the best ergonomic chairs should come with lumbar pillow inserts.

Acquiring proper lumbar support can prevent the development of musculoskeletal diseases, and make the work day much more comfortable. If you find that your chair's lumbar support is lacking, then it might be best to look into one of these great solutions.

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