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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

Office Chair Review: Big and Tall Office Chairs - Shadow Air Grid

Three Sweet Features:

1. Modern Shadow Air Grid color.

2. Sturdy over-sized base and components.

3. Cool mesh back and mesh covered foam seat.

The Thorough Review:

With technical specs boasting pneumatic seat height adjustments, a three hundred and sixty degree swivel, a mid-pivot knee tilt, and a weight rating to reach up to four hundred pounds, it’s no wonder the Office Mesh Chair is one of the most extremely popular big and tall office chairs on the market today.

The search for thickly padded mesh seats, double Air Grid backs with adjustable tilt tensions have been three of the top standard requirements met by the Office Star Products manufacturing company. But, they don’t stop there, this chair rocks with its modern mesh back look, rugged appearance, and the one touch seat height adjustment this big and tall office chair couldn’t be more welcomed by the big and tall community.

Covering this chair from top to bottom with terrific amenities was clearly the goal for the design team on this great piece of art. In order to support up to four hundred pounds, the manufacturer added a sturdy gunmetal finish aluminum base and oversized dual wheel carpet casters.

The only thing more amazing than the chair and its benefits is the price! Check it out!

The Ratings:

Durability: Oversize base, thick, high density seat, lager reinforced mechanism. Holds up to 450 lbs.

Style: It looks good. Unique mesh stands out from drab black color.

Plushness: It's a firm sit. The foam is high density and the mesh is not too bouncy. Good for long term durability though.

Overall Rating (Not an average): We're talking about a great value chair for what it is and what it needs to be. Modern, stylish and durable - made to last.

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