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    Office Chair Review: Aaria Office Habanera Leather Office Chair

    Three Sweet Features:

    1. Soft Dual layer Caressoft Faux Leather.

    2. Chrome or Black Frame and Base.

    3. Modern and stylish design with a big seat and back.

    The Thorough Review:

    Spicy hot is the Habanera High Back Executive Chair from Aaria Office Seating!  This leather office chair (well, faux leather, since it is upholstered in Caressoft Plus, an ultra durable, ultra soft combination of leather and vinyl - here are the differences between Caressoft and Leather) is a great choice for someone looking to get a good looking chair that is comfortable and has that "plush" feel to it.

    Here's whats nice about the Habanera Series - the price won't leave your wallet burning 5 hours after you buy it.  You can get is in a stylish chrome frame or a sleek powder coated black frame and base.  It comes in a high back OR a mid back, as well as a matching guest chair - so no need to mix up the office with different styles and brands anymore...

    The chair itself sits really nice.  It is a big chair, wide seat and large, enveloping backrest.  The double layered cushion, which has a horizontally seamed 1.5 inch thick cover on the high density foam cushions, add the extra oomph to the sitting experience, really allowing the sitter to sink into the chair and feel hugged.  It is a hot leather office chair...ready to make you feel comfortable for years.

    The Ratings:


    It's plush and forgiving. You'll sink in and be comfortable in a conference room or behind a desk.


    Not much there. Height adjustment, tilt locking. That's about it, but not much more needed for a conference chair.


    Its a good looking, if not unique, chair. Different, but not in an Pontiac Aztec way.

    Overall Rating (Not an average):

    It's a good quality faux leather office chair. Big and plush, with just enough style points. The only issue we've seen is if you sit wide legged, the arms, being metal, might bother you. But if you sit properly, it's great.

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