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    Office Chair Review: La-Z-Boy Sintas Leather Office Chair

    La-Z-Boy Sintas La-Z-Boy Sintas

    Three Sweet Features:

    1. European Beech wood base and arms, capped with leather.

    2. Zip-Ship means it ships in 10-14 business days...That's fast for a custom built chair.

    3. Thick seat and back. Very comfortable.

    The Thorough Review:

    Here it is, the grand daddy of executive leather office chairs.  Just the name alone tells you a lot about the chair.  But is it really comfortable?  Does it live up to the expectations?

    Yes, and yes.  Let's start with the style of this leather office chair.  It looks comfortable, bug, plush and very executive.  The wood arm and base are both high quality European Beech wood, stained with maple, dark cherry, or golden cherry. The arms are caped in leather with  foam pad, so you can rest on them nicely.

    The back of the chair itself, aside from being big and wide, features a foam protrusion in the middle.  This has a dual purpose of providing pseudo-lumbar support and maintaining your back in an ideal S shape, even while you lean back or sink into the soft cushioned backrest.  The middle protrusion also means you get a nice cushy place to rest your head and think about ideas for your business.

    The seat is soft and thick, you sink into it and it eventually molds to you - which means comfort now and more comfort in the future.  This chair is really comfortable - it's a safe bet even the super soft Stay-Puft Marshallow man would be comfortable in this chair!

    The Ratings:


    Oh, it's plush. The foam is EXTRA thick, and you literally sink into the chair. Very nice.


    The leather is top grain, top of the line leather. Very soft and non abrasive. It is all leather on all parts you touch, vinyl on the rest - a little money saving technique.


    It looks imposingly comfortable. A very executive style that exudes class and comfort.

    Overall Rating (Not an average):

    A great chair for comfort, class. A wonderful seating solution to last years in your office.

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