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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

    Really cheap chairs are REALLY cheap...

    How much is your rear end/back worth to you?  I mean, have you seen the furniture they have in those stores?  Cheap, and cheaper.  It's not that they import a whole lot of their own brands directly from China (not necessarily a bad thing, but quality control becomes an issue given the almost guaranteed lack of QC). Many companies source products or have manufacturing facilities in the OG Chinatown, but they either have strict QC standards, assemble chairs here, or have been working with certain factories for a long time, and would have the QC down pat...O.D. and Staples source from whomever gives them the best price.

    Yes, you can get some good quality chairs there, but from what I've experienced and from what I've read, but do you really expect to get the service you deserve if something happens to the chair?
    Aside from quality concerns, you cannot realistically expect great service because they are not specialists in office furniture of any kind. Help finding pens and paper and the like? Really good and thorough. Not so much for office furniture.

    I am not necessarily hating on these companies - they always are reliable for good prices on office supplies - but chairs aren't supplies.  You shouldn't have to be buying them as much as you buy pens and paper.

    Look, I go to these office supply stores for office supplies - I do not consider office chairs part of the office supplies, however.  They are more like, well, furniture.  Completely different. Just like you cannot bulk together marketing and accounting functions of a company, you can't bulk together pens and desks (even though it makes sense they would  be, given that one is used on the other).  It's a whole different ballgame, and the expertise in the furniture field makes all the difference.

    They sell other brands, such as Boss, that we sell.  Those are good brands.  I am just leary and weary of the own brand chairs that they have, for the QC reasons mentioned before.  I have read horror stories on blogs throughout the internet of the bad customer service and quality of these chairs bought at OD and Staples, am I sure there are many more.  Here are some blogs about this stuff: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop Blog, specifically one post about an OD/Staples own brand import (Swinton Trading Co.) that went horribly wrong - sort of a reunion point for people that over 2 years have had the same issue!  Or this one, mainly ranting about service: Lockergnome Blog.  So really, it is about going to people who know for whatever you need.  That is basically what I am advocating.

    Ultimately though, we can blame these companies all we want, but we as consumers gotta be aware of what they can and can't provide for us.  Understand the risk you take if you buy an office chair there.

    I once bought an Office Depot Chair.  Lasted all of 1 month.  I was young, naive, and full of hope.  Now, we know better, thus we help you sit better. If you got some helpful insight, bad experiences, good experiences, whatever experiences regarding furniture and these companies, lets hear it.

    3 thoughts on “Really cheap chairs are REALLY cheap...”

    • Rick T.

      You get what you pay for.

    • DuncanM

      Excellent article, sad reality is that far too many people think that $50 is enough to buy a good office chair, when all that buys is a perch on wheels.

      And my pet favorite annoyance is cheapo chairs in leather, if you can call it leather, looks like it came from a cow with leprosy.

      The best guide I've found in quickly weighing up the quality of an office chair is to look at the warranty, if it's only got 12 months or less, guess what that's about how long the supplier expects it to last.

    • Alec

      Cow with leprosy. Haha. Nice. Very true though. (not that they have leprosy, but that they look like it, at least the leather...)


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