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Purchasing Heavy Duty Office Furniture

Businesses across the United States employ and serve an eclectic mix of individuals of different shapes and sizes; a range of people perhaps broader than any country in the world. With each individual being unique and completely different it is important to take into consideration their needs especially when it comes to purchasing office furniture. Office furniture is a big investment, so it is important to consider all necessary elements prior to making a purchase. Will most people entering your office have the same body type and build? If your answer to this question is no, then it is safer to prepare for situations when heavy duty furniture may be needed that will be durable enough to withstand substantial usage.

Purchasing heavy duty furniture is also beneficial for companies that have most of their employees or customers seated for the majority of the day. It is easy to forget just how often you may be sitting in an office chair until you think about how many hours you work per week and then consider how much use your chair is getting over just a year’s time. This is especially true for work environments that have furniture that is in use all day everyday such as call centers and dispatch centers where employees are switching shifts but the same chair is used. Office chairs that are in use twenty 24 hours a day 7 days a week require special heavy duty seating to ensure the chair will not break within the first few months and instead lasts for years to come.

Steel Frame Construction

There are many benefits to owning heavy duty furniture, the first being the quality of construction. Heavy duty office chairs are often engineered with an indestructible all steel frame with no easily breakable plastic components. Many are also designed and warranted to hold up to 500 lbs., essentially making the chair usable for just about anyone. The parts that comprise the chair are also stronger and manufactured better to stand up to even the toughest work environments. There are heavy duty mechanisms, more back and seat support, sturdier casters, a larger base, and a long-lasting cylinder. Most manufacturer warranties also showcase their belief in their heavy duty products by offering 10 year warranties with some even offering a lifetime warranty on all working parts.

Heavy Duty Guest Chair

Another advantage of owning heavy duty furniture is that all your employees, customers, and clients will be guaranteed to fit comfortably no matter their shape or size. Often times bigger and taller individuals have a difficult time finding furniture that will allow them to sit comfortably and more importantly fit their body proportions. This often leads to chairs that break underneath them which can cause serious injuries or at the very least a bruise to show for it the next day. Big and tall chairs are designed specifically for bigger individuals and can be found on any specialty seating website as well as some office furniture showrooms. Big and tall furniture has expanded to include office chairs, guest chairs, conference seating, and task chairs; essentially providing a seat solution for just about any office seating application.

Heavy Duty Task Chair

Ultimately, purchasing heavy duty furniture  and chairs is the best return on investment for any business. Once the purchase is made, no longer will you need to worry about furniture breaking every few months and then needing to spend the time searching for replacement furniture. Your furniture will already be built with quality components to withstand even the toughest working conditions and be able to support heavier individuals. Purchasing office chairs should be a long-term investment, and it is both impractical and wasteful to have to buy new furniture every year. While it may cost more upfront, having furniture that lasts for more than ten years and comfortably supports every person that steps into your office will greatly outweigh the money spent.

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24 7 Office Chairs – Why Own One?

In almost any kind of work environment there is one piece of office furniture that prevails over any other piece of furniture and that is the office chair. This is perhaps the most important piece of furniture your office will own, as it is what you will be spending the majority of your day sitting in. With that being said, it is of the utmost importance that what you are sitting in keeps you comfortable throughout the day to ensure productivity. There are a wide variety of office chairs out there to choose from, and each has different functions as well as different designs. Some feature a more modern design, are meant for short periods of sitting, and are more for looks than for comfort. Others sole purpose is to provide maximum comfort for a variety of different users that may be spending the majority of their day sitting in the chair. These chairs are known as 24 7 office chairs and are designed much differently than your typical office chair.

24/7 office chairs are designed for intensive use and heavy tasking purposes, and are engineered to support this kind of work force. Most come standard with a sturdy steel frame construction that is meant to be indestructible and stand up to 24 hour usage 7 days a week. All 24 hour chairs have been tested to meet strict requirements that allow them to be classified as such. Most 24 hour office chairs also have a high weight rating, meaning they can support weights up to 550 pounds while still being comfortable enough for a person who is 100 pounds to sit in.

24 hour chairs are not your typical home office chair and may not be suitable for some businesses. Their sole purpose is to provide comfort and support for multi-shifting job applications such as dispatch or call centers. 24/7 chairs are also designed to fit a wide range of users from all different shapes and sizes. As aforementioned, 24 hour office chairs will fit your smallest employee to your biggest with their sturdy construction and weight requirements. They also come with a plethora of adjustments, so that when one persons shift ends and another begins, they may easily adjust the chair to meet their specific needs. With ergonomics playing a vital role in the engineering process of the chair design, most 24/7 chairs come with a seat slider to adjust the depth of the chair, a back height adjustment to accommodate both taller and shorter users, seat height adjustment to ensure feet are firmly placed on the floor, a back angle adjustment to lean your chair back for stretching or comfort purposes, as well as height adjustable arm rests.

While 24 hour office chairs are designed mostly for jobs that require long hours of sitting with multiple people using the same chair, don’t discredit them for use in your business or home office. For one, they are quite possibly more ergonomically correct than any other office chair out there, simply because they have to be in order to fit a wide variety of users. Also, if you have difficulty finding a chair that fits you properly because you are a taller, shorter, or bigger individual, 24/7 chairs will come with all the adjustments necessary for a custom tailored seating experience.

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