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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

    big chairs

    • 5 Things to Consider for When Buying Big and Tall Office Chairs

      If it's the right chair, it doesn't take too long to get comfortable in it. - Robert De NiroBig and Tall chairs

      Truth be told, Mr De Niro is absolutely spot on. Being in the right chair can do you wonders. Imagine yourself, being taller and larger than most people, sitting in a smaller chair. How long will that take you to feel the pressure on your back? How long will that take you to realize that you are not in a good posture position? People seem to overlook the importance of having the right chair size. That said, taller people should consider buying big and tall office chairs.

      Not all chairs are created equal

      You might say, “I can fit in a regular chair. Why bother?” Well, for starters, a regular chair cannot hold a larger person’s weight; unfortunately, this chair has its limits. When the sitter, that’s you, has reached the weight capacity of the chair, it is the sitter who gets injured. Many just do not realize how varied their choices can be when office chairs. Why settle for something cheap when it can be easily broken down due to various reasons. One of the distinguishing characteristics of big office chairs is the wide seat capacity. Because of its width, you are given comfort and proper back support, something that you would definitely miss when purchasing regular sized office chairs. Another important aspect of these office chairs is that there is a weight limit capacity. By knowing how much weight the chair can withstand gives you better support. After all, as said, not all chairs are created equal.

      What should I consider when buying big and tall office chairs?

      • Is the weight limit enough?

      For regular chairs, you are limited only up to 300 pounds. This means that a person sitting on that chair should not exceed the 300-pound mark the whole time being seated there. Since you would be buying big and tall office chairs, the weight limit should be equal or above the 500-pound mark.

      • Does it give support?

      A chair is not only something you use to sit on. A decent chair will you back support and comfort. The best office chairs are the ones that can provide custom support since many people prefer to be seated in one angle, giving more support to just one side of the lower back. The best kind of support is the asymmetric adjustable one. This kind allows to create height. You can also adjust one or both sides to suit the angle of lumbar support of your liking.

      • Is the size big enough?

      Chairs come in different sizes and so do people. Big and tall office chair dimensions should be more than the standard. For the standard measurement, the chair seat is about 15-17 inches from the back to the front edge of the seat. Its width is about 18 inches across. However, for big and tall office chairs, the dimensions exceed the standard. The best way to test if the chair you have in mind is indeed suitable for you is to check the sample chair and sit on it.

      • Is the base stable?

      Many people judge the chair its looks, ergonomic qualities and the likes. Most often, they seem to overlook how stable the chair is. Office chairs withstand not only the weight of the sitter but also the normal wear and tear. Many kinds of materials are used for the base. Plastic and nylon are the most common materials. If you are looking for a sturdier material, opt for aluminum and steel. The catch, however, is that the latter is an expensive material. If you plan to move the chair from one room to another, consider having them with wheels. That said, the material used on the wheel must be considered. Those made of metal last longer; these work better on carpeted areas too.

      • Did a reputable company make it?

      Reputable office chair manufacturers focus on quality. The chairs follow a rigid quality control before being sent to retailers. Apart from this, reputable manufacturers have longer warranties as opposed to others that only offer just one year. There is so much to gain when you have the right chair. The more comfort you feel while sitting on it, the more productive you become. You would not have lower back injuries brought by the wrong chair too.

    • Top 10 Chairs for Big and Tall Men

      Finding office chairs can be difficult, but it is even more so when you have a different stature than the norm. If you’re bigger or taller than most, here are some of your best bets in office chairs.

      1 - eCentric Plus

      eCentric-HB-TI-PLUS office chair

      The eCentric Plus Size Big and Tall Chair offers premium quality and comfort. The components used are heavy-duty and it has a stronger, larger base and cylinder. It holds up to 400 pounds.

      2 - Chiroform Big and Tall

       Chiroform Big and Tall Office Chair


      The Chiroform is rated for up to 500 pounds and is especially valuable for larger people who spend many hours a day sitting. It offers you an extra wide backrest and seat. A memory foam seat adds comfort.

      3 - ERA Premier Big & Tall Chair

      ERA Premier Big and Tall Office Chair

      This is the top of the line in seating for big and tall office workers. A unique steel frame ensures that the components last a lifetime. Suitable for up to 500 pounds. It offers 4-way completely adjustable lumbar support and an extra wide base.

      4 - OFM Avenger Series

      OFM Avenger Big and Tall Office Chair

      This is a new, big and tall addition to the OFM ergonomic office chair line. Class styling fits in any office type environment. It is weight rated at 500 pounds, and is tufted for plush comfort.

      5 - Boss Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

      Boss Big and Tall Office Chair

      This chair is made with Caressoft Vinyl and has a spring-tilt, heavy-duty mechanism that will allow for height adjustment and reclining. Double plush cushions offer long lasting support.

      6 - OFM High Back Big & Tall Office Chair

      OFM High Back Big and Tall Office Chair

      This office chair holds up to 400 pounds and has ultra comfort with a high back and six-inch seat foam. The swivel tilt lock mechanism has a tension control for added comfort.

      7 - OFM Avenger Executive Series

      OFM Avenger Executive Series Big and Tall Office Chair

      This chair provides long-term comfort and is weight rated for 500 pounds. It features a five inch thick comfortable padded seat and seat height adjustment for extra comfort.

      8 - Office Star Space AirGrid

      Office Star Space AirGrid Big and Tall Office Chair

      This office chair can hold 400 pounds and has many adjustments available. It includes an adjustable headrest, tilt tension control and pneumatic adjustment for seat height.

      9 - ERA Big Sur

      ERA Big Sur Big and Tall Office Chair

      This is heavy-duty chair crafted in the U.S., designed for 500 pounds. It has an extra large seat and four-way lumbar support that is completely adjustable.

      10 - Boss Big and Tall Bariatric Chair

      Boss Big and Tall Office Chair

      This big and tall chair is affordable and adjustable. It features a two-paddle tilt mechanism that locks in any position. The adjustable tilt tension and pneumatic height adjustment add to the comfort.

    • Chairs for the Bigger and Taller...

      Being a larger sized person doesn't always make things easy. In fact, I think most can agree it's more of a hindrance than anything else. Whether you are larger because you are 7 ft. tall, or maybe you are just a little overweight, the question that plagues most of us always seems to rear it's ugly head;  am I going to fit in that chair? I'm a big guy (6'2" 350lbs), and personally I can relate to this in so many ways. When you go over to a friend's house and you decide to just stand for fear of breaking their furniture, or even worse when you go over to your grandma's house and all she has is wicker furniture. All of these situations are embarrassing to say the least, but what about your workplace? When you have to sit in a chair for 8+ hours a day, finding the right chair is extremely important.

      Speaking from experience, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a new chair when you are big and tall. We spend all the time in the world picking out a new car, or a new cell phone, but what about that thing you are sitting on day in and day out? I'm going to break down some of the more important things to look for when purchasing a chair.

      First and foremost, you need to be comfortable.

      Choosing your fabric and foam are essential. If you are not a leather or vinyl person, don't get leather or vinyl. The last thing you want to do is buy something you're not going to be comfortable with. When you're spending $500+ on something, it's not the best time to be adventurous. The same goes for the other options, don't get a mesh or fabric chair if you know you are going to want something in leather or vinyl. The benefit to leather or vinyl is it has a classy look as well as being a little easier to clean. The benefit to mesh or fabric is they 'breathe' a little better, but may not be as easy to clean as a vinyl or leather.


      You want to be confident when sitting in it.

      This means you need to take a look at the weight rating. Just as I steer away from wicker furniture or cheap plastic lawn chairs, if you are bigger you should also stay away from chairs with a low weight rating. On Sitbetter we do our best to keep pertinent information on each product page. If you are 300 lb.s, don't buy a chair that is rated for 200 lbs., you will wind up wearing the chair out far before you should. The last thing you want is to have to buy a new chair every 6 months or worse, you could end up breaking it and falling and hurting yourself, or at least your pride. Not that I have any experience with that ;).


      Another really important feature when ordering a chair is the cylinder.

      If you are 7 ft tall, you probably shouldn't purchase a chair with a low cylinder. You want your feet firmly on the ground, but you don't want to sit in the chair like it is a bean bag all day. This can be tricky when you are taller, because a lot of desks sit at a standard height, and sometimes getting your legs at the proper angle just isn't possible with the current desk situation you have. Be sure to measure and measure again. Measure your desk from the floor to the underside of the desk. Also measure your current chair and where it sits from the floor to the top of the seat. The measurements for the seat range are posted on most, if not all of our chairs. If you can't change your desk, do your best to cut the difference by ordering the proper cylinder.

      Era Premier


      You get what you pay for.

      For the most part, many of us sit in our chairs for 8+ hours a day. That is a lot of wear and tear, especially when you are bigger. Sure, you can buy a cheaper chair, that isn't rated for your height or weight and you may save some money. But in the long-run, if you're having to spend money on a new chair every 6 months, you will be spending a LOT more. The best thing to do is research, make a smart spending decision, and buy a chair that is going to last a couple of years, but more importantly, a chair that you will be happy with.

    • Chairworks Karma Leather Office Chair Reviewed!

      Chairworks has been around for a while now, and they have a solid reputation for making good quality leather office chairs. What makes them stand out above the leather office chair crowd (and believe me, it is a large crowd that can be sometimes tricky to find good things in) is the simple fact that all their chairs are rated to support up to 350 lbs. This fact in itself is telling for two reasons: #1) They stand behind their chairs. Any company that is willing to guarantee that their chairs will support 350 lbs in general is a company that believes in what they sell and will provide great warranty service to boot. #2) It means that their chairs are good quality. Not just the mechanism or the wheels or a few parts, but all the parts. Which is critical for any chair rated to sustain 350 lbs., since pressure of the user is going to be distributed on all the parts, thus these parts have to be able to hold up to 350 lbs of weight. Would any chair that is rated for 350 lbs be a perfect Big and Tall Chair? No. But then again, getting comfort and value for a user that needs a higher weight rating than 250 is pretty difficult these days. This is what makes the Karma such a nice chair.

      The Chairworks Karma High Back Chair is nice because, at a value oriented price point, it will provide a larger user with comfort and durability. The back is high for shoulder support and the leather covers a soft yet durable foam seat. The armrests are a solid polypropylene, which is a firm and durable plastic. Unfortunately, the chair is not ergonomic, meaning the mechanism is a standard mid pivot instead of a knee tilt. Overall though, the Karma Executive Leather Office Chair is a durable chair that can be a nice value priced leather office chair for a larger user.

    • La-Z-Boy leather office chairs...

      viagra for sale london

      23_Sintas%20HighBack.jpg.scale.jpg" alt="" width="200" height="292" />So what is this rumored La-Z-boy leather office chair you hear of? Is is a recliner just as comfortable as the one you know and love so well at home, but disguised with a suit and tie for the office? Not really...(Although, on second thought, that would be an awesome design...)

      A La-Z-Boy office chairs come in a variety of shapes and fashions, from leather office chairs, to task chairs, to mesh chairs and modern chairs. But ultimately, the one that is most similar to its home brethren is the leather office chair collection of La-Z-Boy office chairs.

      One look at them and you can tell they we cut from the same cloth - or in their case, the same foam! (And the chair cheesiness has begun...) But seriously, they are extremely comfortable. Very plush, thick and cushy, and the look ironic description for a La-Z-Boy chair, I know, but it's true. Their leather office chairs exude a very executive presence.

      They aren't the most inexpensive chairs in the lot, but they will treat you nice...very nice, for a very long time to come...Then, the most uncomfortable part of your day will be the car ride to and from your office....if only la-z-boy made car seats...hmmm...

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