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The Ergonomic SwingChair

Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever find an office chair that will help relieve your back pain? Are you finding that all the office chairs you try cause pain and discomfort when seated for long periods of time? Perhaps it is time to brea

k away from the traditional ergonomic office chair and try something new. The SwingChair is a great non traditional office chair to transition to when searching for a new seating option.

The SwingChair is unlike any office chair you’ve experienced before. The seat pan and back rest both move with the user. They both move independently, but at the same pivot point located at the lumbar region. It allows your body to sit and move naturally, while counter balancing every action. This lets the user have a chair that works for them, not the user attempting to get comfortable in a locked position – their current chair. The ease of movement and constant motion is beneficial for back pain that is caused from being in the same position for extended periods of time. This causes compression of the spine, leading to stress and tension to build, resulting in back pain. The body is finally able to relax and let go, because the chair is going to support the back in every position with counter balancing.

As with any office chair, it is essential to adjust it correctly to meet your needs. When seated on the SwingChair, it is important to sit as far back as possible on the seat pan, this will bring the chair into position. Sit at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the ground. The backrest can be adjusted forward or back two inches to allow the user to decide the amount of back support wanted. The armrests are completely adjustable as well, they are height adjustable, can rotate 360°, and be locked in any position. Another feature includes a tension knob, which determines the level of pressure needed to lean back in the chair. The backrest of the chair is also height adjustable for proper positioning to meet the user’s unique back shape. It has an optional headrest version if extra upper back or shoulder support is needed.

The SwingChair has numerous benefits to offer that make it superior to a traditional office chair. It allows your body to move with natural motion, decreasing back pain associated with sitting in a fixed position. It also will conform to your natural position, counterbalancing every natural movement. The adjustable armrests offer additional shoulder and neck support, as well as easily adjusting to the desk and keyboard height. The shortened seat pan helps with leg circulation as opposed to longer seat pans that cut off circulation to the legs. It will also eliminate frequent stretch and walking breaks, as now the user is naturally moving while seated therefor increasing productivity.

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Saffron-II-DT Ergonomic Task Chair Review

The ErgoCentric Saffron is a highly adjustable ergonomic task chair specifically designed for task intensive purpose for those that spend up to 8-10 hours a day sitting at work. It features a supportive mid back design that is particularly beneficial for shorter users looking for shoulder support. It also comes with a curved back rest with built in lumbar support that can be adjusted up or down in order to properly position the lumbar support to meet the curve of the user’s lower back. Other notable features that come included are seat angle adjustment, back angle adjustment, seat height adjustment, forward tilt lock out, and back height adjustment.

Saffron II DT - Armless

With back pain becoming almost inevitable for workers spending hours a day in a seated position, it is important to find a solution to relieve discomfort caused by sitting in a poorly designed chair. The problem with most chairs lies in the fact that they are not designed to accommodate people of varying heights and weights. Most office chairs have a weight limit of up to 250 lbs. and are designed to fit users between 5’4″-5’10″. So where does that leave the rest of us that do not fit in that height or weight range? Either with a broken chair or maybe even worse, a chair that does not fit us properly.

With ErgoCentric realizing that one size does not fit all they in turn created the Saffron Series line. The Saffron is available in 3 different sizes in accordance with their back height, the low back model, the mid back model, and a high back model. There is also a line of Saffrons that come with a multi function control, which allows for even more adjustability.

What we thought:

Quick synopsis – Comfortable for all day sitting and worth the higher price tag. I originally sat in this chair to test out the smaller seat option that is available with the chair, as I am 5’3″ and most chairs put pressure on the back of my knees due to their seat depth. I found the padding on the chair to be outstanding, I can tell that the fabric will hold up for years to come even with 8 hours a day of usage. The back angle adjustment is especially ideal if you spend time hunched over typing during the work day, you are still able to get the support needed by adjusting the back angle forward. The number of different options available on the chair also ensure that you will get a chair that is tailor fit to meet your needs and requirements.

Multi-Function Saffron

The Bad:

Some may find themselves feeling a bit uncomfortable sitting in the chair if they are used to having a recline feature on their previous chairs. The Saffron DT does not allow for the ability to recline back in the chair, which some people like to do while taking quick stretch breaks throughout the day. This is solved with the addition of a more advanced mulit-function mechanism that can be found in the Saffron MT series. Some people may also find the price to be a little steep, but this can be expected when purchasing any high quality ergonomic chair.

The Good:

The Saffron is a great, high quality ergonomic office chair that can be custom fit to meet the needs of just about any individual. It is also comfortable enough for all day sitting, something all of us look when working long hours 5 days a week. The biggest selling point of the Saffron, is the large number of options available to custom design the chair to fit you. There are three different seat sizes available to accommodate users of varying heights along with 7 different cylinder heights which determine how high the chair can be raised. There are also a number of upgradable features available including a seat slider adjustment that allows for a longer seat depth to be achieved, a memory foam seat option, a triple density(soft foam) seat foam option, an adjustable headrest, the option for a tailbone cut out for those that suffer from coccyx pain, and 5 different arm options.

Saffron II DT With Arms


5/5 Chairs

Overall, the Saffron is a great investment for those looking for a chair that will last them many years while also providing excellent ergonomic support. It is especially recommended for petite users that often have a difficult time finding a chair that will comfortably fit their legs and allow for their feet to remain flat on the floor.

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Office Star Saddle Stool Review

The Office Star Saddle Stool features a unique way of sitting unlike most traditional office chairs, with its distinct saddle seat that aids in improving muscle strength, back pain relief, improving posture, and musculoskeletal disorder prevention. This saddle stool in particular is a highly affordable back pain solution that is adaptable for both home or office usage.

Many seek out to purchase a saddle stool to relieve their back pain that can often occur from sitting in a regular office chair for extended periods of time. Not only are saddle chairs helpful in relieving back pain they can also alleviate neck and shoulder pain along with related headaches. The larger angle between the hips and knees at 135° is a much more natural position to be in than the 90° angle, typically associated with sitting on a traditional chair. As a consequence, posture is improved and tension in the upper back and neck is reduced. The backless feature on saddle stools also eliminates pressure that is typically felt on users backs from leaning on a back rest, causing discomfort while sitting.

This saddle stool features seat angle adjustment that can adjust the front and the back of the seat, pneumatic seat height adjustment, a thick padded vinyl seat, and tilt tension control (controls the rate and ease with which the chair reclines for different weights and strengths of users.

What we thought:

Quick synopsis – affordable and comfortable to sit in for short periods of time. As with anything that is different and not what you are accustomed to, the saddle chair does take a bit of getting used to. I sat on the chair for 2 consecutive weeks, working my way up in time intervals until I was able to comfortably sit for up to 5-6 hours at a time. This is both recommended and encouraged for users who have not sat on a saddle chair before. I found that the stool relieved a lot of tension and stress that had been accumulating in my back as well as some headaches I had been experiencing. I also noticed that my posture had greatly improved and that this came naturally with no effort or thought required. The saddle stool naturally places you in the correct seated position, forcing you to sit upright and with your spine in perfect alignment. It was also very easy to use with the limited number of adjustments needed to properly adjust the chair and also was a good fit for my frame. Another benefit of this stool is that it is designed to fit individuals of varying heights and weights with its wide range of height adjustment and appropriately sized seat.

The Bad:

After sitting on the saddle stool for more than 2 hours at a time without getting up to take a break, I found myself fidgeting and trying to find ways to get comfortable. That being said, it is important to always take breaks every hour no matter what chair you are sitting in for various health reasons. The stool also took awhile for me to get used to sitting on; the saddle position can at first be awkward and takes awhile for your body to adjust to the concept of sitting in this position, especially if you are accustomed to sitting in a traditional office chair. I also found the vinyl seat to be a bit thin, perhaps if the seat foam was a little bit thicker it would be easier to sit on for extended periods of time.

The Good:

This saddle chair is a great value for what you get, especially compared to similar items on the market that can sometimes cost two hundred dollars more in price. It is sturdily constructed and comes in a sleek black vinyl with a black plastic frame that will blend in to just about any office environment. It is almost certain that you will experience some level of back pain relief from sitting on the stool, with its backless design it does not put any pressure on the back that can often occur when leaning back in traditional office chairs. You will also find yourself sitting with improved posture that often carries on to overall better posture in your everyday life. If anything, it is a great complement to any office chair. If your back needs an hour or two of relief, you can quickly and easily switch between your traditional office chair and your saddle stool.


4/5 Chairs

Overall, the Office Star Saddle Stool is a great investment for those looking for an alternative seating solution or for those who have never had a saddle stool before. Between its health benefits it provides, ease of use, and affordable price point, this saddle stool is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to find a quick way to relieve back pain at an inexpensive price.

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Spotlight Series: Allseating Inertia Guest Chair

Allseating Inertia Side ChairThe Inertia Guest Chair by Allseating is the quintessential value combination of an office chair. It may not be the least expensive, but it does have a better cost of ownership than 99% of all modern guest chairs available. Let’s take a look why.

The Allseating Inertia Guest Series may seem like an overpriced modern guest chair, but in reality, that is far from the truth. It has a steel frame (sturdy) and uses the highest quality materials. This we know because we have some here and can vouch for them. Many times the quality – or lack thereof – is visible in this style of mesh back chairs, but with the Inertia, the overall quality is visible…in other words, the mesh is well upholstered and tight, the fabric, whichever grade you should choose, is made for high traffic areas with much abrasion resistance (meaning it won’t fade or wear down over time and use), and the epoxy powder coated paint (black, silver or gunmetal) are scratch resistant. But those are just the visual aspects. And while visual aspects upon first receiving the chair are great, the question in determining the VALUE of a chair is “How is the visual aspect going to be 6,7,10 years down the line?” In the Inertia Guest’s case, we combine the aforementioned quality of construction with the manufacturer’s Warranty to get our answer. (Said warranty, in a nutshell, is 10 years, 325 lbs!, 40 hours a week continuous use…pretty awesome for a guest chAllseating Inertia Side Chairair, especially the weight rating!) Bear with me while I do some math, because believe it or not, furniture has statistics too!

Let’s say the average cost of an Inertia Guest chair is around $174 dollars (with arms, Grade 1 Fabric – our most popular selection). Well, the warranty tells us we’re are guaranteed to have it for 10 years, no problem. So, $174 / 10 = $17.40 a year. You just spend $17.40 a year per chair for a nice chair. Compare that to a guest chair you bought for $49. That lasts you 2-3 years looking like new (remember, we’re talking about how long the chair will maintain its like new or close to it look). You paid $16.33 a chair. Factor in the time you’ll spend looking for new chairs, receiving them, assembling them and all that (the Allseating Inertia Guest comes FULLY ASSEMBLED), and I think I’ve made my case.

This isn’t a sales pitch, mind you. We’re just trying to give our customers the best possible value for their money. Because that’s in our best interest too. Take a look at the Inertia Guest Chair Series (or if you want to see all of our guest chairs you can by clicking on guest chairs back there) as a possible long term solution to your guest/side/reception chair needs.

Next week we’ll have another spotlight series. Stay tuned!

Webble Active Footrest Review

The Webble Active Footrest is the newest way to relieve your legs and feet while sitting and working for extended periods of time. A new way to make your office even more ergonomically correct, the Webble features 4 wheels beneath a durable frame wrapped in foam and mesh that together create a footrest intended for continual movement.

Available in 3 different color schemes including black mesh/black foam, black mesh/red foam, and silver mesh/black foam. Although it comes with wheels, don’t get any idea about skating on the Webble because it comes with a preventive safety lock mechanism to prevent improper usage. The Webble features smooth gliding casters ideal for carpet use.

What we thought:

Fun and innovative. When we first received the Webble, I wasn’t sure what to make of it as it looked like a mesh skateboard. However, after trying the Webble out at my desk, after a few weeks I started getting used to the concept of having a footrest that rolled and I’m really starting to enjoy using it on a daily basis. Being 5’2″ it’s nice to have something to prop my feet up on to ensure I get proper circulation while sitting with my feet flat on the footrest. I have also found that having a footrest that moves and isn’t stationary is actually beneficial as it allows me to move around more often instead of feeling cramped by sitting in the same position for 8 hours a day.

The Bad:

Not every product can be perfect, including the Webble which has a couple of drawbacks. The first drawback I’ve found is the price point; it is understandable many can not afford the Webble starting at $150, however it is also important to keep in mind the benefits of using an active footrest which makes purchasing this product well worth it. The second drawback is that it takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are accustomed to using a stationary footrest.

The Good:

While the price may seem a bit steep the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far, making the Webble a worthwhile investment. The Webble has four casters located under its frame that allows you to roll the footrest in any direction. The constant motion is good for your legs because it promotes circulation and eliminates the cramping feeling you may start to feel in your legs from sitting in the same position for too long. The casters also have a locking capability to keep the Webble in place if too much pressure is applied, in order to avoid accidents that could potentially incur from standing or skating on the product.

The overall construction of the Webble is also a force to be reckoned with. The mesh used to cover the top of the Webble is virtually indestructible as I found found after using it for months now. I’ve dug my heel into the Webble countless times, work stilettos and placed the heel on top of the mesh with firm pressure, and it has been knocked around a bit since arriving in our office. I’ve seen quite a few different brands of footrests break after a few months of usage or if too much pressure is applied when sitting, but after using the Webble I would confidently say this product will last for years of usage.

If anything, it will be a fun addition to have in any office. Not only will you be the talk of the office, but you’ll also be the first (presumably) to have the coolest new ergonomic device in your workplace. Just don’t let your co-workers mistake it for a skateboard!


4/5 Chairs

Overall, this footrest is worth having, especially if you experience pain in your legs from sitting in the same position on a regular basis or if you are a shorter individual and would like to have something to prop your feet up on, like myself. The only downside is the cost, but it may be worth the investment considering the chance you may have to replace cheaper footrests much more often than you’d have to replace a Webble with its solid quality construction.

The Webble was even featured in Spirit Magazine December 2010 issue, found on Southwest Airlines under the business perk of the month section!