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New Year, New Chair Contest Winner

In Sitbetter’s first contest of the new year 2010, we asked contestants to write about how a new EMC2 Concept Series High Back Mesh Executive Chair with Top Grain Leather would help them accomplish their New Year’s Resolution. There were many interesting and unique reasons why people believed a brand new office chair would help them accomplish their new year’s resolution. Many believed that this chair would help them lose weight and exercise more by being comfortable throughout the day and more likely to want to hit the gym after a day of sitting in comfort. Others wanted this chair for medical reasons, such as relieving their back pain and sitting in a chair that would be beneficial to their health. But our most surprising entry of all was contestant number 20, Diane, who did not want this chair for herself but rather wanted to give this chair to her friend who needed it more than she did.

Diane wrote: I think this chair would be the perfect way to accomplish my new year’s resolution of helping those in need! My co-worker, Pat, has been through a lot the last couple years with her husband losing his leg in a farming accident and her boss being absent from work for several months on medical leave. Pat complains of back pain often, which is most likely caused by a combination of her old office chair and loads of stress. She wouldn’t think of burdening her boss by asking for a new chair though. In the candid photo I uploaded of her, you can see how badly Pat needs this chair. Her husband is due to have another surgery in a few days, and I would love for her to come back to work and find a comfortable new chair behind her desk! Thank you so much, Diane.

After reading her heartfelt and compelling entry, and being astounded by the fact that she would rather give her chair she won away to her friend because she needed it more, our panel of three office chair experts came to a unanimous decision that Diane deserved to be the winner of our contest. On behalf of all of Sitbetter we want to congratulate Diane on being selected as the winner of Sitbetter’s New Year, New Chair contest and for beating out over 80 other entries! We also want to take the time to thank all the other contestants who participated for entering our contest as well, there were many great entries to choose from and all the pictures we received were amazing as well! To read all of the other entries submitted click here.

Look out in the very beginning of February for our next contest which will take place on where we will be giving away an Emc Advantage Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair! The winner will get to decide between violet blue mesh or burgundy mesh. The Advantage Series Ergonomic Mesh Chair provides complete ergonomics with 4 way adjustable lumbar and padded seat, 4 way adjustable adjustable arms, breathable Mesh; 2:1 syncro tilt knee tilt infinite locking mechanism, satin nickel base with footguards and smooth roll casters. For details on how to enter our next contest visit

Also if you weren’t chosen to win our contest but are still interested in the C20 Concept Chair, we have just put that chair on sale for only $119 while they last! Find out more about the Concept Chair here!

Keep entering our contests, and maybe you will be selected as our next big winner!

Sitbetter’s Top 10 Chairs & Accessories of the Decade

With the first decade of the millennium coming to an end and 2010 just around the corner, we found it appropriate to give acknowledgement to the top ten chairs and accessories sold on the Sitbetter website the past decade. It was stiff competition to come out on top amongst hundreds of items sold on site but these ten prevailed over all others, and for that we think they deserve a little extra attention and recognition for obviously having quality, style, comfort, and of course appeal.

10. Ergonomic Knee Sit Chair

Another hot item that everyone seemed to want along with their office chair was the Office Star Ergonomic Knee Sit Chair with Dual Knee Pads. A way to work for those who prefer a different way of sitting. Designed for short periods of time, the knee sit chair puts the back into a more natural position.

The Knee Sit Chair is made for people who want break from traditional sitting, and want some temporary relief on their back. Featuring the comfort of Memory Foam on the Seat and knee cushion!

Perfect to use alongside your regular office chair and for a low price of $89!

Find out more about Knee Sit Chairs by clicking here!

9. Under-desk Pencil Drawer

The Esi – Under-desk Pencil Drawer provides ample storage for under the desk and has different compartment sizes to fit all of your desk accessory needs.

These have been a huge hit recently and at only $50, anyone could use and under-desk pencil drawer to stow away all those unnecessary items that clutter the desk.

Click here to find out more about under-desk pencil drawers!

8. Humanscale – Switch Mouse

The Switch Mouse is an innovative mousing solution that boosts comfort and reduces the risk of injury. This groundbreaking peripheral device integrates two major innovations- a V-shaped base, which puts the wrist and forearm into a natural position, and size adjust ability to provide a perfect fit for any computer user.

Click here to find out more about the Switch Mouse!

7. Big and Tall Bariatric Chair With Caressoft

The Boss Big and Tall Bariatric Chair with Caressoft vinyl is designed exclusively for our big and tall customers’ needs.

The 2 paddle spring tilt mechanism can be locked in any position and there is a 5-inch thick padded seat for comfort.

Contoured cushions improve posture with built-in lumbar support. Pneumatic seat height adjustment with adjustable tilt tension and tilt-lock is another feature of the big and tall chair.

Big and Tall Chairs generally cost upwards of $400-$600 for all of the features mentioned above. For the low price of $239 you will definitely get your bang for your buck for this chair, which is why these flew out the door all last year!

Find out more about the Boss Big and Tall Chair!

6. Heavy Duty Stacking Chairs

The Essential by Chairworks is just as it states, essential for any work environment. The Essential is a heavy duty stacking chair that is rated for up to 350 lbs.

The durable design is what made this chair so sought after, and it comes in a pack of 4 for only $389.

If you need to seat a large event or gathering the Essential is perfect for you.

Find out more about the Essential here!

5. Kore Rocking Stool

The Kore rocking stool was a surprise hit this decade and has taken off in popularity just in the last year.

Taking stool technology to another level, the Kore Stool embodies an ergonomic feature long touted by ergonomists as a bedrock of proper ergonomics: Continual motion of your body while at work.

The Kore™ Stool allows the user to flex side to side and front to back – with its patented anti-tip system and gently rounded ergonomic base.

The stool allows you to move and flex without falling or leaving your seat.

The Kore™ Stool great for exercising your legs, back, and abdominal muscles, while also relieving and preventing soreness and stiffness!

Find out more about the Kore Stool!

4. Boss Deluxe Posture Office Task Chair

The Boss Deluxe Posture – Office Task Chair with Loop Arms has a thick padded seat and back with built-in lumbar support.

The waterfall seat reduces stress to te legs and the back heigh and seat depth are fully adjustable.

The 5 star nylon base allows smooth movement and stability along with the loop arms. Available in four colors: Grey, Burgundy, Blue and Black tweed; complete with a Six-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The best part about the chair and what makes it so popular is that you can work a full day in this chair comfortably for $66.

Available with or without arms, both were just as popular.

Find out more about the Boss Deluxe Poster here!

3. Emc2 Advantage

The Emc2 Advantage placing in the top 3 chairs of the decade doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Advantage Series Ergonomic Mesh Chair provides complete ergonomics with 4 way adjustable lumbar and padded, 4 way adjustable arms, breathable mesh, 2:1 syncro tilt knee, satin nickel base with foot-guards, and smooth roll casters.

Not only is this chair great quality but it also comes at a great price of $189. In my opinion, one of the best deals you can find for an office chair anywhere because the price definitely is less than it is worth in reality.

I personally spend 8 hours a day sitting in this chair and it has given me no problems so far, only guaranteed comfort daily! With the growing popularity of this chair, they are nearly out of stock so get them while you still can!

Find out more about the Emc2 Advantage here!

2. Mid-Back Guest Chair with Mahogany Finish

Coming in strong at second place is the Boss Mid-back Guest Chair with Mahogany Finish.

Most purchases of this chair were in bulk, an ideal use for lobbies or reception areas with its classic retro styling. Although most were purchased in bulk, also perfect if used as a guest chair for offices.

The chair is comfortable, made of durable black caressoft vinyl and molded polyurethane armrests.

Be sure to impress your guests, and at only $119, these are perfect to buy in large quantities at an affordable price.

Find out more about the Boss Mid-back Guest Chair here!

1. Allseating Inertia

Our best selling chair of the year was the Allseating Inertia, and for good reason. The Allseating Inertia High-back is both comfortable and affordable. It also fits in with practically any office environment – not to mention any budget. At only $321 it comes as no surprise that the Inertia landed our number one selling chair of the year.

Also available in a midback version, mesh conference room chair, mid-back mesh drafting stool, mesh back side chair, mesh back bar stool, and leather conference chair.

Find out more about the Inertia!

Strange Chairs: November Edition

Are you ready for another batch of strange chairs for the month of November? Most designs are still in the prototype phase, but some are actually on the market right now. Would you want to sit in any of these? Not sure if I’d be willing to give up my office chair for one of these inventions but they are definitely very creative to say the least.

Volcanic Rock Chair

Ian Blasco’s Metamorphosis chair looks like a left over piece of furniture from a volcanic eruption. But in reality, the chair is sliced by hand out of 16 layers of expanded polypropylene foam. (Source)

Straw Chair

Made from 10,000 drinking straws, the Clutch Chair is an exploratory research piece created by Scott Jarvie. The development process of this piece was from an observation of the structural characteristics of trees.

Klaps Stool

The Klaps Stool by design studio Malafor. Klaps Stool is a stool by placing magazines between the wooden pieces. It has small wheels attached to the bottom pice, so it is easily movable. Hopefully you have a lot of extra magazines lying around for this invention!

Waltz Lounge

The Waltz Lounge by Miso Soup Design, includes a winged chair plus ottoman, which can be hiden underneath the lounge when not in use. Pretty clever idea for storage if you ask me.

Two For One

Never thought the day would come when two chairs become one. The Silla Guara inside-out collection by Danic Design does just that. Created in Mexico city, it is only in the Prototype phase. The materials that make up this chair are red wood for the inner core and corian for the outer shell.

Sheet Seat

Sheetseat designed by Ufuk Keskin. Produced from a sheet of plywood and can be folded back to its flat form with only 3/4″ thickness. It was exhibited at IDSA’s Equilateral during New York Design Week. “Produced by cutting a sheet of plywood, the chair can be folded flat with 3/4″ thickness. Easy production and minimal assembled volumes saves labor and energy for production and transportation.”

Flux Chair

The Flux Chair combines design with the practical advantages of foldable furniture in an innovative way. Folded in, the Flux Chair can be easily carried as a case and stored completely flat, without giving away its final shape. Within 10 seconds the case transforms into a fullfledged design chair. It will be delivered mid 2009.”

Sitbetter Accepts Government SmartPay Cards for Office Chairs now accepts government issue SmartPay cards on all office chair and ergonomic accessory purchases. Effective immediately, government employees who use a SmartPay Integrated card or a SmpartPay Purchase card can enjoy the benefits of Sitbetter’s thorough and low priced office chair and ergonomic accessories online catalog.

SmartPay Integrated Card

Utilizing state of the art Level 3 online security and payment processing, Sitbetter’s secure one page checkout solution provides a quick, efficient and complient way for government employees to sit better. As well, always has sales associates on the line in case any need or issue should arise.

Ordering via SmartPay at Sitbetter is easy – with no additional credientials or agency verification needed due to the Level 3 cart/site security, the Smartpay card is used in the same manner Internet shoppers have become accustomed to. Additionally, the no tax rule for SmartPay and government employees is automatically assessed to their orders – orders shipping outside of California are automatically tax free and orders shipping within California are easily deducted tax. The rest of the process flows as well – receipts are emailed followed by tracking information as soon as the product leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse. Sitbetter also runs daily order maintenance to ensure a short wait time for your new chair.

What is the benefit of buying office chairs at Sitbetter with your SmartPay card? “Endless,” says CEO Alec Lopez, “as we offer an extensive line of products to match or improve upon your current chairs, at the best price. Additionally, we do a lot of work with government entities, including Ft. Bragg, Ft. Irwin, Newseum in DC, Walter Reed, and the list goes on. We know how to take care of the most important customer – Uncle Sam!”. Purchasing once is easy at, while purchasing additional items is even easier. Each government customer, no matter the order size, is assigned an account representative that is familiar with their order history. Re-ordering or parts and warranty service are a snap, as service and help is only a call away.

Sitbetter additionally provides a secure login to the user where they can check their order status, review previous orders and print additional receipts for accounting purposes. hopes to provide government employees a better, faster, cheaper place to purchase office chairs and ergonomic accessories through the acceptance of government issue SmartPay cards. Smartpay Cards, combined Sitbetter’s excellent service and prices, make the smarter place to buy better office chairs for government.

Office Chair Review: OFM 119 Vinyl Posture Task Chair

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rong style=”color: #0C5DA5″>Three Sweet Features:

1. Anti-Microbial

2. A variety of vinyl colors

3. Posture back adjustment

The Thorough Review:

A very popular anti-microbial Vinyl task chair, OFM was great enough to produce a video of the functionality of the chair! Check it out below:

The OFM Vinyl Posture Task Chair is available at SitBetter – we think it is a great, value oriented task series, and it provides a great deal of reliability and cleanliness for any office, medical, or industrial space looking for both.

The Ratings:


Never had one issue with the chair. The foam is thick, the parts are solid.


Good enough for a task chair in anti-microbial environments. Posture Back does the trick. There are more ergonomic ones, but this is a task chair, not an ergonomic chair.


It looks like a task chair. Nothing spectacular, but that is not the point of a task chair. Functionality is key. The different vinyl colors, however, swing points in its direction. Very cool.

Overall Rating (Not an average):

Combining value with durability, comfort and reliability, this is a great choice for a single use (8 hrs a day) task chair where anti-microbial furniture is needed!

Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!