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    Conference Chairs

    • Mesh Conference Chairs - The Coolest Thing You've Yet to Buy

      Think for a moment of a typical conference room, what do you picture? A long rich mahogany wood conference table surrounded by a set of 6-8 leather conference chairs? While this may be the traditional conference room set up that you have grown accustomed to seeing, there is a new piece of furniture that is making conference rooms cool again, literally, and that is mesh conference chairs. Haven't heard of a mesh chair before? Mesh office chairs offer a cooler, ventilated way of sitting with the same comfort and level of support you receive from leather or fabric chairs. They are lightweight, durable, and an attention grabber with their modern design. Businesses are making the switch to these types of conference chairs for a number of reasons including their design, comfort, appearance, and durability.

      Mesh conference chairs are available in a number of different designs to appeal to just about everyone. The most unconventional is the all mesh models that are available with both fixed conference arms and height adjustable arms. If you are apprehensive about making the switch to an all mesh chair, fear not as there are plenty of options available for you as well. For those that are uncertain about how it feels to sit in an all mesh chair, it is advisable to find a model with a fabric, leather, or vinyl seat. These are perhaps the most common type of mesh conference chairs available and are made by a number of different manufacturers at varying price points. There are also more options available in this style, allowing for more choices and lower price points if you are on a budget.

      Comfort is a key component when determine the type of office seating desired for your business space. Comfortable seating is essential for keeping your employees productive throughout the work day and avoiding any work-related injuries from occurring due to a poorly designed office chair. Not only should your employees feel comfortable while sitting in your conference chairs but your guests should also be taken into consideration. It is always advisable to leave a positive impression on clients and guests no matter what your business entails which can be easily achieved with the correct conference chairs.

      The furniture in your office can speak volumes about your company, which is why it is crucial to choose wisely. If your company has a modern and contemporary feel to it and you would like to portray this to others, mesh conference chairs are the best way to go. Their unique design will surely leave a favorable impression on all your guests and will make you stand out amongst other companies with traditional office furniture. Mesh chairs are available in a variety of colors that even allow for you to customize your chairs to match your company's colors, if you choose to be so bold.

      Perhaps the most common concern for those who have never purchased mesh seating before is how durable the mesh truly is. Most assume that it can be easily stretched out and ripped over time. Office furniture manufacturers take this into consideration when developing new mesh chair models and thoroughly test their mesh to ensure that it is of the utmost quality and tightly woven.

      The next time your office is looking to upgrade your conference room furniture, consider the addition of the coolest type of seating around, mesh conference chairs. Your guests, employees, and clients will surely be impressed!

      To view SitBetter's full line of affordable and durable conference chairs, please click here!

    • How to Select the Perfect Conference Chairs For Your Meeting Room

      There are a few essential pieces of furniture that every business needs: a good office chair to sit in, reception chairs for your guests to wait in, a table to meet at, and conference chairs to sit in during meetings. Whether you are working at a fortune 500 company or a small start up company, just about every business needs a good set of conference chairs to complete their meeting room. A conference room or a meeting room is a place where both employees and clients meet to discuss ideas and plans for your business, and sometimes these meetings can last for hours on end. Whether it is your employees or your clients that will be getting the most use out of your conference chairs, you want to make sure that they are comfortable while seated. Conference chairs also give you the opportunity to give your meeting room a professional appeal and the ability to express your company's culture through design. Just as with any other piece of furniture, time and consideration should be given to which type of conference chair will be ideal for your business.


      The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a new set of conference chairs is the overall atmosphere of your business and your pre-existing furniture. Does your office already have a modern style to it or is it more traditional in appearance? It is important to fully understand the nature of your business as well, for example if you are a law office that is best known for its professionalism and traditionalism, you would not want to purchase a set of modern looking conference chairs for your meeting room. Instead you would probably want to opt for a chair with real leather and a wood trim to complete your traditional look. Be sure to match your entire office with a similar styling, if your furniture and style are mismatched this can come off as unprofessional and cheap. Furniture truly has the ability to shape the way your guests perceive your business so it is important for them to leave with a positive impression.


      After determining the style you will want for your conference chairs, the next step is to select the type of material the chairs will be upholstered in. Leather is perhaps the most popular choice to go with and has the widest selection of styles to choose from. It is also a very durable choice, easy to clean, and gives off an aura of professionalism. The only downside to leather is that it is expensive; if you will be using your conference room infrequently it may be best to go for a leather alternative that is more affordable. Vinyl is another widely selected choice as it is generally a bit cheaper in price than its leather counterpart yet looks almost identical. For a more modern look, consider a mesh upholstery or a fabric with a unique pattern.

      Once the style and upholstery has been determined, the next step is to decide how many chairs will be needed. This can vary greatly and typically is dependent upon how large your business is. Very large corporations may need up to 30 chairs to fit around their conference table while a small business may only need 5. If you are already have a set of conference chairs that you are looking to upgrade and have found that the number of chairs you have has been sufficient, use this as an indicator for how many new chairs you will need to purchase. If you are just setting up your conference room for the first time, be sure to consider how many people will generally be sitting in on meetings and how many clients may be participating as well. It is essential to also consider how large your conference table is to make sure you do not purchase more chairs than needed or that can fit around the table. You will want a little bit of space between each of the chairs to ensure your employees and guests do not feel crowded when sitting around the table.


      The last step for selecting the perfect conference chairs for your office is deciding how adjustable you will want the chairs to be. Most conference chairs come with minimal adjustments, as they are typically intended for only being used a few hours at a time. One adjustment they will all have in common is seat height adjustment. If you will be using your conference chairs on a daily basis for a few hours at a time, it is recommended to get a chair with, at the very least, the ability to adjust the seat. You will also want to have to ability to recline back in the chair. When looking for a chair that features this type of adjustability, look for the features tilt tension and tilt lock control in the product description. If you will be using your conference chairs for more than a few hours a day, you will want to look for something that is more ergonomic and comes with more adjustability to meet the needs of the users who will be sitting in these chairs. Comfort is of the utmost importance when choosing a chair so be sure avoid chairs that have minimal or thin padding, unless they are upholstered in mesh.

      When looking for a place to buy a set of conference chairs, consider shopping online. You can easily browse the internet at the convenience of your home or office without having to go through the hassle of driving to a furniture store which may not even carry what you are looking for. You will also be able to compare different models side by side to see which will look best in your meeting room. When ordering a larger quantity of chairs, you may also be eligible to receive a volume discount so be sure to speak with a sales representative before making the purchase. By shopping online, you also have the advantage of the chairs being delivered directly to your location and most of the time, free of charge.

      To search SitBetter's wide selection of conference chairs please click here!

    • How to Select the Right Conference Chairs for Your Business

      Think back to that never ending meeting you had to sit through on Monday in your conference room, you know the one where you almost fell asleep five times? While falling asleep is typically not acceptable during meetings, neither should having to fidget around trying to get comfortable in the cheap budget conference chairs that were purchased for your meeting room. Almost every business, no matter the size, has some sort of conference room or a place where meetings take place. All conference rooms require two essentials, a table to meet at and office chairs to sit in. While in most cases, the chairs will only be used for a few hours at a time, you still will want to be sitting in chairs that are going to be supportive and comfortable during those few hours. If anything, you at least want your guests or clients to feel comfortable through the duration of your meetings. With so many different choices for conference chairs out there, it may seem difficult to even know where to begin looking, which is why it is important to keep several things in mind during your search.

      1. Value

        How often will these chairs be used?  The first step in finding new conference chairs is to determine how often yourself and others will be sitting in the chairs. If your employees and guests will only be sitting in the chairs for an hour or two at a time a few days a week you will probably be ok purchasing budget conference seating. These chairs are meant for sitting in only a few hours at a time, have a somewhat sturdy design, generally traditionally styled, and very wallet friendly. Although they are budget friendly, you still want to make sure they have built in lumbar support or at the very least, a contoured back to keep you comfortable even if you are only sitting for a few hours at a time. On the other hand, if you hold meetings regularly or have clients come in frequently you will want to opt for higher end conference chairs. Your conference chairs should be similar to your task chair you use at your desk, in that they will be fully adjustable to the person who is using the chair and keep them sitting comfortably through long meetings.

      2. Mahogany

        What does your pre-existing office furniture look like? If you are replacing your current conference chairs for a new set, it is important to determine the style of your pre-existing office furniture. Say you already have mahogany wood desks, mahogany wood reception chairs, and a mahogany conference table, you will probably want to stick with a mahogany theme and find a conference chair with a mahogany wood frame. If your office has a modern flare to it, stick with modern styled conference chairs, which can be easily found on just about any office furniture website. Some offices tend to stick to traditionally styled furniture to maintain a professional appearance. Traditional styled conference chairs are perhaps the easiest to find, and there are many different variations of them out there.

      3. Conference

        Who will be sitting in these chairs? It is important to consider who will be sitting in your conference chairs in order to determine the type of conference seating needed. Keep in mind, whether it is your employees or your guests that will be using the chairs, that everyone comes in different shapes in sizes and not all conference chairs are designed to fit everyone. If only your employees will be using the chairs and most are generally the same height or size, it is probably safe to order just about any conference chair (taking the aforementioned into consideration). If you have petite sized or big and tall employees, it is important to take their needs into consideration when making your purchase. You will want to take the maximum weight capacity the chair can hold into consideration as well as the depth dimensions of the seat to ensure all employees and guests will be able to use the chairs.

      4. Mesh

        What kind of upholstery should you get? Another factor that needs to be taken into account when purchasing conference chairs is the upholstery of the chair. This is more of a personal preference as some people prefer different upholsteries over others, but also keep in mind you are purchasing these chairs for multiple people. Take a poll around the office to find out which kind of upholstery people prefer. There are many different upholstery options out there from leather to fabric to mesh to a combination of two. Many prefer the traditional leather upholstery for their conference chairs as it gives the impression of class and prestige. Some people that work in states where the temperatures get pretty high may opt for mesh chairs to keep them cool all throughout the year. If you will be using your conference chairs often, make sure to get a high grade fabric or leather to ensure that the seat and back will not wear over time. Chairs that are used consistently and are upholstered with low grade fabric or leather tend to wear quicker.

      Still need help finding conference chairs? Call us toll free at 1-866-311-9421 to have one of our knowledgeable chair experts help you or visit our website for all your conferencing needs by clicking here.

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