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    • Celebrating Halloween at the Office

      There seems to be only one thing on everybody living in the United States minds right now, and that is Halloween. For some, this means getting their children’s halloween costumes prepared for their big night of trick or treating. For others it may be preparing to go out to a Halloween party. But what some people don’t think about is celebrating Halloween at the office or on the job. Or how Halloween can actually be beneficial to both a business as well as the employees. There are plenty of ways that you can start today that will allow you and your employees to reap the benefits of Halloween at the office.

      Many wonder, “Why should I even bother with Halloween at the office?” Halloween can actually be used to build the morale and teamwork of employees. This is also a key time when creativity and participation skills are shown among employees without having to encourage them to do so. This is perfect to identify the people in your organization with hidden talents that are waiting to be discovered, such as leadership, cooperation, participation, and creativity. Halloween is also generally a fun holiday that people enjoy celebrating, so employee morale will be easily built. With employees working together from different departments to build a common activity, it will improve communication and inter-departmental cooperation.

      If you haven’t started planning your Halloween office event yet, it’s not too late, especially for those that want to step up to the challenge. Or, you can always plan on putting the event in place for the next year and making it an office tradition. Decide what the will take place at the event, set a budget, and decide when and where it will take place. Send a memo out through company e-mail, post announcements on bulletin boards, use the company intranet and spread the message through word of mouth about the event taking place. Make sure people have enough time to have their part ready.

      There are different events that work better for different companies. It is best to be aware of the company culture, industry, and where the company is located when deciding which event would be best.

      Halloween Party: A Halloween lunch party is a simple and easy way to put on a company event. Put decorations up in the lunch room or company cafeteria to show your Halloween spirit. The party can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be, base it off of your budget. Having a company lunch will bring employees together and allow them to interact amongst themselves especially those that do not see each other often because they work in different departments. Make sure not to forget the pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorated cookies!

      Costume Contest: Decide on a set of contest rules and prizes beforehand. If your budget allows you to do so, you can even include different categories to give more people a chance to win. There can even be separate contests for teams and for individuals. Award prizes for the most creative, best, most original, scariest, etc. Having a contest will improve employee morale and give them something to look forward to, especially if they win a prize.

      Decorating: Have teams decorate their different departments in order to reflect their Halloween spirit. This will be a quick and easy way to prove leadership and motivation especially if the departments are in competition with each other for prize or incentive. It will also be easy to spot the team leaders during the process and those that can work best on a team. This will also give employees a chance to improve their creativity and work together.

      Games: There are plenty of other games and activities that can take place prior to Halloween or even on Halloween depending on your company. Halloween games can include pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, halloween bean bag toss, or even a game of musical office chairs with spooky music playing in the background.

      Having events like Halloween at the office are great ways to promote employee morale, teamwork, and working together. They also can be inexpensive if need be but still be fun at the same time. Not only is it good for business, but it builds a positive atmosphere at the work place. There really are not any downsides to having a Halloween office celebration, might as well consider giving it a try.

    • Decorating Your Office for Halloween

      It is almost that time of the year, Halloween, when it is socially acceptable play dress up and eat copious amounts of sweets without anyone being able to say anything about it. Personally, one of my favorite days of the year. You probably already have your costume laid out, your Halloween plans made, your Halloween decorations in place at your home, but what about decorating your office? If you want to take Halloween to a new level this year and get in the festive spirit, consider taking some time to decorate your office for Halloween without pushing the envelope too far.

      Spider Webs

      These are quite possibly the oldest Halloween prop around but they can instantly turn your office into a spooky hit, and are really easy to put up and take down. Around Halloween season you can find spider webs at virtually any store at a low cost. Hang them along the walls, across desks, over the door, or even on your office chair. Add fake plastic spiders or spider rings you can wear in the webs to spice it up a little more!



      If Halloween falls on a work day, have some fun and wear your costume to the office, if permitted to do so. As long as it is work appropriate, have your employees and yourself dress up to get in the Halloween spirit and make work pass by a little faster. Costume contests for the best costume at work are also a great idea to encourage others to dress up.



      If you have some extra time on your hands, carve a pumpkin for work! Extra points for pumpkins that include a company name or logo on it. If you don't want to spend a lot of money or time carving a pumpkin for work, there are also plenty of fake pumpkins that are already carved and won't break your budget. Place them on desks or counters and they will give everyone something to look at to brighten up their day.


      Pot of Candy

      If you use the excuse that you are too old to trick or treat or want to get your candy fix early, consider investing in a pot of candy. Buy a plastic black bowl that you can find at any local store and fill it up with your favorite candies such as Twix, Snickers, and Butterfingers. Then set it out on your desk or anywhere easily accessible to allow others working in the office to help themselves.


      Black and Orange Streamers

      Streamers are one of the easiest and cheapest Halloween decorations to put up. Just use some masking tape and intertwine the black and orange streamers and you are good to go. Hang them on your walls, across your desk, or anywhere in your office that is looking a little bare!



      Everyone loves balloons, and during this time of the year many party supply stores offer packs of black and orange balloons. Get black and orange string to tie the balloons and set them free in places where they will be easy to take down later. Make sure not to set them free in places that you can not reach or you will have to wait for them to deflate on their own. Try not to go overboard on the balloons and stick to 10 or less.


      Halloween Inflatables

      Pick up some pumpkin, witch, and ghost inflatables and set them around the office. You can even have them sitting in your office chair while you are out to lunch or sitting on your desk to give you some entertainment throughout the day. You can even put them on your company lawn to show you are really in the spirit of Halloween.


      Black Lights

      If you are really in the Halloween mood and looking to go all out consider investing in some black lights. Put them in hallways or places where you don't need good light or reading light. They will really give your office a spooky vibe and a haunted house feel if you are looking to go above and beyond in your decorating plan.



      Hang up a Halloween Banner in the office some place where everyone can see it. Try using a wall or outside a door to really showcase your spirit. Many party stores have these with many different designs, so pick one that best suits your office. If you work with kids, try to pick one that is not too scary and more kid friendly.


      Decorate the door

      Purchase a large vinyl or plastic Halloween table cloth and cover your door with it. You can also buy a large roll of black felt from a fabric store and cover the door that way. Get extra creative and cut out pumpkins or letters that spell out Happy Halloween and adhere them to the felt. You can also hang happy Halloween signs or plastic bats from the door knob.


      Have some fun in your workplace this year while preparing for the spookiest holiday of the year.

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