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    Home Furniture

    • Setting Up a Home Office the Right Way

      Whether you work from home fulltime or you just need an office where you can take care of household paperwork, bills and keep your records, setting it up the right way is important. Ergonomics are generally thought of as being a workplace consideration, but that’s far from the truth. Any office space should be set up ergonomically, and anyone using an office area will find that doing things the right way can protect them from serious harm. Here’s what you need to know before you start.


      Plan Your Space Effectively

      Whether you’re setting up a home office in a separate room or you’re making use of your living or sitting room area for an impromptu office, you need to plan the space effectively. Part of your considerations here should be to ensure that traffic can flow through effectively. Obviously, this is more important in an office that will share space with other uses, but even an office set up in its own room needs to maximize space.


      Lighting Considerations

      Light is a very important consideration for any office environment. Ideally, you’ll set up your office in an area with plenty of natural light. Set your desk so that sunlight comes in behind the computer monitor, though. Setting it up so that the monitor actually faces a window will force you to fight a glare, leading to eyestrain. If your office area doesn’t have any windows, make sure you invest in good lighting. Several lamps should be used to provide illumination even in an office where you’ll be primarily working with a computer (with a lighted monitor).


      ESI - PIXIE Small Profile LED Task Lighting ESI - PIXIE Small Profile LED Task Lighting


      Avoid the temptation to buy a cheap office chair. While a good chair will set you back $100 or more, it’s important that you invest in a quality chair with an ergonomic design. Look for an office chair with good padding in the seat, adjustable armrests, adjustable seat height and good lumbar support. The chair should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your arms at the same level as the desk. If you cannot keep your feet flat on the floor, invest in a footrest or opt for a shorter desk (or a desk with an adjustable height work surface).

      Ergocentric - 24 Hour Task Intensive Ergonomic Chair ErgoCentric - 24 Hour Task Intensive Ergonomic Chair


      Computer Setup

      When setting up your computer workstation, it’s vital that you have the right amount of space and the right alignment. The monitor should be between 20 and 36 inches from your face, and it should be slightly below eye level when you’re seated in the chair. Your keyboard and mouse should be positioned just under your hand level (with a negative tilt), and if you’re using a keyboard drawer, it should be large enough for both the mouse and the keyboard.

      These simple tips will help ensure that you’re able to set up a home office that keeps you comfortable and prevents serious injuries over time. As far as décor and style go, feel free to go nuts.



    • Bean Bag Chairs - The Perfect Piece of Home Decor

      Bean bag chairs are quickly becoming a must have piece of furniture in homes all across the world with their fun designs and extreme comfort. They come in all different shapes and sizes from" target="_self">small bean bags designed for children to extra-large bean bags that can hold up to two full-grown adults. Bean bags are a suitable seating choice for anyone of any age and make for a stylish addition to any home. Known for their ability to provide comfort and relaxation, they are a perfect piece of furniture to sit down on after a long day of work or when unwinding on the weekends. They are available in large variety of patterns and upholstery materials depending upon where the bean bag will be placed inside your home and how durable you will need to the bean bag to be.


      Before picking out a bean bag upholstery, it is important to first determine who will be using the bean bag the majority of the time and your overall home environment. If you are purchasing a bean bag for your children, you will want to be sure to choose one that can withstand wear and tear that can occur from jumping, spills, plopping down with too much force, or being moved around often. The materials used to construct the bean bag should be strong and able to hold up for years to come. Look for bean bags that are constructed with double stitching, polystyrene filling, locking zippers for child safety, and double zipper security. A bean bag is a similar investment to any other piece of furniture, you want to make sure it will last for years to come and is constructed with the utmost quality.

      After you have found a company that offers quality bean bags, it is now time to determine the upholstery material you will want. There are many different options available and it is important to familiarize yourself with both the advantages and disadvantages of each before making a decision.


      Vinyl bean bags are perhaps the most common upholstery material available and come in just about every shade of every color imaginable. They are a great choice to consider for homes with children as they are easier to clean and take care of than other upholstery materials. When spills or accidents occur, the vinyl material can be easily cleaned and will not get stained during the process. While they may not be as comfortable as a real leather, they are a much more affordable option

      Marine Grade Vinyl
      Marine grade is a top of the line vinyl that can be easily cleaned with soap and water, is mildew and anti-fungal resistant, UV protected, and is oil stain resistant. Marine grade bean bags are most suitable for environments in which the chair will be used frequently such as public libraries, museums, businesses, in any outdoor environment, or even if they will be used by water. They are usually a bit more expensive for their quality upholstery but will also last longer than nearly any other material, especially if they will be used often.


      Suede bean bags are a popular choice for many as they are one of the most comfortable fabrics to lean against and soft to touch. Suede is a durable material that is also arguably the most comfortable to sit on, however it is also one of the hardest to clean. If a spill were to occur, it is much more difficult to clean and restore than a vinyl would be. Suede bean bag chairs are best suited for home environments such as living rooms or bedrooms where food or drinks will not pose a threat to its upholstery.


      Fabric or cotton bean bags are another popular choice for any room in your home or for any business. They are the easiest to match with other furniture because they have the most colors and patterns available. They are a great choice for kids as they can pick exactly what design they want their bean bag to have with the abundance of choices available. Just like suede, fabric bean bags are also difficult to clean should a spill or stain occur and also get dirtier faster than other upholstery materials. Most fabric bean bag covers allow for the buyer to remove and wash if needed, which can be advantageous over other materials that can only be dry cleaned.


      Faux Fur
      Faux fur bean bags are soft to touch and among the most comfortable materials to lie down on. They come in a variety of colors and designs which include the always sought-after animal prints such as tiger, cow, zebra, leopard, and other bright designs. They are harder to maintain than a vinyl or leather bean bag but they are also more affordable. Faux fur also gives off a sophisticated vibe and look more expensive than they actually are.

      If you are in the process of re-designing your home or just simply want to update your furniture, bean bags are the perfect addition to any home. They are also a viable choice for businesses as well, especially places where children frequent such as schools, libraries, day cares, museums, and retail stores targeted towards children. They are a great value for how often they will be used and how long they last, making it a practical investment. Bean bags are very inexpensive compared to other pieces of furniture even though they are designed for the exact same purpose, as a place to sit and relax. You can also rest assured that they will be the most versatile and comfortable pieces of furniture you will own.

  • Ottomans For Your Home

    Ottomans are an essential piece of furniture for any room in every home with their ability to play up your current home decor at a relatively inexpensive price. With their small foot print they are easy to move around if needed and will take up minimal space next to your other home furniture. They also play up couches and sofas quite nicely as an accent piece. Usually found in living rooms, ottomans can usually be found in front of a sofa, couch, lounge chair, or seating area. If they will be featured in a prominent room in your house, such as the living room, be certain they match the fabric/upholstery of your other furniture in order to blend in. Ottomans can also be used as a stand-out piece if your home has a contemporary design; for example if your room has a modern vibe with black sofas try inserting a red ottoman to really make an impression.

    The main purpose ottomans serve is for a place to put your feet up on when relaxing on a couch or sofa. They are alternatively used as a place to sit near a table, if they have the proper weight rating and construction designed for this. Ottomans also are often used as a place for storage, which makes them great for family rooms to store toys, games, movies, DVDS, etc. keeping your room tidy and organized. Some even have a removable top with a hard surface that can also serve as a surface to eat food on or play games. Simple ottomans are designed to be a decorative piece for any room and are generally used as a filler piece of furniture.


    Because their main purpose is to put your feet up on them, it is always advised to pick one that is upholstered in a dark leather, vinyl, or a fabric that can be easily cleaned. Light colors will pick up dirt as well as show signs of wear and tear over time so be sure to choose your ottoman accordingly. They will almost always have a sturdy hardwood frame, especially if their purpose is to be used as a storage bench or footrest to ensure extra stability. Along with color it is also important to choose between the varied shapes that are offered, including round and cubed varieties.  Size is another key component to keep in mind; depending on where you will be placing your ottoman will determine the size needed whether it is small, medium, or large.


    Before purchasing an ottoman for your home, potential customers should fully understand the product's features and keep their budget in mind. If you are specifically looking for a storage ottoman, be sure to search and make certain that the ottomans you are interested in have this capability. Most ottomans are very affordable with leather ottomans being a little bit more on the expensive side for their quality upholstery. They can be purchased from local furniture dealers and online retailers as well. Purchasing an ottoman online is a simple and efficient choice, as what you see is what you get and they are usually more of a decorative piece that does not necessarily need to be comfortable. No matter what kind of ottoman you choose to go with, it is always important to know exactly what you want and need by doing research before making your purchase.

  • The Different Table Options Available For Your Home

    Walk into any home and you are sure to find at least one table, with most having closer to three or four. Whether you are looking to fully furnish your home or simply redecorate it is important to figure out exactly what you want and need prior to seeking out options. With the large variety of table choices available in both retail stores and online, one must determine the primary purpose the table will serve and how it is going to be used. Another key component to take into consideration before picking out a new table is to decide where it will go in your home; how much space have you allotted for this new piece of furniture? Most importantly, you must be able to differentiate between all the different tables that are available for homes including dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, telephone tables, and foyer tables.


    Dining Tables
    A dining table is simply a table that is used for dining purposes such as eating breakfast or dinner. It can usually be found in a kitchen or living room or sometimes even both. Dining tables come in many different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials, however the most common materials used for construction are wood and glass. If you are seeking a new dining table, be sure to find one that will be able to fit all of the members of your household. You may want to also consider being able to fit additional guests that may come over for dinner. It should leave enough room around the sides for easy movement and also leave room for additional pieces of furniture you may want to add or already have.


    Coffee Tables
    While most would assume a coffee table is solely for serving coffee on or gathering around to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the early morning, most people use it for anything but that. Some use coffee tables simply as a piece of furniture to prop their feet on while watching television. Others use it as a main centerpiece for their room, often accentuated with magazines or floral pieces. A coffee is usually an essential piece for any living room or den, and it is a place for the family to congregate around on a nightly basis.


    End Tables
    An end table can be an elegant piece of furniture that adds to the overall decor of your home. These are usually located at the end of the sofa and its main purpose is to allow for you to put down things like plates, food, drinks, or magazines. When choosing the perfect end table for your room you will want to take into consideration the scaling and style. You do not want an end table that is going to be too large or too small when placed next to your other furnishings and you would not want to choose a traditional end table for a modernly designed room. There are many different sizes for end tables so you want to make sure that when choosing the perfect end table you get one that is correctly portioned. Also consider the height you will need as there are no standardizations for furniture, you will not want to get a table that does not extend above the edge of your furniture or alternately is so low that one has to lean over to set down their plate or glass.


    Telephone Tables
    Telephone tables are typically at the height of your bed or sofa where you can put accessories such as lamps, telephones, or clocks on top of them. These tables are ideal to put near your bed, sofa, or even a reading chair so the lamp can cast light on you while reading. Many homes have two telephone tables that are typically placed on opposite sides of the bed. If your telephone table allows room for it, you can even spruce up your decor with the addition of a floral arrangement. You will want to ensure that your telephone table will be able to fit in between your bed and the corresponding wall where it will be placed, so be sure to know the exact width of the telephone table prior to purchasing.


    Foyer Tables
    A foyer table, also commonly known as an entryway table, is likely to be the first piece of furniture that is looked at by both guests and residents of the house. It is the one place that more people notice first as they enter your house and the last thing they see before they leave. This piece of furniture is the piece that makes the biggest statement and is a great place to show off your unique style. It has the unique ability to make the entry way seem a lot larger than it is in reality, as long as the table is not too large or overbearing. A foyer table can be placed up against a wall or can be a decorative standalone piece, near a stairway for example. It is best to place some sort of decorative piece on top the foyer table to give it some flair such as an arrangement or even a fresh vase of flowers.

    No matter which table you decide to set your sights on for your house it is important to remember that tables are statement pieces and can greatly add to the overall design and decor of your house. Be certain that your table adds to your homes overall style by choosing something that matches or corresponds with your pre-existing furniture. You will also want to be sure to take proper measurements of the space the table will be going into and search for a table that will meet those requirements. The perfect table will look great, serve its purpose, and last for years to come so long as you do your research.

  • How to Pick the Right Table For Your Home or Office

    When the need for a new table for your home or office arises, it would seem like an easy enough task to pick one out. Although it may seem simple enough, with the large selection of tables available both in retail stores and online it can become overwhelming when trying to determine which will work best in your home or office setting. You want feel assured knowing that you will be completely happy with your purchase and that you will be able to get use out of the table for years to come. Before making the splurge on your new table, it is essential to do your research and decide which type of table will work best in your home or office set up. A good way to pick the right table for your home or office would be to take measurements, select your style, and establish a budget that you want to stick to.



    If your home or office does not have a table already in it, it is very easy to overlook the exact size needed and then consequently purchasing something that is too big or too small for that particular space. You will want to get a tape measurer and find out the ideal length and width you will want your future table to be. This is especially important if the table will be in a confined space where there will be little room for error as far as measurements are concerned. The height is also another critical factor to look for. If you are looking for a coffee table that will be placed near your couches, you will not want something that is going to be too high or too low to the ground. If shopping online, most internet retailers will have the exact product dimensions located somewhere on the product page for your convenience.



    Style is another key component that will factor into your purchasing decision. You will want to choose a style that will not only complement your decorative taste but that will also complement your home's overall style. Your style will most likely already be set by other furniture you already have acquired, which will make it easier for you to find exactly what look you are going for. Since most tables are constructed with wood, look for other furniture you already have in your home or office to make certain that your table will match. For example, if you have mahogany cabinetry or an office chair with a mahogany frame finish, then you would want to find a mahogany table to correspond with your other furniture. If your home or office has a modern aura to it, try finding a table that will stick out and add to your contemporary theme.



    When choosing a budget that you are willing to spend on a new table keep in mind a few things including the quality and design you are looking for. If you set your budget too low, you may find yourself with a table constructed of cheap and flimsy materials or with wood laminate that will begin to peel after a few weeks. There is also the opposite end of the spectrum where if you set your budget to high you may find yourself paying more money than necessary for an overpriced table. A safe assumption to make is if you see a table with a price that looks too good to be true it probably is and will not be a worthwhile investment. If testing out in retail stores, look to ensure that the table looks sturdy and solid and ask how much weight it can support. If shopping online and having concerns, contact a customer service representative to get their opinion. They will more than likely be honest with you, as they will have to have to attend to an unhappy customer and a grueling return process if you are unsatisfied with the purchase.

    Once you have sorted out the measurements, style, and price you are looking to spend on your new table, the path towards finding the right table for your home or office should be much easier. Keep your needs in mind and automatically rule out any tables that do not meet your needs. If you do not initially love what you see, you will most likely not love what you have once it is purchased and sitting inside your home or office. A functional table adds function the room. It should be easy to reach from the main pieces of furniture and should leave enough space for walking around and moving. Keeping the aforementioned advice in mind, you should be on your way towards finding your perfect table.

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