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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

    leather office chair

    • Leather Reception/Guest Chairs: Options for the new office

      What if you're just starting our your business and need to outfit your office/guest/reception area, but need to do it on the cheap, without being cheap? We feel you. It's never a bad thing to save a few bucks.

      Luckily, we were able to dig up some nice guest/reception chair options in both leather and vinyl that can keep your place looking good, clean and for a good price. Here are some of the best options:

      Boss B689 Caressoft Guest Chair:

      It's nice because it's nice. While that MAY sound redundant, it's true. It has a clean contemporary look, as you can see, and it is relatively comfortable. Not the plush marshmallow, but still sits well. It is upholstered in LeatherPlus, and I'll give you $100.00 if someone calls you out the fact that it isn't solid leather. (It's reconstituted leather, combined with vinyl. See the differences on our Caressoft FAQ).

      B9540 Traditional Guest Chair:

      The Boss B9540 Guest Chair is Old Reliable.  Old because the design has been around for a while, and reliable because the design has held up nicely over years of use and implementing.  It's just a classic traditional style, and maintains all the charactiristcs of a timeless piece of furniture without the antique price.  The rivets are a nice copper.  What I like most about this chair is the fact that it makes the room its in seem just a little more important...I mean, you have to be important to rock the "old school" furniture right?  Classic traditional look with this traditional office vinyl chair.

      B7509 Boss LeatherPlus Guest/Reception Chair:

      The Boss B7509 Leather Plus Guest/Reception Chair embodies the general look of a value oriented guest/reception chair.  There are no frills or thrills here -  just simple, straightforward comfort.  It's seat is thick and cushy, the frame is solid metal, and the chair is inexpensive.  Combining that with it's LeatherPlus upholstery and it's price point, and really, this is good enough for any of your guests to sit in.

      The bottom line is that your bottom line is important too.  While these may not be leather office chairs, they feel like leather, and last like vinyl.  When you're trying to get the most bang for your buck in that new office or office remodel, these options are a very loud bang.

    • Office Chair Preview: The Ray Leather Office Chair!

      ray The Ray is a new leather conference room chair by Allseating. With a release date of September, we thought we'd take some time to offer a pre-emptive review of the Ray - given that it's unique and stylish and should come in at a great price point.

      The Ray offers a different look for use as a leather managerial chair, leather conference chair, or just a nice home office leather office chair. The arms are modern but retro, and fit with the design of the back nicely. They remind us a little bit of Legos with the indented area under the armrest.

      The backrest is a mid-back, and should provide the user with ample back support for any application, except for executive seating, for which users it would not be good. What's really nice about the Ray is the implementation of a new counter weight mechanism, which as the user leans back the seat slides forward slightly and promotes proper seating postures all the way around.

      The seat and back are slightly on the firm side, leading to a comfortable, but not overly cushy seating feeling. Overall, the Ray looks to be a good chair. We tested the demo sample at NEOCON, and the production model looks to be the same - available in black or white leather, the Ray should provide leather office chair buyers a great alternative looking solution for their office space!

    • Office Chair Review: Conference Leather Office Chairs that Spring-Tilt

      What more can be said about the name of this chair? It is the BOSS of genuine black Italian leather office chairs for the conference room.  With rich mahogany finishes on top of hardwood arms and leg caps, this BOS-B8906 rules the roost, making an impression sure to captivate, allure, and inspire business deals.

      This sturdy leather office chair offers a distinguished look by featuring tailored leather padding on the armrest, built-in lumbar supports, a comfortable wide base for stability, and a locking upright mechanism with tilt tension control that will surely make anyone feel like the chairman of the board.

      With two warehouse offices; one in Commerce CA, one in Atlanta, GA, Boss Office Products continues to be a reliable manufacturer with low prices, and great quality office chairs.

    • Office Chair Review: La-Z-Boy Sintas Leather Office Chair

      La-Z-Boy Sintas La-Z-Boy Sintas

      Three Sweet Features:

      1. European Beech wood base and arms, capped with leather.

      2. Zip-Ship means it ships in 10-14 business days...That's fast for a custom built chair.

      3. Thick seat and back. Very comfortable.

      The Thorough Review:

      Here it is, the grand daddy of executive leather office chairs.  Just the name alone tells you a lot about the chair.  But is it really comfortable?  Does it live up to the expectations?

      Yes, and yes.  Let's start with the style of this leather office chair.  It looks comfortable, bug, plush and very executive.  The wood arm and base are both high quality European Beech wood, stained with maple, dark cherry, or golden cherry. The arms are caped in leather with  foam pad, so you can rest on them nicely.

      The back of the chair itself, aside from being big and wide, features a foam protrusion in the middle.  This has a dual purpose of providing pseudo-lumbar support and maintaining your back in an ideal S shape, even while you lean back or sink into the soft cushioned backrest.  The middle protrusion also means you get a nice cushy place to rest your head and think about ideas for your business.

      The seat is soft and thick, you sink into it and it eventually molds to you - which means comfort now and more comfort in the future.  This chair is really comfortable - it's a safe bet even the super soft Stay-Puft Marshallow man would be comfortable in this chair!

      The Ratings:


      Oh, it's plush. The foam is EXTRA thick, and you literally sink into the chair. Very nice.


      The leather is top grain, top of the line leather. Very soft and non abrasive. It is all leather on all parts you touch, vinyl on the rest - a little money saving technique.


      It looks imposingly comfortable. A very executive style that exudes class and comfort.

      Overall Rating (Not an average):

      A great chair for comfort, class. A wonderful seating solution to last years in your office.

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

    • Office Chair Review: Aaria Office Habanera Leather Office Chair

      Three Sweet Features:

      1. Soft Dual layer Caressoft Faux Leather.

      2. Chrome or Black Frame and Base.

      3. Modern and stylish design with a big seat and back.

      The Thorough Review:

      Spicy hot is the Habanera High Back Executive Chair from Aaria Office Seating!  This leather office chair (well, faux leather, since it is upholstered in Caressoft Plus, an ultra durable, ultra soft combination of leather and vinyl - here are the differences between Caressoft and Leather) is a great choice for someone looking to get a good looking chair that is comfortable and has that "plush" feel to it.

      Here's whats nice about the Habanera Series - the price won't leave your wallet burning 5 hours after you buy it.  You can get is in a stylish chrome frame or a sleek powder coated black frame and base.  It comes in a high back OR a mid back, as well as a matching guest chair - so no need to mix up the office with different styles and brands anymore...

      The chair itself sits really nice.  It is a big chair, wide seat and large, enveloping backrest.  The double layered cushion, which has a horizontally seamed 1.5 inch thick cover on the high density foam cushions, add the extra oomph to the sitting experience, really allowing the sitter to sink into the chair and feel hugged.  It is a hot leather office chair...ready to make you feel comfortable for years.

      The Ratings:


      It's plush and forgiving. You'll sink in and be comfortable in a conference room or behind a desk.


      Not much there. Height adjustment, tilt locking. That's about it, but not much more needed for a conference chair.


      Its a good looking, if not unique, chair. Different, but not in an Pontiac Aztec way.

      Overall Rating (Not an average):

      It's a good quality faux leather office chair. Big and plush, with just enough style points. The only issue we've seen is if you sit wide legged, the arms, being metal, might bother you. But if you sit properly, it's great.

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

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