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SitBetter Bean Bags Make Great Gifts

    monitor arms

    • Holiday Gift Guide For His Office

      Feel like Christmas and the holidays always seem to sneak up on you at the last minute? One minute you are enjoying the summer sunshine and the next it seems to fast forward to Christmas. Instead of worrying about the hassle of making your way through the crowded aisles of the mall or camping out on the street before the big sale, Sitbetter has created our very own holiday gift guide for the 2009 season. The best part of all is you can get all your shopping done while sitting on your computer in your pajamas! So take a look at some of our top picks for our holiday gift guide for his office.

      A high end ergonomic office chair designed to provide the best possible extended seating comfort and support. With its patented, fully adjustable back support system integrated within its knitted mesh back, it provides a customized fit for any user. The CPOD is an employee favorite here at Sitbetter and along with comfort it is also a pretty stylish chair.

      Available arm options include:Task 2 arms- adjustable 4" height, Multifunctional arms- adjustable 4" height and 4" width, pivots and slides side to side and front to back, Twister Arms- adjustable 4" height and rotates 360 degrees.

      Price: $549

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      Personally my favorite chair offered on site. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, and is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you'll never settle for anything less.

      The patented back is built with 11 torsion spring-loaded joints that take an exact spine impression, which can be locked, in place at the touch of a lever. All you need to do is flip a lever, put each 'rib' right where you want it, and flip the lever again to lock. If you need a little more pressure at one spot, simply push that one 'rib' in a bit further, or out if you need less pressure!

      Price: $1135

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      The future is Ergohuman designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind.

      Esthetics, form and function allow this series to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment, headrest option all in one very unique chair.

      The Ergohuman comes in leather as well as a variety of 6 different colored fabric options. Mesh back and mesh seats are also available. Or if you want your chair to have a leather seat and mesh back, that is possible as well.

      No matter what color/material Ergohuman ordered all come fully equipped with a seat slider, synchro-tilt, back height and angle adjustable, seat height and depth adjustable, tilt tension, and lock control.

      Price: $599

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      The Fluid by Allseating is one chair that suits everyone, in any work environment.

      Stream-lined base design, stylish silver accents with breathable, elastomeric, tight weave mesh. Allseating's number one selling chair offers comfort and versatility.

      This Greenguard certified ergonomic mesh chair brings ultimate comfort and style to any office area - managers, executives, and conference rooms alike.

      Price: $529

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      BOSS' B7402 is beautifully upholstered with ultra soft and durable Caressoft upholstery. Executive high-back styling with extra lumbar support, deluxe knee tilt control, padded armrests covered with Caressoft upholstery.

      Solid 27-inch nylon base with casters, Hooded double wheel casters for easy movement, upright locking position, pneumatic gas lift provide instant height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension assures the right reclining tension.

      At a very affordable price, this chair is not only stylish but also comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time.

      Price: $189

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      The La-Z-Boy Sintas was designed with an anthropometric frame structure based on the human form. This generously proportioned chair features wide graceful arms and deep quilted u-shaped upholstered seat and back for lasting comfort and support.

      The Sintas offers a styling and comfort for which La-Z-Boy is known for, at a very comfortable price. Built with quality in mind, the Sintas will last up to ten years. Our experts who have sat in this chair believe it to be one of the softest and plush chairs they have ever sat in.

      Price: $729

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      The TL01 by ESI with its sleek 22 inch arm, is perfectly suited for smaller work environments. The single arm design and easy to reach handle provides quick and easy adjustment and the heavy 4lb free standing table base insures stability. Sleek and stylish personal task lights are an important part of any workstation. Whether they are for use on the desk-top or under the cabinet, proper lighting is a must for any workstation user. See work in a whole new light and reduce your eye strain.

      Price: $69

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      The most popular monitor arm to date, the M7 Monitor Arm by Humanscale combines style with functionality and ease of use.

      Featuring a cylinder rated to hold monitors up to 28 lbs (15-23"), the dual extension system allows for maximum desk space saving and flexibility in how you position your monitor. With the solidly constructed die cast aluminum frame and an easy to install grommet mount, clamp mount, or direct to desk mount, the M7 will be installed and improving your workspace ergonomics in no time.

      Price: $209

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      Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.'s Original "Natural" and "Dark Cherry" Bamboo Tri-Fold Office Chair Mats meld beauty, style and function to create an alternative to the bland, utilitarian vinyl chair mat. There is no company carrying this product in the marketplace currently! These Bamboo Tri-Fold Office Chair Mats are incredibly durable and will add an elegant touch to any office or home office setting. Furthermore, these mats are easy to ship and easy to transport. No assembly required!

      Price: Starting at $136

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      This sturdy and adjustable keyboard tray features a 25" wide platform that allows placing the keyboard and mouse right next to each other!

      Easily adjustable to accommodate different users and allows for right or left-handed users! Includes mouse pads, mouse guards, cord management clip and detachable palm rest.

      Price: $169

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      This revolutionary USB powered drink cooling / warming device allows you to easily adjust the temperature of your drink holder - you can either keep your beverage at a cool 45°F, or switch it over for a piping hot cup of Joe. Requiring power from only your USB port, the Beverage Chiller is perfect for portability and transportation. The Beverage Cooler is so versatile, it works with any device that has a USB Port including computers, gaming consoles, and even some cable boxes!

      Price: $19.99

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      Have you even experienced dry hands, dry mouths, dry skin, etc. in dry seasons or even in an air-conditioned rooms and offices? This is a quite unpleasant problem not only for women but men also. Thus, you need a USB Mini-Cool Aroma Humidifer! It generates cool, moisturizing steam using safe ultrasonic waves so as to help relieve dry skin, eyes, mouth and throat. It makes breathing more comfortable.

      Price: $39.00

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      Shirt maker Pink has launched yet another way to ensure your iPod nano is always close to your chest, in the shape of the Pink Commuter tie.

      According to Pink “It's the latest solution for today's busy man who needs to carry more than one gadget at any one time”.

      Pink's Commuter tie features a pocket on the reverse of the tie which will hold an iPod Nano (and we presume Shuffle as well) safely and securely whilst allowing him to have his hands free to grab his morning coffee. Aside from the pocket, Pink has included an extra fabric loop to keep wires out of sight and close to your body.

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    • Flickr Tour of Sitbetter

      After making a flickr account today, I got the idea to take mass amounts of pictures of my workplace so everyone could see how Sitbetter operates and where us Sitbetter employees work everyday. So enjoy this short little picture tour I created and get to know us a little bit better!

      Erin hard at workErin working hard at his desk.
      Erin's desk and EMC2 Advantage chairErin's desk, complete with dual monitor arms.
      Chelsea's Desk area and EMC2 Advantage ChairChelsea's desk and EMC2 Advantage chair
      Chelsea reading the best website everChelsea hard at work making good use of her keyboard trayAlec sitting on his Kore Stool at his deskAlec's desk and Kore Stool
      cc One of the offices upstairs
      Another view of the upstairs officeAnother view of the upstairs office
      Conference Table Surrounded by Smart Chairs Conference table surrounded by smart chairs
      Conference RoomConference Room
      fffSan Diego Showroom
      Small Sitbetter MeetingSmall Meeting in the Sitbetter Office
      Long Conference Table Long Conference Table
      View from UpstairsView of the Showroom from Upstairs
      vvvStorage and Filing Cabinets
    • The Wrong Ways to Sit in Your Chair

      Who would have thought there was a wrong way to sit in an office chair? I guess there is a wrong way to do just about everything, but when it becomes detrimental to your health, that is when a real problem arises. In fact, sitting is harder on your back than standing. Studies have actually proven that sitting in a properly adjusted chair that encourages motion reduces cumulative trauma disorders to nerves, tendons, and the neuromuscular system. I, of all people, am extremely guilty of sitting in my office chair the wrong way, which is a very bad habit I am working on fixing. Over time, I have come up with about 3 strange, bad habit sitting positions I can’t seem to shake.

      The first is my favorite, which is sitting cross legged/indian style while sitting in my chair. Overtime, I have learned that knee problems can develop from sitting in this position, as comfortable as it. Especially if one sits like this over the span of many years. Although I am still getting back support from my chair, I’m losing blood flow to my legs which can cause them to cramp up. This tends to happen a lot, forcing me to switch to another bad position.

      Normally I then switch to putting my feet on a footrest. Now, I know you are thinking, what is wrong with using a footrest? Normally footrests are very effective...except when you are using another chair as a footrest. Footrests are supposed to make it so that your knees are at about a 90 degree angle because this position promotes the best circulation. My legs are completely straight when I use my chair/footrest which promotes VERy bad circulation!

      The last bad position I tend to sit in, is with my back far away from my chair, slumped over on my desk. While this does help me read my computer monitor better, it also is causing cumulative trauma to my back. The best solution for this, is increasing the size of the font on the screen you are reading or getting a larger monitor with a monitor arm that will allow you to adjust how close the computer is to your face.people sitting weird

      After reviewing all my bad habits, clearly it is time to break them and start sitting better in my office chair. Some tips I learned to prevent myself from sitting incorrectly are get up and move, keep the body in alignment while sitting in an office chair, choose ergonomic office chairs when sitting, and use posture friendly props. It is best to take a break from sitting in an office chair every half an hour or so for a few minutes in order to stretch, stand, or walk. When sitting in an office chair, take advantage of the chairs features. Also if you are sitting in an ergonomic office chair, you are able to adjust the back for lumbar support. Footrests, portable lumbar back supports, or even a small pillow can be used while sitting in an office chair. And of course, posture is important! The proper way to sit in a chair is to keep both feet on the ground, sitting up straight, with your back firmly rested against the seat. Follow this advice and you will be sitting better in no time :)

    • How to work healthier at home

      Do you ever find yourself wondering how you could improve the space you work in at home? We found ourselves wondering the same and decided to do some research to find out how to make your home office healthier. After all you are going to be spending a lot of your day there so it is important to set up a design that works for you. There is nothing worse than working in an office you hate, especially when you are in the comfort of your own home. We have compiled some tips and tricks to make working at home or even just sitting in your home office space better. They worked for us; hopefully they will work for you too!

      The first most important thing we learned is not to forget about making your office as ergonomic as possible in order to avoid a variety of health issues including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Syndrome, eye strain, and headaches. Ergonomics defined according to Wikipedia is a science concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It seeks to ensure that tasks, equipment, information, and the environment suit each worker. People use their computers a large majority of the day making it important to use your computer ergonomically. Many experts recommend that the monitor is at least 20 inches away and that the top line of your screen is at or below your eye level. The monitor should be centered in front of the user and positioned to minimize glare. You may also need to adjust the angle of the screen, which can be easily accomplished with a computer monitor arm.

      Perhaps the most important piece of equipment everyone should have is an ergonomic chair. After all most people spend a great majority of the day sitting in a chair whether they are at home or at work. The chair height must be adjustable. The user should be able to sit comfortably with their feet resting flat on the floor or on a footrest. The backrest should conform to the natural curvature of the user’s spine and provide adequate lumbar support. In addition, a good chair offers the appropriate seat width and depth to support each user’s unique body shape and size. Armrests should be padded and adjustable so the user can rest their arms comfortably, close to their body, with their shoulders relaxed. A chair on wheels/casters, that swivels and allows easy movement on the floor is also recommended.

      Having good posture when you are sitting in your office chair is also essential and what many people don’t know is there is actually a correct way to sit in a chair. Far too many people sit incorrectly, by either slumping forward or slumping backward in their chair during the day, which can cause back pain. Feet are supposed to be flat on the floor and elbows should be at a right angle when typing. Keep wrists straight when typing, relax your shoulders, and keep your back in contact with lumbar support of your chair. Make sure to avoid leaning forward or backwards; keep your head and neck straight in order to prevent straining them.

      Although it may cost a little extra to have ergonomic office supplies and equipment, but in the long run it is well worth the investment. It will save you from major health concerns and making your home office environment exceedingly more pleasant to work in. Position yourself and your equipment correctly to ensure a quality-working environment. Healthy working to you!

      For more information, updates, and news check us out on,, or

      Do you Heart, too?

      Do you Heart, too?

  • The Value of Ergonomic Accessories, Pt. 1

    What are ergonomic accessories, and how do we assess their value in an era when the "hot" term in the office is ergonomics? Everyone wants a piece of them, and everyone wants to charge a lot for them, but before you dive headfirst into "ergonomicafying" your office, let's get a deeper understanding of what will and what can work for your work environment.

    Ergonomic accessories can be classified into 3 general categories: Monitor Arms, Keyboard Trays, and Footrests. Some mice are included in this conversation, but only a few. Anything else is really an office accessory, including CPU holders, glare filters and task lights. While not disputing the fact that these office accessories are valuable, they are not focused at providing the same benefits to one's body at work like the aforementioned 3 ergonomic categories.

    monitor armMonitor arms became increasingly popular with the decrease in price of flat screen monitors - at first a tool for the hip, now a tool for comfort. Not only do they allow for more desk tabletop space by freeing up valuable real estate, but the true ergonomic benefit comes in the ability to position the monitor at the right height for the computer's user. Ideally, the top of the monitor should be level to users line of sight - this dissuades slouching or leaning to read the screen. If you use two monitors, a dual monitor arm may be employed, and the second monitor should be aligned an arms length in front of you and to the right of the main monitor. If you have a laptop, you can still use a monitor arm - you'll just need a monitor. By using a laptop tray, you can use your laptop monitor effectively without using a monitor arm.

    What does "not slouching" do? Basically, your mother was right. (Funny how we always hear that as we grow older). The monitor arm prevents slouching, which means you are going to be in the optimal sitting position most of your work hours. Your back is going to be where it should be - leaning against the backrest. Why is leaning against the backrest good, aside from feeling good? Let's look at the shape of the chair to the shape of your spine. Notice the S shape of your spine and how it rests against the S shaped backrest? Most ergonomic chairs will have such a shaped backrest, so leaning all the way back allows your back to appropriately meet the backrest.

    Keyboard trays also encourage proper ergonomics by keeping your arms at an even level. This posture of your arms will reduce the strain on the wrists that is commonly associated with constant and repetitive typing. Keyboard Trays are becoming more popular and are usually a more commonly bought accessory - installation requires only a few screws and the benefits are immediate. There are many different types of keyboard trays - they all pretty much function the sames so quality is where the price differences arise.

    So getting a keyboard tray is effective in relieving wrist related stress while typing, but like the monitor arm, it has a practical use as well - it frees up valuable desk space. While the paperless office has been attempted, lets face it, paper will always be around. Might as well have more room to spread your clutter!

    ESI LAPTOP STANDYou may be one of the many people that employ a laptop. As I write this from a laptop, I can tell you that having a laptop is no excuse to eschew ergonomics. There are utilities available to take advantage of a keyboard tray and monitor arm with a laptop, such as this nifty Laptop Docking Station (which is the one I use, by the way):

    Lastly, the ergonomic footrests. What is the benefit of that? None if you don't use it right. (Like anything). An ergonomic footrests is generally made for two purposes - one, to give users a place to rest their feet on high chairs or seating areas or two, as an accessory to encourage movement of the feet while sitting. This constant motion won't burn many calories, but it will promote bloodflow, which in turn reduces fatigue. And that's always nice. They even have some with massage balls - so you can get a nice massage in the workplace, provided your feet don't, well, smell.

    The idea behind ergonomic accessories is to add overall comfort to the user's workplace atmosphere, and that is a goal that is not to be overlooked nor understated. The modern work lifestyle has evolved to the point where these items are not a luxury anymore- with people spending more and more time on a computer and on the Internet these days, being comfortable for a prolonged period of time is critical to overall well being.

    Just think of how many hours a day you'd spend working in front of your computer, slouching forward and trying to make sense of the small text on the screen. (Make the font bigger, if you keep squinting!) A good monitor arm/keyboard tray/footrest combo will quickly and, if chosen right, inexpensively make your or your employees work days more efficient and better over the long run. All of the accessories sold at Sitbetter are quality items - nothing that will fail within a week or even a year, and if it does, it is a good thing you bought it here, because we have your back. It's ok to drink our ergonomic kool-aid - we do.

    For more updates, info you probably need, and occasional lifesaving coupons, follow us on twitter, become a fan on facebook or sign up to our email list!

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