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    • Three Ways to Never Sit in Your Office Chair

      Three Ways to Never Sit in Your Office Chair

      It’s true that, as the saying goes, we weren’t born yesterday. We think we know how to talk, walk, and sit down. However, so many of us do not sit in a chair properly. It might sound silly or seem pretty basic, but there are a number of ways that you can harm your body merely by how you sit. And as most people sit all day for their jobs, you could be placing a great deal of stress on the body due to the way you sit at your desk. In order to correct these bad patterns and postures, here are a few ways you should never sit in your office chair.


      Legs crossed

      When most people sit down, they cross their legs or ankles. While this might be commonplace at your workplace, you will want to break this habit. You should sit at your office chair with your thighs parallel to the floor and your feet resting flat. If you cross your legs all day, you can develop knee problems. Crossing your legs also impairs blood flow to your legs, which can lead to pains and cramps. You also don’t want to sit at your desk with your legs dangling above the ground and crossed. This will lead to poor blood circulation.


      Leaning away from the back of the chair

      We all are guilty of bad posture from time to time. However, if you notice how you sit at the office, you might discover that your back is seldom resting against the backrest of the chair. If you lean away from the back of the chair to read computer screens, write, or talk on the phone, you are placing unnecessary stress on your back. Your back isn’t supported in this position, which can produce a great deal of pain. One way to kick the habit of leaning in your chair is to purchase a chair that is ergonomically designed so that it will promote good posture.


      Legs stretched out parallel to the floor on a footrest

      At your desk, you might pull up another chair to rest your legs and feet. However, your legs should never be resting parallel to the floor on a footrest. While it might sound comfortable and even look more comfortable, it can actually lead to a great deal of discomfort. This practice does not promote good circulation to the legs. Poor blood flow can only make you feel more tired on the job.


      You might think that there is really no wrong way to sit down. You bend your legs and rest your upper body on a surface. However, you can contort your body into different positions that you fail to notice over time. It is merely the way you always sit down. Those positions could be hurting your body more than helping it. The effects of how you sit can be both physical and mental. In order to promote the best health possible as you sit at your job, remember to avoid sitting in these three positions.



    • Five Reasons to Use a Back Support Pillow at Work

      Support Pillow for the Office Chair


      Back support pillows can supplement lumbar support and make your ergonomic office chair even more supportive and comfortable.  Here are five reasons to use one.

      Support for People with Lower Back Pain

      Back pillows can be used on the go or at work. They provide excellent lumbar support, particularly for people who have sciatica or herniated discs. Pillows lessen the static posture that creates or aggravates problems with lower back pain.

      Getting Rid of the Tendency to Slouch

      When you sit in an office chair for a prolonged period of time, your natural tendency is to slouch down in the chair or over your desk. This position can overstretch the ligaments in your spine and strain your discs and their surrounding structures.

      Full-Length Back Support

      Longer back support pillows aid in proper alignment and support in any office chair.  They may offer unique shapes, inspired by the natural posture of the body. These pillows help the lumbar area and even help in positioning tailbone area and legs.

      Back Support Pillows

      Proper Spine Alignment

      Half-roll pillows offer lumbar support and they help in easing lower back pain because they promote a properly aligned spine. A firm foam pillow will give the maximum comfort and support you need.

      Flexible Back Support Pillows for All Shapes

      Flexible Support for All Shapes

      Back sac pillows are flexible yet supportive for their users. They are basically over-sized pillows with an inflatable bladder. This is only partially filled to allow this type of pillow to surround the back, providing full support. These can be used for children as well as adults, and on surfaces other than office chairs. Just a few simple breaths of air can provide support for even problem backs.

      Back Sac Pillows

      Back support pillows at work allow you to sit with your spine properly positioned, so that you do not slouch or cause yourself back pain. They can make a big difference when you have to sit in one position for the majority of the day.


    • How to Keep Your Office Organized

      Whether you work from home or you are a business manager for a large corporation, most of us all have one major fault in common: the tendency to be unorganized. While some of us have organizational skills at home, bringing them to the office is a whole different story; and for those of us that have trouble staying organized even at home, well there seems to be no hope for us. Just as with any room in a house or business, an office space can quickly become messy and unorganized when not attended to. With the amount of papers, office supplies, and mail that piles up on a daily basis, your office can easily be transformed into a clutter filled disaster, making it difficult to find what is needed. There are plenty of quick solutions to keeping your office more organized with most requiring little effort. The easiest and most cost effective-solution is purchasing office organizational equipment. Four office accessories that can help lead your office to looking tidy and more presentable are file cabinets, computer holders, pencil drawers, and cable management accessories.


      A file cabinet is a smart choice for any office environment with its ability to conceal and store unneeded documents that otherwise usually end up sitting on a desk for months on end. When papers begin to pile up, it can often be difficult to find what you are looking for which can be detrimental to any business, especially if it is something critical such as an invoice that needs to be paid. Filing allows for the easy organization of documents and quick access to information when needed. There are a number of different file cabinets available from vertical files to lateral files to locking files to files made of different materials.

      It is important to consider which will work best for your business or home environment. Things to consider when purchasing a file cabinet include the size of the documents that will be filed away (will they be letter sized or will you be storing larger papers), the amount of documents that need to be stored, the area the file will be in, the material you will want the file to be made of, and the size of the file you will need. Larger businesses that have many documents that need to be stored will probably need a larger file with four drawers that can be stored in a file room whereas a home office may only need a small two drawer file to store a few important documents. Other companies may want to provide each of their employees with their own individual file drawers to help keep all of their desks more tidy and clean.


      Computer holders are beneficial for any work station with their ability to keep your CPU safe from various external elements and your work space free from clutter. When CPU systems are left on the floor this can create an untidy office appearance, they can scratch or damage the flooring, can be in the way of a person's personal work space, and can even cause unnecessary accidents from people tripping over it or stubbing their toes by running into them. Some CPU holders have a metal bracing system which tightly holds the CPU on both sides and offers support from the bottom while other value oriented versions come with a series of straps which can hold the computer in place. Most CPU holders can be easily installed underneath the user's desk or attached to the wall, cleanly out of sight allowing for a more productive work environment. Most also come with anti-skid pads to prevent the CPU from sliding out of position and falling out of the holder.


      When small office accessories such as pencils, erasers, markers, or paperclips need an efficient and effective way to be stored that will also allow for easy access when needed, a pencil drawer is the number one go-to solution. They can easily be installed underneath a desk, coming with all the proper hardware needed for installation, and simply slide out when needed. A pencil drawer allows for your desk to have a neat appearance by eliminating the small accessories that often get piled up  and creating more space for other more significant items. Pencil drawers often have a small and sleek design that will be imperceptible from the view of others when looking at your desk. Another benefit is that pencil drawers are very inexpensive and will not put a damper on your budget. A good pencil drawer can be purchased for less than $75 with free shipping if bought over the internet. There are also laptop security drawers available, which can store your laptop when not in use with the added security of a lock and key that are needed to open the drawer.


      One common annoyance that many people experience in their office that can lead to a messy appearance is the amount of cables and cords that are strewn about their desks and work areas. Most would not even think of a way to conceal wires and cords, and do not have knowledge of a very inexpensive solution available for this problem. Cable management accessories are readily available to house and route cables, power strips, and ballasts. They offer protection for technology, order for users, and easy installation for almost any surface with just two screws or double-sided tape. The system keeps technology and cords off the floor to maintain an organized work area and facilitate cleaning under desks. Cable management accessories come in different sizes and widths to accommodate wires of differing thicknesses, from thin computer connecting wires to thick phone wires. They can be installed in countless configurations to accommodate each user and unique work environment.

      Having an organized office is beneficial for yourself and your employees by creating a more comfortable work environment and therefor also creating a more productive environment. With the number of distractions that take place at work on a daily basis, one less worry can be eliminated by having a clean and organized work space. If your business has clients or guests visiting on a consistent basis, they will also be left with a more favorable impression of your company if they step into a pristine office environment. After all, the state of your office area is a reflection of your business and who would not want to leave both your employees and guests with a favorable impression? Office organization supplies can be purchased online for affordable prices by reputable manufacturers. They do not require much research, so you will be able to rest assured that what you purchased will be exactly what you receive, all while being able to shop within the convenience of your own home.

      To view SitBetter's extensive selection of office organization supplies, please click here!

    • Creating a Fun & Cozy Office Environment

      If you are creating a new office environment, you probably want it to be attractive, yet comfortable enough to be productive. Striking a balance between cozy and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge, but it is definitely not impossible. Here ar

      e four factors to creating a cute and comfortable office all at once, using a website like to source your modern office accessories and furniture.

      1) Matching Colors

      One way to infuse some character into your office environment without sacrificing comfort and productivity is by adding a shot of color to the scheme of things. Color can convey a number of different emotions and moods. For example:

      • Red can energize and draw attention;
      • Blue and green can calm and soothe;
      • Yellow can cheer the mood of anyone within the office’s vicinity.

      You can choose a lot of different kinds of office supplies by color, such as executive chairs, conference seating, reception chairs, filing cabinets and much more. It’s possible to get matching sets for a very cohesive color scheme, or you can just add accents here and there to punch up liveliness.

      2) Matching Wood Types

      Another more subtle way to be coordinated is to use corresponding wood tones and types. There are a few different types of wood available for office furniture and accessories. Choose from light wood, dark wood, medium tones or red hues.

      You can also choose wood color based on the eras and aesthetics that you like, color aside. Light-colored wood like pine is typically more modern, calling to mind 1950’s aesthetics. Dark woods like oak are timeless and classic, recalling the early 1800’s. Cherry woods and mahogany are red tinted, which is reminiscent of turn of the 20th century Victorian decor. No matter what your preferences, you can impart a certain style with wood selection.

      3) Purchasing Ergonomic Furniture

      Of course, comfort should be a consideration if you spend a lot of time in the office you are furnishing. One way to make sure that your great looking office is also comfortable is to purchase all ergonomically designed furniture.

      You can get chairs in many different materials and colors that provide lumbar support, armrests, neck and head support and mid-back back up. It’s easy to find something that looks great and gives you the support you need.

      4) Adding Fun Office Accessories

      What would a great office be without cool accessories to finish it off? No matter what your decor and furniture selections, there are great extras like aluminum desk lamps and bamboo chair mats to keep things looking sleek and fresh.

      Some websites offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount, so it can be beneficial to buy your decor all at once.

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