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office chair

  • Office Chair Review: Cherryman Respond 3.1

    Three Sweet Features:

    1. Sleek, modern design with chrome accents

    2. Ergonomic knee tilt with seat slider

    3. Leather seat and nice mesh back

    The Thorough Review:

    The Cherryman Respond 3.1 Mesh Office Chair with Leather seat is a very nice modern mesh chair.  Not fully mesh, it features a thick leather seat that complements the mesh back nicely.  It adds both style and comfort to the chair, and, with the chrome base and accents, combine to make a high end, luxury modern office chair at at mid-market price.

    Featuring a seat slider, back height adjustment, and a 2:1 ergonomic knee tilt mechanism, the chair features all the ergonomic necessities to more than appropriately qualify as a quality ergonomic chair.  It has an adjustable lumbar support and height and width adjustable arms too, covered in a "Soft Touch" polyurethane armpad.

    The back height is tall enough to be able to pass as a modern managers chair, or low enough to work capably as a task chair in an modern environment.  The chair sits nice.  The aforementioned leather seat is not plush, but rather a tad firm - just how you want a good ergonomic task chair to be.  The back mesh is nice, as it conforms well to majority of users and is firm enough to provide ample upper and lower back support.  It's breathability is nice too.  Overall, the Cherryman Respond 3.1 is a stylish and very modern ergonomic office chair for any office environment.

    The Ratings:

    The chair fits well. The mid-back with its ratched back ensures most people will fit well in it. It is only rated up to 250 lbs though.

    Very adjustable. Has most every ergonomic adjustment needed.

    It is a good looking chair. That's the bottom line. Clean lines and nice design.

    Overall Rating (Not an average):
    Overall, a good ergonomic chair. Competes at a great price point. The relative inexperience of the manufacturer in the chair business (they've done desks for years) gives us pause where longevity is concerned, but the chair features a good warranty.

    Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

  • Buying a leather office chair online

    There are a variety of leather office chairs out there, and buying on the Internet requires a knowledge of what the different m

    echanisms do - which is where SitBetter comes in. Really, buying a chair should be based on two things:

    1. Does it fit my decor, my desk and the style of the office? That you should be able to tell just based on your taste alone. If you have good taste, then you'll probably make a good decision. However, if you wear plaid sport coats and red shoes (take Craig Sager, for example) then you should probably leave the chair buying to the well dressed person on your left.

    2. Is it comfortable? This is not just a question of whether the cushions are comfortable. There are various factors that determine the comfort level of a chair...Let's assume that you aren't able to sit in it before hand, which reallistcally is the case with 99% of chair shoppers, give that there are over 5000 different chair types available. So consider a few things and comfort can be derived from whether or not they exist on the chair:

    Knee Tilt v. Spring Tilt Mechanisms: The link to the left is a great reference to the difference between the two types of mechanisms. Knee tilt is more expensive, but more ergonomic. In a nutshell, you should consider leather office chairs with knee tilt mechanisms if you are using said leather office chairs as executive or desk seating. The knee tilt promotes keeping your feet on the ground and thighs parallel to the ground when you recline, thus reducing the pressure on your thighs and achieving more blood flow - more blood flow means less yawning, so on and so forth. A knee tilt mech will have height adjustment, tilt tension and be able to lock the back rest in multiple positions. That said, spring tilt mechanisms are great for conference rooms. A spring tilt mech is positioned at the middle of the chair seat, so there is little to no ergonomic benefit. Get it for leather office chairs where long ardous hours are not required, but sitting for 2 or 3 is - and the spring tilt (which has height adjustment, tilt tension and one locking postion) will save you money so you can buy beer to make that meeting less than 2 or 3 hours...

    What's in a name? You can get many good chairs that will last a good long time online, but buyer beware. The great budget leather office chair companies are far and few between, with the best being Boss Office Chairs, then Office Star and Chairworks. OFM is good too, but they are not classified as budget. For true value in leather office chairs, it should probably be from on of the aforementioned brands. SitBetter has a great selection of budget and value oriented leather office chairs, btw.

    Leather, vinyl, Caressoft...While the latter two don't classify as leather office chairs, don't be so quick to dismiss them, especially if you want a cheaper option in the "leather category". The vinyl of olden days is not the vinyl of today. And caressoft is a blend of leather and vinyl. Just keep this in mind: leather is more comfortable over the long term, vinyl and caressoft is less expensive over the short term. Tomatoes, tomaaaatos?? Eh.

    Plushness... You can tell by a picture. There is a big difference between this chair here (La-Z-Boy Sintas), and this chair here (Boss B8106). And the price is always telling. Not to upsell, but price does matter sometimes. A $99 chair is just NOT going to feel like a $649 chair, no matter how many pleasure inducing drugs you take.

    Ergonomics...Knee tilt and spring tilt aside, ergonomics are rare in leather office chairs, but not absent. Most common is the knee tilt and the lumbar support that is built into the back of the chair (but not adjustable), but there are a few more options, listed here of leather office chairs with ergonomic features. Necessary? Not really, in my opinion. A leather office chair should be plush and enveloping, more than anything, not fully adjustable to the exact millimeter of comfort.

    Anyways, take some or all of these factors into mind when buying a leather office chairs online. Like I said, understand your situation for which you need the leather office chair. It is a critical factor in choosing the chair. The rest is really just gravy.

    Likewise, the crew at SitBetter seems to know a whole lot about chairs, and are good about dispensing advice...almost as good as my Batman Pez dispenser was...

  • Motorized Office Chair

    So, there I was just playing around on Google and I typed in ‘office chair news,’ and out pops this story about a motorized office chair. Alright there are other things I could have been doing but like I said, ‘I was just playing around.’ I was compelled to click!

    Back in August of 2008, it appears that two inventive 17-year-olds from the western town of Gross-Zimmern (that’s in Germany) had rebuilt an office chair with lots of bells and whistles. Unfortunately for them, the ‘bells and whistles’ in question were illegal; at least by German police standards. The two had added a lawnmower engine, bicycle brakes, and a sturdy metal frame to the revolving office chair. It was described as a ‘go-cart like vehicle.’ I personally think adding a metal frame was forward thinking!

    Although witnesses reported seeing this motorized office chair on several streets, the teens insisted they’d only tested it in the immediate vicinity. However, the case is being investigated for a variety of possible offenses, one of them being operating a vehicle without the proper insurance and licensing.
    We have a lot of office chairs here at, most of them with smooth wheels and even gas cylinders to raise and lower the seat level. None of those however will whip you around the office faster than your legs can carry you.

    But wait, now that I think of it, you can move pretty quickly with the right amount of leg strength. Stopping is a bit rough though, so I am NOT suggesting trying this at home or at the office!

  • Office Chair,, and One of the Three Bears

    Well, I’ve got to tell you that I’ve made a full recovery from the shoulder problem I mentioned a while back. Man, that was a few months ago, but it definitely feels so much longer. I guess the pain started back six months ago and I didn’t do anything about it at first. Sometimes I’m like that. I’d felt the sharp shooting pains in my right deltoid but just thought I’d strained it, it took me nearly three months to see my doctor about it. She had me go to physical therapy. Yes, the ego-decimation of having to yank and stretch little colorful rubber bands was not something I looked forward to everyday, but I did it. I won’t say it was pleasurable when I advanced to the five pound weights and struggled, and yes, began to sweat.

    Finally recognizing what happened, I picked up a new home office chair. It was my favorite at and it still remains king in my book. The Infinity Series Mesh Back Chair (EMC-11), came with free shipping, and the black mesh is cool for those days I have to spend a lot of time in front of the ole laptop. The adjustments have been set just right, and not to sound like one of the three bears in Goldilocks, but I can always tell when someone’s been sitting in my home office chair.

    Years ago, when I was working for a big company in Boston, I had an office chair that was pretty expensive, but it took me a long time to figure out how it worked and what positions were the right ones for me. I think the word ‘ergonomic’ was just catching on back then. Anyway, inevitably, I’d take a vacation and come back to find someone had been sitting in my office chair. I’m not selfish so it had nothing to do with anyone playing with my ‘toy,’ but the person or persons would always mess around with adjustments and tilts. I’d sit down and my feet wouldn’t touch the floor, or I’d sit and my knees would come parallel to my shoulders. Alright, I exaggerated on the last one, but either way it would take me numerous attempts during the day, and sometimes the week, to get it back to how I liked it.

    One of the many cool things about my Infinity (EMC-11) is that within a minute I can adjust it right back to where wanted. It seems to know where my comfort levels are at.

    There’s only one question though. It this is my home office chair and, but for my Rottweiler, Casey, I live alone. So, then who’s been sitting in my office chair?

    Maybe I am one of the three bears.

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