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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter


    • Happy Holidays!

      Sitbetter wants to take time to wish you and your family a Happy Holidays and safe traveling over the next week! We will be taking a short break from blogging until December 29th in order to celebrate the season with our family and friends and honestly, I will probably be in a food coma until then. With 2009 coming to an end there is a lot to look forward to come 2010. Next week we will begin by recapping the top ten best chairs of the year according to Sitbetter, as well as give a sneak peak of our New Year, New Chair Contest which is set to begin January 4th at 8:00 a.m. PST. We are also eagerly anticipating the release of the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair, which has a mid-January release date. A lot to look forward to coming up, so stay tuned and keep coming back for me!

    • Sitbetter Accepts Government SmartPay Cards for Office Chairs now accepts government issue SmartPay cards on all office chair and ergonomic accessory purchases. Effective immediately, government employees who use a SmartPay Integrated card or a SmpartPay Purchase card can enjoy the benefits of Sitbetter's thorough and low priced office chair and ergonomic accessories online catalog.

      SmartPay Integrated Card

      Utilizing state of the art Level 3 online security and payment processing, Sitbetter's secure one page checkout solution provides a quick, efficient and complient way for government employees to sit better. As well, always has sales associates on the line in case any need or issue should arise.

      Ordering via SmartPay at Sitbetter is easy - with no additional credientials or agency verification needed due to the Level 3 cart/site security, the Smartpay card is used in the same manner Internet shoppers have become accustomed to. Additionally, the no tax rule for SmartPay and government employees is automatically assessed to their orders - orders shipping outside of California are automatically tax free and orders shipping within California are easily deducted tax. The rest of the process flows as well - receipts are emailed followed by tracking information as soon as the product leaves the manufacturer's warehouse. Sitbetter also runs daily order maintenance to ensure a short wait time for your new chair.

      What is the benefit of buying office chairs at Sitbetter with your SmartPay card? "Endless," says CEO Alec Lopez, "as we offer an extensive line of products to match or improve upon your current chairs, at the best price. Additionally, we do a lot of work with government entities, including Ft. Bragg, Ft. Irwin, Newseum in DC, Walter Reed, and the list goes on. We know how to take care of the most important customer - Uncle Sam!". Purchasing once is easy at, while purchasing additional items is even easier. Each government customer, no matter the order size, is assigned an account representative that is familiar with their order history. Re-ordering or parts and warranty service are a snap, as service and help is only a call away.

      Sitbetter additionally provides a secure login to the user where they can check their order status, review previous orders and print additional receipts for accounting purposes. hopes to provide government employees a better, faster, cheaper place to purchase office chairs and ergonomic accessories through the acceptance of government issue SmartPay cards. Smartpay Cards, combined Sitbetter's excellent service and prices, make the smarter place to buy better office chairs for government.

    • The Value of Ergonomic Accessories, Pt. 1

      What are ergonomic accessories, and how do we assess their value in an era when the "hot" term in the office is ergonomics? Everyone wants a piece of them, and everyone wants to charge a lot for them, but before you dive headfirst into "ergonomicafying" your office, let's get a deeper understanding of what will and what can work for your work environment.

      Ergonomic accessories can be classified into 3 general categories: Monitor Arms, Keyboard Trays, and Footrests. Some mice are included in this conversation, but only a few. Anything else is really an office accessory, including CPU holders, glare filters and task lights. While not disputing the fact that these office accessories are valuable, they are not focused at providing the same benefits to one's body at work like the aforementioned 3 ergonomic categories.

      monitor armMonitor arms became increasingly popular with the decrease in price of flat screen monitors - at first a tool for the hip, now a tool for comfort. Not only do they allow for more desk tabletop space by freeing up valuable real estate, but the true ergonomic benefit comes in the ability to position the monitor at the right height for the computer's user. Ideally, the top of the monitor should be level to users line of sight - this dissuades slouching or leaning to read the screen. If you use two monitors, a dual monitor arm may be employed, and the second monitor should be aligned an arms length in front of you and to the right of the main monitor. If you have a laptop, you can still use a monitor arm - you'll just need a monitor. By using a laptop tray, you can use your laptop monitor effectively without using a monitor arm.

      What does "not slouching" do? Basically, your mother was right. (Funny how we always hear that as we grow older). The monitor arm prevents slouching, which means you are going to be in the optimal sitting position most of your work hours. Your back is going to be where it should be - leaning against the backrest. Why is leaning against the backrest good, aside from feeling good? Let's look at the shape of the chair to the shape of your spine. Notice the S shape of your spine and how it rests against the S shaped backrest? Most ergonomic chairs will have such a shaped backrest, so leaning all the way back allows your back to appropriately meet the backrest.

      Keyboard trays also encourage proper ergonomics by keeping your arms at an even level. This posture of your arms will reduce the strain on the wrists that is commonly associated with constant and repetitive typing. Keyboard Trays are becoming more popular and are usually a more commonly bought accessory - installation requires only a few screws and the benefits are immediate. There are many different types of keyboard trays - they all pretty much function the sames so quality is where the price differences arise.

      So getting a keyboard tray is effective in relieving wrist related stress while typing, but like the monitor arm, it has a practical use as well - it frees up valuable desk space. While the paperless office has been attempted, lets face it, paper will always be around. Might as well have more room to spread your clutter!

      ESI LAPTOP STANDYou may be one of the many people that employ a laptop. As I write this from a laptop, I can tell you that having a laptop is no excuse to eschew ergonomics. There are utilities available to take advantage of a keyboard tray and monitor arm with a laptop, such as this nifty Laptop Docking Station (which is the one I use, by the way):

      Lastly, the ergonomic footrests. What is the benefit of that? None if you don't use it right. (Like anything). An ergonomic footrests is generally made for two purposes - one, to give users a place to rest their feet on high chairs or seating areas or two, as an accessory to encourage movement of the feet while sitting. This constant motion won't burn many calories, but it will promote bloodflow, which in turn reduces fatigue. And that's always nice. They even have some with massage balls - so you can get a nice massage in the workplace, provided your feet don't, well, smell.

      The idea behind ergonomic accessories is to add overall comfort to the user's workplace atmosphere, and that is a goal that is not to be overlooked nor understated. The modern work lifestyle has evolved to the point where these items are not a luxury anymore- with people spending more and more time on a computer and on the Internet these days, being comfortable for a prolonged period of time is critical to overall well being.

      Just think of how many hours a day you'd spend working in front of your computer, slouching forward and trying to make sense of the small text on the screen. (Make the font bigger, if you keep squinting!) A good monitor arm/keyboard tray/footrest combo will quickly and, if chosen right, inexpensively make your or your employees work days more efficient and better over the long run. All of the accessories sold at Sitbetter are quality items - nothing that will fail within a week or even a year, and if it does, it is a good thing you bought it here, because we have your back. It's ok to drink our ergonomic kool-aid - we do.

      For more updates, info you probably need, and occasional lifesaving coupons, follow us on twitter, become a fan on facebook or sign up to our email list!

    • Office Chair Review: OFM 119 Vinyl Posture Task Chair

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      rong style="color: #0C5DA5">Three Sweet Features:

      1. Anti-Microbial

      2. A variety of vinyl colors

      3. Posture back adjustment

      The Thorough Review:

      A very popular anti-microbial Vinyl task chair, OFM was great enough to produce a video of the functionality of the chair! Check it out below:

      The OFM Vinyl Posture Task Chair is available at SitBetter - we think it is a great, value oriented task series, and it provides a great deal of reliability and cleanliness for any office, medical, or industrial space looking for both.

      The Ratings:


      Never had one issue with the chair. The foam is thick, the parts are solid.


      Good enough for a task chair in anti-microbial environments. Posture Back does the trick. There are more ergonomic ones, but this is a task chair, not an ergonomic chair.


      It looks like a task chair. Nothing spectacular, but that is not the point of a task chair. Functionality is key. The different vinyl colors, however, swing points in its direction. Very cool.

      Overall Rating (Not an average):

      Combining value with durability, comfort and reliability, this is a great choice for a single use (8 hrs a day) task chair where anti-microbial furniture is needed!

      Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

  • Office Chair Review: Petite ergoCentric Saffron Office Chair!

    Three Sweet Features:

    1. Very customizable.

    2. Small seat to fit any petite user.

    3. High quality, very durable.

    The Thorough Review:

    Ergocentric Saffron I Dt- Petite Ergonomic Task Chair EGC-Saffron-I-DT is an absolute value when you combine it's ergonomics, customization, and price. First off, the manufacturer produces a high quality product, so aside from everything, the chair is a great product. On all their chairs, the quality is evident - the parts are strong, the chairs recline smoothly, and adjust easily. This chair is no exception to that, despite its petite size.

    A great feature about this chair is the customization of the seat. Many petite users have a hard time finding a small chair that fits them the right way - thus they are uncomfortable and experience pain while sitting. With the Petite Saffron Chair, the options nullify that. There are 3 different seat sizes available that can fit any user, and varying cylinder heights so that a petite user's feet can actually touch the ground - a critical ergonomic principle. The chair is also available with or without arms, to suit the needs of any user.

    All in all, this chair really measures up to the standards of any petite office chair needs. Finding the right chair for smaller people no longer has to be an arduous task!

    The Ratings:

    Ergocentric warrants their chairs for 10 years. And, each chair has a serial number tag on them, ensuring that you can get the right parts for your chair if there ever is any issue. Not that many arise with them...

    For a petite office chair, the ergonomic components on this chair are outstanding. This particular model has a smaller backrest, but others in this line offer a tad more ergonomics. Still, getting a petite office chair with ergonomics like this one is a rarity.

    Choose from 3 different seat sizes, a bunch of cylinder choices and multiple seat cushions. Not to mention over 40 fabrics. This is a VERY customizable petite office chair.

    Overall Rating (Not an average):
    Nothing more we can say other than this is a great petite office chair. The customization alone is worth the price - a price that is, at that, a very good value!

    Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!

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