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    used office Furniture

    • The Benefits of Buying Used Office Chairs

      It has come to the point when you need to toss out your old chair and replace it with something new. The padding is worn down, the adjustments are not as functional as they used to be, your base is scratched, or maybe your chair is even flat out broken. Owning an office chair is essential for any individual that spends time working at a desk during the day, whether it be at your business or at home. No matter what your reasoning is for needing a new chair, it is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and with everything else in life that becomes outdated, you will have to spend some money to get the latest and greatest. If breaking the bank is not a possibility for you right now and you need a more affordable alternative, consider purchasing a used office chair. There are many benefits to buying used office chairs including lower pricing, functionality, and upkeep. There are also a few things to look out for when purchasing used furniture.


      Low Price
      Purchasing a used office chair is much more affordable than purchasing a brand new chair. Because the chair has been previously used by another customer, office furniture dealers are able to provide a chair that once could have cost $500 brand new for a highly discounted price. This is beneficial to any business or home customer that is looking to save money while providing their employees or themselves with a comfortable chair to sit in. When looking for a used chair, be certain to fully understand the pricing. If a chair appears to be significantly lower in price than its original cost, ask a sales representative why there is such a large discrepancy in price. Do not be afraid to ask the same questions that you would normally ask when purchasing a new item, you will want to be certain that the product you are purchasing, although used, will last you for years to come. Many used office chairs also do not come with their original warranties, making it even more important to fully understand why the chair is considered to be used.


      Because they are sold at a cheaper price, people often assume that used chairs will not function to the same ability that a brand new chair would. The truth is, most will function just as efficiently and effective as a new chair. If the chair has been lightly used, the chair will most likely last as long as it is warranted for, which varies between different chair manufacturers. If purchasing a used chair from an internet retailer, again, if you have an apprehensions ask if the chair has any problems in functionality or design. Most internet retailers will not sell a chair as used unless it is in almost brand new condition; chairs that are defective or have problems are typically sent back to the original manufacturer for them to dispose of or take parts from, making purchasing online a much more reliable option. Brick and mortar stores may not fully examine a product for defects and will immediately put it back on their showroom floor after a return without prior inspection.


      A chair can be considered used for a number of reasons, but most internet retailers will not sell it as used unless the chair has been preserved in almost original condition. Most chairs are returned for a reason as minuscule as the fabric did not match their home decor or the seat was too large for their build. In this situation, the next customer who purchases this chair will essentially be getting a terrific bargain by purchasing a chair that has been used for a few days with little to no risk of a defect occurring. Other times, a customer may use a chair for only a few days before determining that it did match up to their expectations and will return it to find something that fits them better or feels more comfortable. Another benefit to purchasing used chairs online is most retailers will specifically state if there is any damage to the product, whether there are minor scuffs on the base or a scratch in the fabric, this information is often disclosed. If this information is not readily available, ask a salesperson to provide you with the condition of the chair. Any person should be able to tell you this, or if not find someone who can.

      Whether you are looking to save some extra money or want a discount office chair that is still fully functional, used office chairs are an advisable option for any home or business customer. There inherent benefits make them a wise choice for anyone looking to save money without having to compromise on quality, so long as time is spent researching prior to purchasing. Used furniture can be found through a number of different avenues including through the internet, at a local office furniture dealer, or sometimes even when a business closes down. Be sure to keep in mind that although saving money is always a priority, you do not want to compromise on quality which is why it is crucial to purchase from a reputable dealer. If purchasing a used chair is too much of a risk for you, there are also plenty of brand new chairs on sale that may fall into your price range. Many internet retailers run specials on chairs on a weekly basis with great savings to incur, so be on the look out for bargains if shopping online.

      To view Sitbetter's wide selection of used office chairs click here!

    • Buying New Vs. Used Office Chairs

      There comes a point when every office needs to update or add office chairs, and when that time comes the majority of us are on a strict budget constraint. There is the pressure to find the cheapest and best possible price without compromising the quality of the chair, however more often than not this does not seem to be possible without having to sacrifice key adjustments. Purchasing a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair suitable for sitting in multiple hours a day can be a bit pricey, let alone having to purchase ergonomic chairs for the whole office. This is where the big question comes into play, how can your company save money and get the most bang for your buck? The best place to start answering this question is to think about whether you would like to purchase new or used office furniture, and consider the pros and cons of each.

      Used Office Chairs


      1. Advantages - Perhaps the greatest benefit to purchasing used office chairs is the significant price savings that will incur. Because the chair has been used by a previous customer, office chair retailers must mark a certain amount off their used chairs in order to sell the chair again. All used office chairs should be thoroughly inspected for defect by the seller to ensure there are no problems with the chair before making it available for purchase again. Internet office chair retailers typically advertise their used office chairs as "open box deals" which essentially means the chair was returned back by a previous customer for any reason other than defect or damage. Used office chairs can also be a great bargain; if you do your research you may find that the used chair you are interested in has only been slightly used by the previous customer. Many customers order the wrong color or try out  a chair for a day to find it does not work for them, in which case you will be getting an essentially new chair at a used price.

      2. Disadvantages - If you purchase a used chair and find at a later point in time you are not happy with it, there is a strong possibility that you will not be able to return the chair. When used office furniture is purchased, it is generally a final sale because retailers simply can not keep reselling the same piece of furniture. Each time the chair is returned, it has less value and is worth less. Perhaps the biggest drawback to purchasing used office chairs is that the original warranty the chair came with will be void. If the original owner of the chair purchased the chair with a lifetime warranty, if you then proceed to purchase the chair secondhand the original warranty would not be passed down to you. This would leave you out of luck if any part were to break on the chair that would have normally been covered had you purchased the chair new.

      New Office Chairs


      1. Advantages - Purchasing a chair brand new allows you to have the freedom to decide exactly what you want and need in an office chair including level of adjustability, color, or upholstery, without having to settle for anything less. You can also rest assured that your chair will be under warranty; the length and specifics of each chair's warranty varies between manufacturers. If a part breaks or you receive your chair and it is defective, you will be able to have your parts fixed promptly and free of charge. A new office chair is also much less likely to break or wear out as quickly as a used office chair will over time, and you will be guaranteed a specific lifetime of the chair based on the manufacturer's warranty. New office chairs are more often than not readily available for purchase no matter what quantity you are seeking. In many cases, there will only be one model of a used office chair available for purchase which is not ideal for bulk orders where multiple office chairs of the same model are needed.

      2. Disadvantages - Getting a quality brand new office chair with multiple adjustments is expensive and may not fit into every business's budget, especially when multiple chairs are needed. Purchasing a used office chair can help your company save significantly over a new chair. It also may take longer for the chairs to get shipped and delivered over a used chair, because some chairs can be highly customized to the person's liking and this requires additional time to manufacture whereas a used office chair has already been made.


      Whether you company decides to purchase a new office chair or a used office chair it is important to do your research on your chair of choice prior to purchase. Try to determine whether the chair comes with a warranty and how long that warranty will be extended to you, especially if you are looking to purchase a used chair. If you are looking to purchase numerous chairs and you have to purchase them brand new ask your retailer if you can get a volume discount; most of the time they will say yes, particularly if the quantity is 6 or greater. If you need a specific type of chair to fit your needs, do not settle for a used chair if you know it will not meet your needs or you may find yourself having to purchase another chair a few months down the line. Both new and used chairs have advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to decide which will be the best purchasing decision for your company and provide the most return on investment before making a purchase.

      Whether you are looking for used office chairs or new office chairs has them both! Click here to see our wide selection of new office chairs or click here to view our used open box deal specials!

    • The $2000.00 Leather Office Chair

      This leather office chair cost $2000.00 once. Yes, it is leather. AND, the warranty is expired. Shouldn't a $2000.00 chair have a lifetime warranty?  (In its defense, its around 8 years old...)

      You have to wonder though, and hope, that there were plenty of good decisions made on this chair...Or a lot of fun times ...I can't say with certainty which!

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