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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

The Ergonomic SwingChair

Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever find an office chair that will help relieve your back pain? Are you finding that all the office chairs you try cause pain and discomfort when seated for long periods of time? Perhaps it is time to brea

k away from the traditional ergonomic office chair and try something new. The SwingChair is a great non traditional office chair to transition to when searching for a new seating option.

The SwingChair is unlike any office chair you've experienced before. The seat pan and back rest both move with the user. They both move independently, but at the same pivot point located at the lumbar region. It allows your body to sit and move naturally, while counter balancing every action. This lets the user have a chair that works for them, not the user attempting to get comfortable in a locked position - their current chair. The ease of movement and constant motion is beneficial for back pain that is caused from being in the same position for extended periods of time. This causes compression of the spine, leading to stress and tension to build, resulting in back pain. The body is finally able to relax and let go, because the chair is going to support the back in every position with counter balancing.

As with any office chair, it is essential to adjust it correctly to meet your needs. When seated on the SwingChair, it is important to sit as far back as possible on the seat pan, this will bring the chair into position. Sit at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the ground. The backrest can be adjusted forward or back two inches to allow the user to decide the amount of back support wanted. The armrests are completely adjustable as well, they are height adjustable, can rotate 360°, and be locked in any position. Another feature includes a tension knob, which determines the level of pressure needed to lean back in the chair. The backrest of the chair is also height adjustable for proper positioning to meet the user's unique back shape. It has an optional headrest version if extra upper back or shoulder support is needed.

The SwingChair has numerous benefits to offer that make it superior to a traditional office chair. It allows your body to move with natural motion, decreasing back pain associated with sitting in a fixed position. It also will conform to your natural position, counterbalancing every natural movement. The adjustable armrests offer additional shoulder and neck support, as well as easily adjusting to the desk and keyboard height. The shortened seat pan helps with leg circulation as opposed to longer seat pans that cut off circulation to the legs. It will also eliminate frequent stretch and walking breaks, as now the user is naturally moving while seated therefor increasing productivity.

See what the SwingChair is all about and learn more by clicking here! swing-chair