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Big and tall chairs at SitBetter

Office Chairs That Make You Sit Better

Southern California’s web-based office chair supply company,, recently launched its newly refurbished website that is easy to navigate and chocked full of useful information on preventing back pain at the office.

Recently, the Mayo Clinic stated that even routine office work can exacerbate any previous back pain because of bad seating habits. The four work-related factors associated with this type of injury are; exerting too much force, continued repetitive motion, poor posture, and the pressures at work and home. The best way to avoid back injuries in the office is to watch your sitting posture. Find an office chair that supports your back, adjust the height so your feet remain flat on the floor, and finally remove any bulky objects, like a wallet, from your back pocket, this tends to disrupt the balance of your lower back.

“We know how hard finding the right office chair for back pain can be, so we’ve done a lot of research to make the process easier,” states Alec Lopez, Founder and CEO of “We are always open to questions and love when current and future customers call us. We love chairs, it’s what we do. Our goal is always to help you sit better.”

With back pain being the number one work related injury in the office because of faulty chairs and desk set ups, presents solutions to better physical living at the office. is open 8am-6pm, PST and can be reached at (888) 311-9421.

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