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Telecommuting? Your Office Chair Can Fit You Right

With the economy forcing people to the unemployment line and companies working to discover ways to cut overhead costs, many workers are finding out what telecommuting is all about.

Although current statistics show that only 5% of all workers work exclusively from home, the trend for Americans to work from home for part of the work week is dramatically moving upward. In 2005 the Wall Street Journal released statistics regarding telecommuting. On a world-wide basis it is predicted that nearly 100 million workers will be working from home at least one day a month by the end of 2008. That is more than double the figure from 2000. The figure in the United States, at 12% in 2000, will be up near 27% in 2008.

“Everything is in place now,” says Alec Lopez, Founder and CEO of “There are a lot of advancements in technology, like Broadband technology. Anyone can log in almost anywhere in the world now-a-days. A stumbling block most people don’t think about though is their home office . They think just tossing their laptop on their kitchen table and sitting in a kitchen chair, or working from their living room recliner, when they really should be using a leather office chair, is fine until their back gives out.”

Often adopting the correct sitting position is overlooked. The lower back below the belt line should be as far back as possible. This will ensure the lumbar receives the support for straight posture.

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