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Drafting Chairs - How Do You Know if You Need One?

Let's face it, not every company and job profession fits into our vision of a traditional office set up of neat little cubicles sitting side by side with ergonomic task chairs tucked under standard height desks. There are certain businesses and lines of work that call for a different type of office set up outside the norm, where the desks or work stations are taller ,therefor calling for a different type of seating. This is where drafting chairs or drafting stools become the ideal choice for seating with their ability to extend higher than a typical office chair thanks to their long cylinders.

While the name "drafting chairs" certainly implies that they must obviously be used for designing or drafting on a drafting board, drafting chairs are also used in many other circumstances. They are a comfortable choice for any work area that's desk, work bench, or counter height requires a higher seat height to reach. With their long cylinders and chrome foot rings for added comfort and style, drafting chairs can be found in many different lines of work. Labs, architects, retail applications, pharmacies, and jobs in the bio field typically require sitting at a counter height station and drafting chairs are a common choice for seating. Doctors also find drafting chairs to be a viable choice allowing for easier examination of their patients and having a chair that fits people of all different shapes and sizes.

Most drafting chairs come with a few standard adjustments  and features included pneumatic seat height adjustment and a chrome foot ring to rest your feet on top of, however there are also more ergonomically correct drafting chairs available. Ergonomic drafting chairs come with more adjustments to fit the user such as the angle of the seat, the back angle, and the back height. This adjustability can become particularly useful when multiple people will be using the same chair as they will be able to adjust the chair to meet their specific needs. An ergonomic chair is also important to consider if the work application requires sitting for extended periods of time, when comfort becomes critical.

The growing popularity of drafting chairs has lead to an increased interest in chairs that allow for sitting and standing at the same time. This type of seating application is commonly referred to as a sit stand stool or drafting stool that allows the user of the chair to alternate between sitting down and standing up with ease. Sit stand stools ease the stress off the back caused by sitting all day, and allows for an easy transition to a standing position for at least part of the work day. Alternating between sitting and standing has been proven to increase worker productivity and promote a healthier way of sitting. Taking breaks every hour and stretching is recommended  by ergonomists and sit stand stools are an easy reminder to do this throughout the day.

One thought on “Drafting Chairs - How Do You Know if You Need One?”

  • Courtney B.

    It’s important a chair addresses factors such as sitting duration, task, and workstation placement so the end result can help users stay productive and alert throughout the day. Great post!


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