The Ergonomics of Treating Yourself Right

I love to eat out at restaurants, well, mostly at lunch time, but sometimes I’ve worked late and I need to just treat myself to something especially nice. I enjoy cooking a great deal actually, and I look at it as a sort of therapy. However, it isn’t any fun, nor is it therapy, when I forget to defrost a steak, chicken, or a nice piece of fish.

Knowing full well that tonight was a ‘treat-myself-nice’ night; I called up my friend, Rick. He and I work in the same area of the city and he’s a great friend and networker. It seems he knows all the right people; a connector of sorts. When I moved here a year ago, the job market, similar as it is now, maybe a tad better, was tight, but he was instrumental in my meeting the right people for work in San Diego.

As I was leaving my office, I called him, but he was running late. I suggested we car pool the restaurant to save on gas, not that it was all that far, but it was in the opposite direction of where we both lived, and besides, he works in a pretty cool office. They have a Foosball table, a pinball machine, and Wii. I guess you could say that Rick’s office is a throwback to the era, well, except the Wii. That’s new.
I did the obligatory run to his physical office. I’d been in it before. He just always dropped me off in the game area and lets me have at it. Now mind you, I try not to judge, but when he sat down, he was stooped over his key board and his posture was about as wrong as it could be for someone who is at his desk all day.

Keeping my mouth shut wasn’t an option, so I asked him if he’d ever heard of an ergonomic chair. He just smiled and looked at me, and I knew I’d be conned to come by and make a suggestion of what would work best for him. We clicked on to and moved quickly to the ergonomic chairs tab and immediately found exactly what he needed.

I must say he has good taste. He picked our Ergocentic Aircetric Air Flow Ergonomic Chair with Synchro Glide. It’s not all that pricey but it’s sharp, and for his long term physical health it is certainly worth the price.

After he placed the order, he shut off his computer and we got to leave. It was then that I realized it wasn’t he who was working late, it was me.Well, after everything he’s done for me, it was my pleasure.

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