“The Surplus”

We love the Office here, for a variety of reasons that if you’ve seen the show you’re most likely familiar with.  Great writing, acting, and above all, ironically deadpan office comedy.  It’s great.

The last episode of the latest season, aired 12/4/08, hit close to home for us.  Titled “The Surplus”  it essentially focused around a budget surplus and what to do with it – 95% of the office battling to get new ergonomic office chairs, and 2 other people wanting a new copier. It seemed that the only person on the show who didn’t know what the value in new chairs is was the boss. (He even pronounced “ergonomically” erglonomically, or some disasterous version of the word!)  It was funny, but true to the point that chairs are very much overlooked…

Anyways, we have an “older” copier here at Sitbetter…And man, do those copies sometimes suck!  That said, at least it drives a complaint only when it is used, as opposed to a really uncomfortable, old office chair – they can be horrible and complaint worthy every minute spent on it.

Do I recommend buying chairs over a copier?  Not if we sold copiers too!  On a serious note, though, all I am saying to take from the episode and this post is you cannot overlook the seating in the office.  You can always use carbon paper to make copies – can’t exactly have employees be productive sitting on a crappy office chair.

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  1. Monique says:

    I was totally thinking of Sit Better when I watched this episode of “The Office” last week!! When Steve Carell muttered the word “ergonomic,” there was only one office chair distributor I could think of! Perhaps you can call the Scranton location and offer them some of your wonderful selection! Awesome post.

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