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    The Top 10 Most Extreme Office Chair Videos

    The ingenuity and creative spirit of the overly bored individual should never be underestimated.  It truly is amazing.  For most, boredom leads to lounging around and, ultimately, to more boredom.  But for a few brave souls, this time of ennui is channeled into something much bigger than the rest of us could fathom.  When a lazy afternoon leaves you only with a leather office chair, an overactive imagination, and a desire to be extreme, anything can happen.  Here is the list of the top 10 extreme office chair videos floating around the web:


    This video makes our list because it is one of the largest office chair races we have ever seen.  It is only #10 because it is in a library, and hey, how extreme can you be in a library?


    This video loses some points because there is only a bike pulling them and they are on flat ground.  They don't quite get up enough speed to do any real damage, but they're still just kids.  Lets give them a few years and then see what kind of mischief they can get into.


    Anytime you can combine sports and office furniture, you've got a recipe for extreme.  The only problem with this video is that the sport is curling.


    A standard 1 vs. 1 office chair race, but these guys mean business.  From the sheer amount of will and determination shown by these two warriors, it looks more like a death race than anything else.


    You don't always have to be on the chair for it to be extreme.  Take these guys, for example.  They are actually trying to avoid being on the chair and it's still pretty darn extreme.


    If pulling a chair behind a bike isn't quite extreme enough for you, the next logical step would be to pull a chair behind a car.  Or two chairs behind a car, and then make the car go at an impressively extreme speed.


    Now that you've pulled a chair behind your car, there's nothing left for you to go for, right?  Wrong, as evidenced by this guy who put his chair on skis and pulled it behind a boat.


    Here ye, here ye.  I proclaimeth that this video be truly extreme.  Points for costumes and authenticty as well.


    Just watching this video is enough to get your blood pumping, that's how extreme it is.  When you attach a plastic lawn chair to a street louge and then take it to the mountains, you might not be sure how everything will end, but you know it will be extreme.


    The most extreme office chair video out there.  This is the definition of extreme.  They don't really land any of the tricks, but that doesn't stop them from giving it their all.  If you don't know how to skateboard, rollerblade, or bike, but you want to spend a fun filled extreme day at the skatepark, look no further than your computer desk.  Enjoy.

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