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Defining Comfort and health - Just What is Ergonomic Seating?

We hear the term thrown around a lot in discussions of office furniture, but just what is ergonomic seating? The definition isn’t always so easy to nail down, but experts, such as the team at, have made it their business to acquire substantial knowledge about this issue and have developed a large body of data to their definition of the term.

According to the IEA, ergonomics is the study of human interactions and other elements within a system. The professional industry that applies those major theories utilizes data, principles and leading methodologies to design seating that optimizes the comfort, productivity and overall well being of the people with any system. Quite simply, this means that office seating should be an integral component of your healthy workplace.

How Proper Chairs Improve the Workplace

Office seating is often woefully overlooked due to issues such as budget, time and convenience. The good news is that online furniture companies offer office seating solutions that can greatly improve your workplace without overstretching your budget. When people are comfortable, they are more likely to want to stay in the environment they are in, but office seating should be much more than comfortable. It should also provide adequate support and optimal positioning to reduce the likelihood of stress, injury and overuse. These factors all make for a happier, healthier and more productive place of business.

What Features You Should Consider

Ergonomic chairs share several features that separate them from average seating options, including the following:

  • Adequate cushioning for long periods of sitting
  • Adjustable height and incline for different body types
  • Allows full range of motion for legs and arms when necessary      
  • Designed to support the spine, neck and shoulders

When you have this type of furniture in your workplace, there is less chance for injuries, workplace compensation and even lawsuits. But more importantly, there are more opportunities for productivity and increased morale. People are better able to work long hours, when they are without pain and stress and when they have the proper place to sit and work along with periodic breaks to stretch and walk around for a minute or two.

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