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How to Decorate Your Office For Less

There is nothing worse than coming to work 8-10 hours a day to sit in a dull boring office with no design or decorations to spice it up. Decorating an office space can be difficult especially when balancing the task of pleasing two different parties. On the one hand you wan How To Get An X Back t your office space to be inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors, while on the other hand it must remain professional in look and feel. When decorating the interior of your office, two of the most important components to think about is whether you are going to be comfortable and inspired to work. With those two thoughts in mind we have compiled some tips on not only how to decorate your office space but how to do it at a good price.

* Color scheme: Having a color scheme for your office space is both simple and gives a very stylish look to the entire area. The general preferred trend is to select two dominant colors and one minor color. Things like coffee mugs, pens, and office accessories on desks or tables can be shaded in the two dominant shades, and the minor shade can be used for things such as paper clips or other tiny objects.

* Wall colors: When painting the office walls, try to pick a color that reflects the spirit of your business and don’t be afraid to go bold and try out an accent wall. Depending on your industry, different colors are more appropriate. If your business is staffed by more creative types like designers feel free to go for walls with more pizzazz. If your business is in a more conservative industry it is safer to go with the neutral colors. The great thing about painting walls is it will not cost you a fortune, just make sure to pick high-quality paint that will last a long time to avoid having to repaint your office often.

* Decorate your walls: Bare walls gives the office a dull feeling and because of that energy can affect the mood of your staff. Add some tasteful framed photos or paintings to your wall. You could invite local artists to display their artwork on your walls allowing you to have free office decor and they get exposure. Many retailers sell  paintings and photographs at a discounted price as well.

* Get rid of your clutter: With a clear desk comes a clear mind. Make sure to empty unnecessary items on your desk once a week at least, keep items you don’t use often put away in a drawer. A pencil drawer would be a good place to keep items you use often but not enough to have sitting out, allowing you to grab them quickly when needed but off your clean desk. They are usually about $50 and a worthwhile investment. Add a photograph or two of loved ones and friends in a frame that goes along with your office’s color scheme.

* Add a Chair Mat: Not only do these mats help protect the flooring, carpet, linoleum, tile, or hardwood floor under the harsh rolling feet of your desk chair but they add style to your office as well. Bamboo mats add a unique look to your office and are longer lasting than the standard rubber mats. These typically cost a little over $175 but they will last longer than rubber mats in the long run. Bamboo chair mats last at least 8-10 years while cheap rubber mats sometimes last only 2 until they begin cracking.

* A stylish office chair: Some people think to just turn to office depot or ikea for their office chair in order to save money. Not only are these chairs not attractive in design but they also won’t last very long. It is much better to invest in an ergonomic chair that is going to provide you with the right support for your body type and help you avoid serious injury that can occur from sitting in an office chair that provides no support. While a good ergonomic office chair will cost upwards of $200, it will also last you many years and almost all come in attractive, stylish designs. I like to think of office chairs almost like a car purchase, you expect your car to last you a long time and you will spend the extra money to make sure it looks good and keeps you safe. Same goes for an office chair, only they are about $20,000 less yet you still spend more time in a chair everyday.

* Make your office more green: A small or large potted plant in your office, depending on the space, will make the atmosphere more pleasant. Make sure to consider how much light the plant will require before putting it in your office. Fake plants also provide a similar effect and can be bought at wholesalers for a very reasonable price.

Looking forward to work at the office may be an uncommon phenomenon but we don’t really have a choice in the matter. What we do have is the ability to make our work place a slightly better place to live in. Being at work means staying away from your home, your friends, your family, and everything else you like. In order to make time pass more easily, use some of the tips mentioned above and guaranteed your day will be more enjoyable!

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