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The Simple Solution for Weird Aches and Pains

leather desk chairsIf you work in an office setting, you've probably already wondered if it's possible to permanently lose the use of your legs from sitting, without moving, for the better part of eight hours. First, your legs start aching. The aches slowly turn into terrifying cramps, followed by a few confusing moments of tingling, and ending with total numbness. And just when you start to think You know, I might be okay without legs. I could develop some serious upper body strength, you notice that your lower back starts seizing up. And it just goes downhill from there.

It sounds kind of crazy to say that sitting too much can be painful -- until you become one of those people who actually does sit all day long. Most work-related injuries are caused by simple things like sitting in an uncomfortable office chair or lifting heavy items, and it's estimated that about 80% of the population has experienced or will experience back pain at some point. Experts estimate that, at any given time, about 31 million Americans have lower back pain. And unless you're willing to just quit your job in order to avoid the aches and pains, you need to find another solution.

Something that might sound even crazier is the fact that something as simple as replacing those cheap office chairs and leather desk chairs with high quality ergonomic chairs for back pain. Ergonomic office furniture has specifically been designed with office workers in mind, and it provides support in all the weird places you wouldn't normally think about (until the cramps arrive, that is). Antique leather desk chairs are pretty darn aesthetically pleasing, but they just don't offer the lumbar support that you need because you sit for eight hours a day. And it's also important to remember that everyone's body is different, so the types of chairs that work for some people just don't work for others. There isn't just one "best office chair for back pain" that works for everyone -- the best chairs come with adjustable features so that you can make the chair fit your body (rather than the other way around, which hurts quite a bit).

Let's face it: work is hard enough without the added stress of weird body pains. So if you could do something about it, why wouldn't you?

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