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The Benefits of Ergonomic Leg Rests

Ergonomic leg rests are one of the newest innovations to further help provide people with a more comfortable work environment and are quickly making their way into offices all around the world. With its simplistic design, the leg rest was designed for workers with medical conditions that require them to need to elevate one or both legs throughout the day. Many spend the majority of their work day sitting in an office chair, which makes it beneficial to those without medical injuries as well that just want a place to rest their leg/s throughout the day. A leg rest allows you to further take care of your body and needs while working by providing additional support in the legs, a part of the body that is often forgotten about in other ergonomic products that are offered. Owning a leg rest is beneficial for a number of reasons including increased health benefits, ease of use and support.


Many medical conditions alter or affect the way in which we work, and in order to keep comfortable while working throughout the day, sometimes this calls for investing in products that can help us achieve comfort. There are many health conditions that can benefit from owning a leg rest including those with a knee injury, bunion removal, back pain, varicose veins, edema, heavy leg syndrome, neuromuscular disorders, trauma, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or even because of side effects of certain medicines. Elevating your legs provides comfortable support to the entire leg and increases circulation in the lower extremities. Working in a semi reclined position or with your feet elevated transfers your weight difference, decreases fatigue and increases the ease of blood flow throughout your body. All of this leads to increased comfort and therefor increased productivity while working. Eliminating any pain while working leads to a clearer thought process and the ability to focus on the task needing to be performed, rather than what is causing you discomfort.


Unlike an ergonomic chair that comes with multiple adjustments that can sometimes take time to figure out exactly how lever functions, a leg rest is simplistic in design and very easy to use. Some come with a five-star base, which can be found on an office chair, and have the option for either rolling casters or stationary glides. Other versions come mounted on a base with two wheels on either side to provide balance. The important feature to look for on an ergonomic leg rest is the ability to adjust the height. Height adjustment is needed to match the needs of your body as some of us are built taller while others are shorter; not everyone can conform to one set height. It is recommended the height is set so that the knee is comfortable and does not raise your leg off the seat of the chair. Always follow your doctor or physical therapists recommendations for posture support first. Another part of the design is the shape of the cushion where your feet will be resting. The two most common choices are a flat surface or a curved leg rest. A curved surface allows for one leg to essentially be cradled whereas a flat surface can be used for both legs if needed.


While using a conventional office ottoman or a simple stack of books can work to temporarily elevate your legs, it may lead to increased strain or injury to other parts of the body. This where an ergonomic leg rest comes in, providing elevation of the legs and feet. Resting your feet on a stack of books or an ottoman that can not be properly adjusted may work to temporarily elevate an injured foot, but will not work for knee injuries. In fact, long-term elevation using this method can lead to knee injuries, as the knee becomes hyper extended without proper support. An ottoman that rolls or can be easily moved may also compromise ergonomic positioning by having to constantly readjust your leg position.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable way to elevate your feet while working or suffer from a medical condition, an ergonomic leg rest is beneficial for just about anyone. When looking to purchase a leg rest, the most convenient and easiest choice is to purchase from an online retailer that sells ergonomic product. Because of their simplicity, it is easy to determine just by looking online if the leg rest will work for you. As aforementioned, be certain that the leg rest can be adjusted in height and can be made stationary(unless casters are needed for a particular reason). Leg rests can run between $100-$300 depending on how advanced you will need it to be, but overall it is a worthwhile investment that will bring you comfort for years to come.

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One thought on “The Benefits of Ergonomic Leg Rests”

  • Paul Randall - Rainbow Zebra

    Foot rests/leg rests are often overlooked when buying computer chairs or chairs for the office. The reality is that a foot rest can greatly increase posture and take the strain away from certian muscles and joints that could eventually lead to seriuos posture problems in the future. Great article and one that raises the profile of the humble foot rest!

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