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6 Tips to Improve Health without Sacrificing Free Time

6 Tips to Improve Health without Sacrificing Free Time


Pressed for time? Most of us are. It’s a symptom of modern living. In fact, most of us are so pressed for time that we sacrifice our health in pursuit of “getting things done”. The problem here is that you really can’t afford to sacrifice your health. No matter how little time you have to invest in fitness and better health, it’s vital that you take immediate steps. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to improve your health without sacrificing the little free time you have.


1. Walk during Your Breaks

You get at least a couple of breaks each day at work, including your lunch break. Chances are good that you spend those breaks sitting on your behind. Take advantage of this time and walk around the office, outside the building, around the mall or somewhere else.


2. Take the Stairs

If you work in an office building, chances are good you ride the elevator up to your floor. You can get in some extra exercise without sacrificing any free time if you just opted to take the stairs instead. While that won’t really be feasible if you work 20 floors up, tackling a few flights of stairs each day can do a lot for your health.


3. Healthy Lunches

Workday lunch breaks are usually rushed affairs. You might grab a burger and fries, eat them in the car and then head back to the job. You might be one of those who skips lunch completely. Both damage your health. You can improve your health by packing a healthy lunch each day (or opting for healthy meals at restaurants rather than greasy hamburgers and fries).


4. Snack Regularly

Do you notice your productivity and focus flagging during the midmorning and early afternoon hours? Rather than reaching for that energy drink or a cup of coffee, grab a healthy snack instead. Snacking helps keep your energy levels up, and by eating a healthy snack, you provide long-lasting energy for your body without the sugar or salt found in junk food.


5. Get Up and Stretch

Sitting for hours on end in front of your computer is a bad thing. It leaves you open to all kinds of health problems. You can combat that and improve your health by just getting up and stretching every now and then. Once every hour, get up, stretch your arms, legs and back, and get the blood flowing once more.


6. Sleep More

If there’s one area in our lives that we suffer the most, it’s in sleep. We try to cram so much into our days that sleep has to take a back seat. However, losing sleep does much more than just leave you feeling groggy and unfocused. A sleep deficit can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure and more. Get enough sleep every day – your requirements will vary, but make an effort to get six to eight hours of shuteye every night.

These six simple tips can help you improve your health without cutting into the little free time you enjoy.





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