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Monitor Arm Review: Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

We recently got a good look at the Humanscale M2 monitor arm - it was debuted at NeoCon 2009, but you don't really know about a product until you see it live and doing its thing.  We installed it at our ergo test center and gave it a run - let me say, my first impressions were good ones.

We all know it is a good looking monitor arm - the style is there with either the white accents or the gray accents.  And those same accents are what make it visually unique, as there are really few other monitor arms out there that styliscically cater to what's in as far as furniture/office designs go.

Functionality is nothing short of Humanscale's other monitor arms - it works and works well.  Easy to adjust, easy to install, nothing that makes you scratch your head and get frustrated over.  The range of adjustment offered by the M2 is pretty standard fare, but the beauty is that it is not a complicated item to order or to learn to use. It extends 20" outward and has  a 10" height range of adjustment, while supporting monitors of up to 20 lbs (95% of monitors used now a days fall within this category).

Overall, it is a great monitor arm - Humanscale has done a really good job in not only designing the style of the monitor arm, but designing an arm that doesn't cost an arm and a leg too.  The value provided by the M2 is great - the simplicity, ease of use at its offered price point make it a great new monitor arm for any office space.

More Images of the Arm in action:

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