Flickr Tour of Sitbetter

After making a flickr account today, I got the idea to take mass amounts of pictures of my workplace so everyone could see how Sitbetter operates and where us Sitbetter employees work everyday. So enjoy this short little picture tour I created and get to know us a little bit better!

Erin hard at workErin working hard at his desk.
Erin's desk and EMC2 Advantage chairErin’s desk, complete with dual monitor arms.
Chelsea's Desk area and EMC2 Advantage ChairChelsea’s desk and EMC2 Advantage chair
Chelsea reading the best website everChelsea hard at work making good use of her keyboard trayAlec sitting on his Kore Stool at his deskAlec’s desk and Kore Stool
cc One of the offices upstairs
Another view of the upstairs officeAnother view of the upstairs office
Conference Table Surrounded by Smart Chairs Conference table surrounded by smart chairs
Conference RoomConference Room
fffSan Diego Showroom
Small Sitbetter MeetingSmall Meeting in the Sitbetter Office
Long Conference Table Long Conference Table
View from UpstairsView of the Showroom from Upstairs
vvvStorage and Filing Cabinets

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