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Judging the Value of a Chair - Name Brands Are Not Always Better

When it comes to purchasing an office chair, or any item that you are personally going to use on a regular basis, and you do not have a lot of knowledge about the different options available, the easiest alternative is to look at the big brand names. Most turn to big brand names because they hear about them through word of mouth, have seen advertisements plastered on the television or internet marketing them, or they feel more comfortable going with a well known name. In some instances, cars for example, this may be the best route to go because your safety as well as others is involved and it is probably best to go with a car that has been tried and true. However, this does not have to be true in the case of items, such as office chairs, that can be purchased from smaller companies that will still offer quality and commitment to satisfaction. So what are the benefits of purchasing an office chair from a smaller company that does not carry the big brand names?


Perhaps the greatest benefit in selecting a smaller company to purchase your office chair from, is the fact that your chair is going to be significantly cheaper than a big brand name and still be high quality. Office chairs sold by smaller companies and less known manufacturers could be up to thousands of dollars cheaper than name brand chairs, and will last just as long if not longer. In an economy where it is difficult for many to make lavish purchases, it is critical that cheaper options become available for those who simply can not afford to buy items that are marked up. Name brand manufacturers have a lot of overhead to pay, which is why they must raise the prices so drastically on their chairs, whereas smaller manufacturers have little overhead to pay leaving them with room to offer office chairs at a discounted price.


Some turn to name brand manufacturers for the sleek and stylish chair options they have to offer. While these chairs definitely have a modern style to them that appears to be one of a kind, smaller manufacturers quickly catch on to these trends in order to engineer nearly identical replicas of these name brand chairs at a much lower price. These are not your typical knock offs either, where the buyer is expecting the quality to be much cheaper and to look fake, such as the classic example of designer purse knock offs. Office chair knock offs are closely constructed and engineered to look exactly like their name brand counterpart without skipping out on the quality of the chair and with customer satisfaction always in mind. Most smaller manufacturers also offer a substantial warranty in the instance that anything goes wrong with their chair, for example if an arm on the chair breaks or a wheel comes off. These warranties can last as long as the entire expected lifetime of the chair (10-15 years), which in perspective is longer than warranties car companies offer when their products cost over ten times more.


Perhaps trust is the greatest factor in weighing out the options of where you want to purchase your next office chair from, and you feel more comfortable with name brands you have heard of before. While you may have not heard of some of the smaller office chair retailers, there are numerous ways to assess whether they can be trusted, rather than having an advertisement tell you so. Look for reviews, have some or more than a few of their products been reviewed? If so, this means that there are people that have purchased from this store before and were satisfied enough to leave a review on their product. It is also generally simple to tell if an e-commerce site is a verified trusted site which can be seen by seals of approval from websecurity companies. Go with your intuition when looking at a website; if you think the site does not look well put together or like a typical e-commerce site to you, go with your instinct. With this being said, many small companies are just as reputable as the bigger name brands and can be just as trustworthy to make a purchase from.

With all this in mind, the next time you decide to purchase an office chair online try taking a chance with a smaller chair retailer, such as Sitbetter. You will be pleasantly surprised with your purchase and with the huge savings you will incur.

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