Seatability Bungee Chairs – Solace Series!

Sure, we thought the same as you. Bungees chairs by Seatability can’t be comfortable. I mean, it’s like a chopped up trampoline. There are like no solid seating areas on the whole chair. What is there to be comfortable about these chairs??

But when I sat on these chairs (the Solace series) it was very different that what I expected. The straps are flat, which is nice. But they actually feel comfortable – not part of you feels like you are slipping between the cracks. And the bounce does actually feel nice. A unique, but relaxing feeling. For example, the chair’s bungee straps will, not unlike mesh, contort to your body and form nicely. Unlike mesh though, they are not abrasive against your clothing and are a bit firmer on the back, which means there is more support. It really is a nice feeling. Then there’s the ventilation issue. The chair breathes nicely, because there is no stopgap between the user and the air.

As far as the chair itself is concerned, its well built. Solid construction and it feels durable. Rated for 250 lbs and BIFMA certified, which is a good thing. The lumbar support, while passive, is there and you can feel it nicely. I gotta say, I was impressed with the bungee chair. Very impressed. Might we say, I was ‘bungee’ jumping for joy after sitting in it?!

Now, if your feeling a little uncomfortable with the whole bungee thing, there’s always this Seatability Solace chair, with a bungee back and a vinyl foam seat. Not exactly a leather office chair, but a nice compromise between the two. It is comfortable…

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  1. Dennis Claybaugh says:

    Do you carry seatability model number S1179N? And how much are they if you do. We need about 120. And how much are the storage racks?


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