4 Ways You Can Fight Desk Job Fatigue

Desk jobs have become notorious for joint pain, difficulty staying focused for extended periods of time and overall bad health. From hours of sitting, or even standing in uncomfortable areas without the ability to change your posture, you risk weight gain, higher blood pressure and strained joints, causing longer term chronic issues. Likewise, there are now fewer reasons to leave our work station, which has caused us to stay sedentary for longer periods of time, adding to the strain. However, there are easy fixes that allow people to change the way they work to improve their energy and reduce strain to their body.

Here are four easy ways you can quickly improve your health at work.

  1. Walk to the other office to speak to somebody.

Modern technology has made it easier for people to be lazy at work. Now, with e-mail, instant messaging and other collaboration tools, you never have to leave your desk to work together with another person. But even though the tools are available to make it possible to never leave your desk, that does not mean you should. Whenever you are able, get up and walk to another office to speak with somebody. This change in posture will keep you from falling victim to desk job tire.

  1. Sit more ergonomically.

The chair in which you sit has a lot to do with how you feel overall. Without the proper lumbar support and ability to move around even while you sit, you risk putting additional unnecessary strain on your joints. There are easy ways to fight a sore back at work simply by switching out the chair you are confined to so many hours of the workday. When searching for a new desk chair, find one that has the back support you need to help you stay sitting up straight, as well as the flexibility you require to be able to move front, back and side to side without limitation so that you can further increase your movement while sitting at your desk.

  1. Stand frequently.

Standing is a great way to get the blood flowing again. If possible, find a way to stand and work as much as you can. This change in posture puts significantly less strain on your joints, and it actually helps you burn more calories simply by making this small posture adjustment. If your job is one that requires you to stand for extended periods of time, you may also start to feel the solid ground and single position tiring you out. In these situations, try using anti fatigue mats for the workplace to help encourage more blood flow and keep you from becoming tired while working. These are great for people who are sent to assembly lines, service counters and other areas where you are required to stay standing for an extended period of time.

  1. Take active lunch breaks.

When you are free from the confines of your office and able to get out and about to eat lunch and grab some fresh air, avoid the temptation to do so by sitting down at a fast food restaurant or, even worse, behind your desk. Instead, pack your lunch every day and hit a walking trail. Once you have had your lunch in your car, jump out and start walking. Even a half an hour of movement in the middle of your workday can add up to more energy, more calories burned and more mobility in your joints.

Pain and tiredness are chronic issues experienced by people in desk jobs, where they frequently sit or stand for extended periods of time. By making these four easy switches, you can feel better in no time!

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