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    • The Form That Fits Right, Ergonomics and You

      There are so many different types of office chairs on the market and sometimes the choice can feel almost overwhelming. However, if you take your time, learn some facts, and talk to the right sales person, you can find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not really all that difficult. It can seem that way because of all the different angle adjustments, tension tilts, wheels, sliding seats, and levers. Even if you don’t spend a long time behind your desk and in front of your computer, the choice is important. With the right ergonomic chair, one that properly fits the contours to your body, you won’t feel the long hours if you have them.

      Ergonomics is mainly the concern of the fit of people to their work. It can be associated with other areas as well, but for the most part it is work. The capabilities of the worker are taken into consideration, as are the limitations. They are then matched with what the tasks, the equipment, and the environment for the worker. The proper ergonomic chair design will help in preventing repetitive strain injuries, which can ultimately, over time, lead to long-term disability.

      Sounds a bit daunting, but I did mention it was an important decision, didn’t I?

      A few items to consider when checking into ergonomic chairs are the viewing angle and distance, the ninety degree angle of the waist to the knee, the knee to the floor, and the elbow to the wrist, and an adjustable seat height to assure the angles are correct. It also helps to sort of know these items when you speak with someone. It will let the sales person know you’ve done some research. Of course not knowing any of this is fine because we at are well versed and know what to ask. If you don’t understand, we’ll do our best to make sure you do.

      So, be sure to sit up straight, keep your wrists flat on your computer keyboard, or laptop, and your feet should be flat on the floor, but for shorter folks like me we can use a foot rest if needed.

    • Office Chairs That Make You Sit Better

      Southern California’s web-based office chair supply company,, recently launched its newly refurbished website that is easy to navigate and chocked full of useful information on preventing back pain at the office.

      Recently, the Mayo Clinic stated that even routine office work can exacerbate any previous back pain because of bad seating habits. The four work-related factors associated with this type of injury are; exerting too much force, continued repetitive motion, poor posture, and the pressures at work and home. The best way to avoid back injuries in the office is to watch your sitting posture. Find an office chair that supports your back, adjust the height so your feet remain flat on the floor, and finally remove any bulky objects, like a wallet, from your back pocket, this tends to disrupt the balance of your lower back.

      “We know how hard finding the right office chair for back pain can be, so we’ve done a lot of research to make the process easier,” states Alec Lopez, Founder and CEO of “We are always open to questions and love when current and future customers call us. We love chairs, it’s what we do. Our goal is always to help you sit better.”

      With back pain being the number one work related injury in the office because of faulty chairs and desk set ups, presents solutions to better physical living at the office. is open 8am-6pm, PST and can be reached at (888) 311-9421.

    • Why to set up an ergonomic office

      So, you've finally decided to get with the 21st century and set up an ergonomic office!  You might only have a few dozen questions or so on how to do it, why go to all that expense and where to go, etc, etc, etc!

      Some great questions, because setting up an ergonomic office can not only be confusing, but expensive, so do it right the first time, not guessing about how to go about it and spending far too much on the wrong products!

      Here's an example. 

      I googled ergonomics, and I came across a particular 'ergonomic' e-tailer who was passing a chair like this one off as an ergonomic chair!  Now, don't get me wrong, this might be a perfectly great chair, but an ergonomic office chair?.... Not a chance!

      So then you start looking around, and discounting the chairs which likely are not ergonomic office chairs, you start to see the price tags and the coughing, hacking and spasming starts!

      After you wake up, drag yourself up onto your chair and sip some water.... let me explain to you just why it makes economic sense to set your employees up with as good of ergonomic office chairs and accessories as you can....

      A recent study shows that the average employee, when outfitted properly with a sensible ergonomic office, chair, accessories and everything, is going to be 10-15% more productive.

      Imagine that, figure if that employee is paid 40K a year, and gets even 5 % more productive...... (does math in head..... grrrr, not coming..... ).... carry the two.... ohhh forget it (grabs calculator).... That's 2000 more a year in productivity! 

      So figure, if a chair costs $800, keyboard tray, monitor arm, footrest and light another $600 or so....  (grabs calculator again...)... that setup pays for itself in 8 months!   Or 4 months if you go with the 10 percent!

      Quite simply, putting together an ergonomic office makes great business sense!

      So how to do it?  Well, you don't have to take my word on it, you can look at Cornell University's ergonomic website and see what they recommend.  In short, however, a good chair, monitor arm, keyboard tray, footrest and task light.  I'll recommend the Freedom Chair as a great high-quality ergonomic office chair, and Humanscale's keyboard tray, monitor arm and footrests are very good and quality pieces as well.


      So, who to buy from?

      Find someone who knows what the heck they're talking about!

      If their idea of an ergonomic office chair is like the one about.... ummm not likely a great place to shop! 

      Of course I recommend, but heck, I'm biased!

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