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    • Why Drafting Stools and Anti-Fatigue Mats Compliment Sit Stand Desks

      Sit stand desks are slowly beginning to make their way into businesses across the world as more people become educated on the benefits of standing at work as opposed to sitting. The first and perhaps most obvious benefit that comes from standing as

      opposed to sitting is movement. When you are standing you are able to move about freely and not confined within the constraints of an office chair, allowing you to burn more calories and stretch easier. The second, and perhaps not as obvious but equally as important benefit that is achieved from a sit stand desk is better overall health. Those who sit for 8-10 hours a day are at twice the risk of suffering from health related issues such as back pain, repetitive stress disorder, carpal tunnel, and even more serious ailments such as heart disease and certain forms of cancer. With more businesses making the switch over to sit stand desks, there comes a need to find furniture that will compliment these desks.

      Two key pieces of furniture that are recommended to accompany a sit stand desk are drafting chairs and anti-fatigue mats. Most individuals require a break from standing the majority of the day, which is why it is advisable to have a chair to sit in when a seating break is needed. However, not just any regular office chair will do.

      Drafting Stools
      Most office chairs are only suitable for desks that are up to 29-30" tall with their limited range of height adjustment. Chairs that can extend taller than this can cause safety concerns which is why manufacturers try to steer clear of extended height cylinders when manufacturing their office chairs. The problem with this is that sit stand desks are designed to be high enough for individuals to work comfortably while in a standing position, greater than the average 29-30" high desk. The perfect office chair solution for this is a drafting stool, which is essentially an extended height office chair. These taller office chairs feature a foot ring or some sort of platform for users to comfortably rest their feet on while seated. In the past, they mainly served as a solution for extended height work stations such as in labs, pharmacies, doctor's offices, drafting tables, and other places that require individuals to work at higher counter tops. They also work well for use at sit stand work stations with their ability to be adjusted to the right height for a taller work station.

      Anti-Fatigue Mats
      Another advisable piece of office furniture to purchase with a sit stand desk is an anti-fatigue mat. With the goal of standing more than sitting throughout the work day at your sit stand station, your employees will need a comfortable surface to stand on in order to avoid fatigue and loss of productivity. Standing in the same spot on a hard surface such as concrete or carpet will create pressure points and will reduce circulation throughout the lower part of the body. Anti-fatigue mats have fatigue fighting properties that allow for a more comfortable standing experience with their thick cushion designed to promote proper circulation. They also are beneficial in that they reduce back pain and stress, reduce slipping and falling injuries, and provide comfort. These mats can be used in conjunction with a drafting stool, however the drafting stool should not be used on top of the anti-fatigue mat. A smaller size anti-fatigue mat such as a 2' x 3' mat will suffice and can be easily moved out of the way with its lightweight design when a sitting break is needed.

      Anti-fatigue mats and drafting stools paired together make a complete office solution for a sit stand environment. Neglect one piece of the sit stand set up and you may experience the same work aches and pains experienced from staying seated all day. If you combine all three and you will have the ideal ergonomic office set up.

    • The Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

      Standing while working is a new revolution slowly taking over many work environments as Americans recognize the harsh effects that sitting for extended periods of time can take on the body. Many companies are switching their standard office desks

      out for higher work stations or adjustable desks that allow their employees to stand while they are working or sit back down in their office chair when they begin to feel fatigued. Getting a new desk is the first step in the process to creating a more healthy environment, however, standing on a hard surface for extended periods of time can lead to just as many health issues that are experienced when sitting in an unergonomic office chair. The best solution for this? Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat.

      What is an anti-fatigue mat?
      Anti-fatigue mats provide relief from standing on hard floors or surfaces for long periods of time. Working on hard floors on a daily basis can be extremely taxing on your employees leading to back and leg pain and can lead to an increase in physical stress. This inadvertently leads to a decrease in worker productivity and overall output. Standing is extremely fatiguing and elicits major physical exhaustion because your body's heart muscles have to work extra hard against gravity to maintain blood flow. Lack of movement in the legs causes the muscles to constrict as they work harder to keep the body upright.

      The benefits of anti-fatigue matting
      Anti-fatigue mats are beneficial in a number of ways including reducing back pain, increasing circulation, reducing leg pain, reducing spinal compression, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity. Their soft surface provides a more supportive surface to walk on and reduces pressure on specific points in the joints, connective tissue and muscles. A well made anti-fatigue mat will cause the body's muscles to slowly contract and expand as they conform to the mat's flexibility.

      Anti-fatigue mat applications
      Anti-fatigue mat collections have been diversified to be versatile enough to be used in just about any application including medical offices, environments that require ESD ratings, switchboard environments, wet applications, theme parks, grocery stores, restaurants, hair salons, banks, labs, or just about anywhere where employees are required to stand. They have even reaching a new demographic, stay at home moms. Stay at home moms are finding these mats to be beneficial when performing regular house hold chores such as washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, ironing, hanging clothes, and other tasks that require standing.

      Help improve your overall costs by investing in quality anti-fatigue mats for your employees. You will be helping to reduce the physical pain that comes with working on hard surfaces for long hours at a time, avoid worker compensation claims, avoid accidents due to slipping, and employees taking time off work. Your employees will thank you, your productivity and output will increase, and you will be saving money and therefore improving your bottom line. Anti-fatigue mats can conveniently be found at select online retailers, such as, who offer a wide variety of mats, even those for specialty applications in an assortment of colors and sizes.

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