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    • Sitting Better Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

      For those who spend their days in the office behind a desk, there is an unfortunate trade off that comes with the work—pain. The chances are great that you have probably been the victim of pain as a result of your desk job, and you probably never even thought about the fact that you might be inadvertently contributing to your own discomfort and aches. Your posture or even the angle at which you look at the computer screen all add up to poor body mechanics and contribute to pain.


      Most people experience pain in the following four major areas:

      • Lower back
      • Neck
      • Shoulders
      • Wrists

      Some experience pain elsewhere as well, but generally, the wrists and the back are the primary and precursors for other pains.

      A Solution to Your Aches and Pains

      Websites, such as, have developed simple ecommerce solutions for those who seek pain relief at the office. In fact, one of the most popular pain management solutions is an office chair for lower back pain. These ergonomically designed chairs are specifically made to promote proper posture and body mechanics while sitting behind an office desk to do work. The specially designed chairs provide lumbar support and many times are completely adjustable to meet the needs of any individual. Comfort is key with these chairs, as is proper body alignment, and as a result, these chairs represent the first solution toward ridding oneself of pain.


      An online store, such as, has some great chairs for lower back pain. In fact, unlike many other ergonomic chair providers that carry only a handful of seating at premium prices, the ecommerce marketplace has proven to be a great source for seats at an affordable range of prices.

      Whatever your pain level is, it is great to know that your budget doesn’t determine how much relief you can experience. There are a number of great chairs for lower back pain at reasonable prices. Of course, the higher-end chairs do offer certain luxuries like massage and heat, but for the fundamental ergonomic chair, having the right tools to rid back pain doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

    • Chairs for Lower Back Pain

      The lower back is the connection between the upper and lower body and bears most of the body's weight. With such a burden to bear the lower back can easily be injured and feel strained, especially without proper support and regular exercise. Lower back pain is often caused by strain, injury, or overuse. This can occur when lifting something that is too heavy, getting jolted in a car accident, playing sports, or simply by sitting for multiple hours a day in an office chair that has no lower back support. Aging may also play a part in developing lower back pain; bones and muscles lose strength with age thus leading to an increased risk of injury. The good news about lower back pain is that most cases will go away within a few weeks with some basic self-care. This can include sitting in an office chair that provides good lumbar support and is properly adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

      Not all office chairs come with the necessary support to help eliminate and relieve lower back pain, so it is essential to look for the qualities that make a chair "back friendly". There are numerous different chair designs that will provide lumbar support, some more basic than others. To start, the simplest kind of back support is a "S" shape design back rest. The importance of the "S" shape is that it mimics the actual shape of the spine, molding your spine into proper anatomical alignment. This benefit can not be achieved in "L" shaped chairs that have flat backs and work the other way around, forcing you to fit your back to the shape of the chair.

      A chair with a "S" shape curve can be beneficial but can also work against you if not properly aligned with your spine. If an office chair comes with an "S" shape back rest that is not adjustable, shorter or taller users may not benefit from having the back support positioned on the correct parts of their spine. The next thing you should look for in an office chair after finding one with an "S" shape back is a ratchet back feature. This will allow you to easily move your backrest up or down with a simple knob or lever, allowing you to position the back exactly where you need the support. Not everyone is able to fit into one generic mold, which is why having a chair with adjustable features such as an adjustable back height can be advantageous.


      Another good feature some desk chairs possess is an adjustable lumbar support built into the back rest. If a chair does not have a ratchet back function, an adjustable lumbar support can make up for this and can even be more favorable in some opinions. Most adjustable lumbar supports allow the user to move the support up and down according to where they need it to rest on their lumbar region. More advanced lumbar supports allow for adjustment in and out in addition to movement up and down, allowing the user to determine the amount of pressure needed.

      Perhaps the most advanced lumbar support system of all is the self-adjusting lumbar support. This unique support system self positions and moves with the user no matter which position they are sitting in. For example, in almost any chair if the user is leaning forward typing they will have any support on their lower back leading to aches and pains. With self-adjusting support, the lower back support is independent therefor allowing it to move with you whether leaning forward to type or sitting back to relax. This precise support provides exacting comfort and a more comfortable sitting experience.

      There are many other different back support options available for office chairs, ranging in price and effectiveness. Some of the most advanced office chairs allow for exact placement of pressure along every spot of the vertebrae allowing for a fully customizable sitting experience, great for chronic back pain sufferers. For those with mild back pain, simply having an "S" shape back rest may suffice. The most important factor in achieving lower back pain relief with the help of an office chair is straightforward, having a chair that is going to provide you with the necessary support for your lumbar region. If you will be spending most of your day sitting might as well have a desk chair that is going to provide relief rather than strain.

      To view our complete catalog of chairs for lower back pain please click here.

    • Why Own a Back Support Pillow?

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      More than half of Americans live with chronic or recurring pain, most of whom say this interferes with their regular activities, lifestyle, mood, relationships, and work productivity. Six out of 10 of those who suffer from pain say that their pain is moderate or worse, and for 2 out of 10 it was considered to be severe. Interestingly enough, 1 out of 4 people who suffer from pain say that their last pain experience was with back pain. Back pain was the number one cause of pain among those surveyed, and peaked with men especially among between the ages 30-49. Sampling, data collection and tabulation for this poll were done by TNS Global. With such a large number of pain sufferers in the United States, many are seeking out ways to relieve, eliminate, or at least alleviate their pain to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Getting back pain relief can be expensive with the never ending medical bills adding up and expensive furniture on the market that most simply can not afford. If continuous trips to the chiropractor are not feasible for your budget, consider investing in a back support pillow to help alleviate your back pain.


      The majority of us spend the greater portion of our work days sitting, whether it is the commute to get to work or the long hours of working in an office chair. If your desk chair or car seat is not providing you with full back support, aches and pains are sure to occur, especially if you are sitting for hours at a time. A properly maintained posture can help relieve and prevent back discomfort. While this concept may seem simple enough, after sitting for hours at a time it is easy to forget to have proper posture and eventually you may find yourself slouching over. Many back posture issues are created when sitting in a slumped position where your spine is not properly aligned. Back support pillows allow you to rest the spine in a position that conforms to the natural spine curvature while providing the support necessary to relieve pain. Their orthopedic design helps reduce back fatigue while sitting or driving.


      Back support pillows come in all different shapes, sizes, and features but all have one common goal in their design: providing back pain relief. Lumbar support pillows are designed to replicate the S shape of your spine and fit right in that S curvature to provide lower back support where most chair and car seat backs do not. There are also full backrests which envelope the entire back and spine, providing both lumbar support and upper back/neck support for moderate cases of back pain. Not only do back support pillows provide the supreme support, but they are a much more viable option for those looking to save money. Most range between $25 for smaller lumbar pillows up to $100 for higher end full back pillows, a more economical approach to take as opposed to purchasing a new ergonomic office chair. In addition to savings and support, back pillows also are easily transportable with their light weight allowing for use when needed whether you are in your car or sitting in your desk chair at work.

      Whether you have moderate back pain or just looking for a little extra relief on your spine, a back support pillow is a considerable option to keep in mind. For the best and largest selection of back support pillows online please visit

  • 5 Reasons to Own An Ergonomic Chair

    Do you ever find yourself falling asleep at your desk while working even though you got a good full night of rest? Do you find yourself switching positions often while sitting on your office chair, trying to find one that will make you comfortable and productive throughout the day? Ever find yourself coming home from work with nagging back or neck pain that is only relieved while you sleep or during the weekends when you are away from work? While all these issues may not seem to have one simple solution, in this case they do. Most of the time the best way to effectively solve all of these problems, is simply by purchasing an ergonomic office chair that will be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Some may feel skeptical thinking this is too good to be true, however, many who have experienced the same aforementioned symptoms have gotten quick relief just by getting a new ergonomic chair for their office. If you are sitting in a $30 Ikea chair with no adjustability and are finding yourself experiencing unnecessary pain, consider the following reasons why you should own an ergonomic office chair.


    1. Proper Circulation: More often than not, people who sit in chairs that are not ergonomically correct find themselves shifting positions frequently trying to find the most comfortable way to sit. With any ergonomic chair, you will be able to adjust the height of your chair so that your feet are laying flat on the floor with knees bent at a 90 degree angle. With proper position, you will allow blood to flow properly through the body thus avoiding fatigue. Sitting correctly gets rid of the tired feeling many experience around 2:00 p.m. even with a full nights sleep the night before.

    2. Pain Relief: Ergonomic chairs are designed to meet the needs of the user rather than the user meeting the needs of the chair. A good ergonomic chair also offers support where needed, many come with the option to upgrade to only the features that you specifically might need. For example, if you have a chronic neck pain issue as well as lower back pain, you will want to search for a chair that has a headrest option as well as a chair that offers adequate lumbar support. Ergonomic chairs already come standard with mechanisms and adjustments that all users will need, with the option to upgrade for features not everyone may need which is great because it can save you money over getting a feature that is unnecessary to you.


    3. Support: The main components of ergonomic chairs, namely the back and seat, are always designed to provide the user with maximum support. They are designed to fit the unique curves of the body as well as provide extra support for the back, spine, and legs. An S-shaped curve can be found on most ergonomic chairs, as this is the natural shape of the spine and provides needed support. A waterfall seat can also be found on an ergonomic chair, as this helps reduce the amount of pressure on the back of the knees.

    4. Concentration: Having a chair that keeps you comfortable throughout the day will in turn lead to increased concentration. When you feel uncomfortable with your sitting situation, you may often find yourself fidgeting and not fully paying attention to the current task at hand. With a chair that provides maximum comfort, you will find that both you and/or your employees will become much more productive throughout the day.

    5. Comfort: The best part of having an ergonomic chair is the comfort factor. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide the user with the upmost comfort and sometimes offer upgrades such as memory foam seats or gel seats for additional comfort. They also sculpt to fit your body, keeping you comfortable from the time you sit down to the time you stand up to take a break.

    With so many benefits for both your body and health, it is difficult to think of any reason not to own an ergonomic chair.

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