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How to Pick the Right Chair Mat For Your Office Chair

When purchasing your last office chair you probably were given the option of which type of casters(wheels) you wanted to have included on your chair. Generally there are not too many wheel option, usually the most common are standard carpet casters or an option to upgrade to soft casters that are more gentle on hardwood floors. Usually carpet, no matter which casters your chair comes with, provides too much resistance for office chairs rollers to work well. On carpet, often it is difficult to roll from one place to another because of the amount of pressure being put on the wheels from a person sitting on the chair, in addition to an already resistant surface. Rolling a chair over carpet will also wear down carpet fibers over time; you may find the spots on your carpet where your chair typically rolls over becoming more bare and noticeably different. Chairs also sometimes tend to leave indentations in carpet if used in the same spot that are near impossible to get rid of.

Bamboo Chair Mat on Hardwood Floor

Chair mats are often purchased to place underneath your office chair to avoid problems that arise from rolling over a surface often and the damage that accumulates over time. Chair mats also allow you to be able to roll quickly and effectively from one place to the next without the typical resistance carpet brings. Mats can also help to protect uncarpeted floors, such as wood or linoleum, from wear and tear. There are also a variety of design options available that are sure to enhance the appearance of any office. When purchasing a chair mat, most tend to gravitate towards the cheap plastic traditional mats that are designed for carpets. Sometimes this is not always the best option to choose for your workplace needs and it is good to determine what is going to be best suited for your office chair and surface your chair rolls on.

Bamboo Chair Mat on Carpet

The first step towards picking your new chair mat would be to determine the area where your chair mat is going to be used. If you use your chair on a carpet surface, plastic chair mats are a decent option with the downfall being they sometimes crack under pressure and do not last too long. If you use your chair on a hard surface a plastic chair mat won’t work for you as they would slip away and not stay in place. A bamboo chair mat is always a great option to use. Although more expensive in price, not only does it work on almost every surface due to its non slip felt back it is also much more elegant than a traditional vinyl/plastic mat. Incredibly durable, bamboo chair mats are designed to last ten plus years, can be rolled up and are easy to store. Bamboo chair mats are a viable option for both carpet and hardwood floors.

Next you will want to determine the area the mat is going to be used. You want to have a mat that will cover enough of the floor for you to be able to at the very least roll back to get out of your chair. It is best to use a tape measurer and measure from the desk outward to see how far the mat should extend before your purchase. Most chair mats are sold in multiple sizes to accommodate most desk areas and are large enough for regular uses. Measurements can be found in product spec and information area, so it is good to have your desk areas measurements prepared beforehand. If you typically like to roll your chair from one desk to another or between two areas it is best to get the largest mat possible.

Plastic Chair Mat for Carpet

Once you have determined where your chair mat will be used and the dimensions of your work area, it is time to decide the actual mat you would like to purchase. Roller mats come in both solid, clear, and as aforementioned different colors of bamboo. Clear mats are sometimes preferred over others if you are looking to have it blend in with the office and carpeting. Some prefer a solid color that will stand out, however, if you get new carpet later your mat may not match up with the original carpet color. Bamboo is always a safe option because it blends well with any pre-existing carpet color scheme and comes in a variety of colors to match your hardwood floors.

Every purchaser will have different wants and needs. so ultimately the decision of which chair mat to buy will be entirely up to them. If you need a standard cheap chair mat that will work well on carpet but will only last about 3 years then your best best is a plastic or vinyl chair mat. If you have a little bit more money to spend and want a mat that will work well on any surface, the best bet would be a bamboo chair mat as they are extremely durable and will not harm underlying floor finishes. Take all the above recommended advice into account the next time you are searching for a new chair mat and hopefully you will find the right chair mat for you!

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